Ghost: Hellbent progress update

Heya everyone, we are still plugging away on the Hellbent video.   While we’ve made some good progress this month, we unfortunately won’t be able to finish it for October.  We don’t have a set date in mind at the moment, but we like to think we can get it out this year.

A majority of the raw animation is completed by now.  We are about halfway through background art.  Afterward will be effects, fixes, and final compositing.

We apologize for not being able to make it in time of our preferred release date, but we want to make sure the video is as polished as we can make it.  We will keep everyone posted when we have a release date set in stone.

Beyond that, we do have some extra things in the works.

This here is a schematic for an official Mystery plush.  We’ve gotten a prototype made and are continuing to make adjustments.  We aren’t quite sure how we’re going to fund the production, but we’ll let everyone know when we have things more solidified.

Again, we apologize we weren’t able to get stuff out to ya’ll faster, but thank you for sticking with us and we hope to have content for everyone before too long.


I don’t understand why this is happening, but thank you so freaking much. I went to take out my autumn mod (I’m building so I wanted to see how the flowers would look) and now this. I’m just so awestruck. Obviously you wanted to stay anonymous but who ever you are, thank you so much. This means a lot. Now my baby keens will have everything they need to be the best babies. QuQ Ya’ll are too nice to me. I can’t even, there’s so many feels today. 


We’re finally in Tokyo!

It’s been crazy, the travel, after the original direct flight was cancelled due to the typhoon here (which is thankfully over). Our flight was moved into a later time and we had to enter through Osaka instead and take another flight to Narita.

It caused delays and so all the plans will have to be adjusted.

Anyway, I’ll save the stories for later.

We’ll be in the country until the 29th and I will have 1 day, upon returning to the Philippines, to prepare and fly back to Saudi Arabia on the 31st.

hey guys. i just got a message from a fellow author on here and they explained to me how a little blurb sent into me on my last blurb night was an idea taken from them and passed off as someone else’s. i won’t name names and i won’t @ people but they provided pictures and proof and i need you guys to know that plagiarism is NOT welcome on my blog. i understand how some things can come off similar bc you have the same ideas but sometimes it’s just so blatant and!!!! liking someone’s idea is fine but give them credit you know??? it’s not hard!!!!! just say “this was inspired by so and so and i love their idea of this” and we can let everyone know who originally thought of it!!!!

i’ve has some plagiarism issues in the past with my writing here as well. someone wrote out my socialite au texts into a full story and when i said i wasn’t comfortable with them posting it bc it was my idea they continued harassing me and asking me about it until i had to be rude and make it very clear that i was not going to give them permission to write my story or lost it and take credit.

i know i work super hard on original content and so does everyone else on this site so just give credit guys!!!! it’s okay to like an idea and wanna expand but ask permission and always source your inspiration!!!! no one wants their hard work taken away.

i really hope this is the last time we have to discuss this. all my love.


Whew. Okay, so I didn’t actually get any gameplay in today.—But I did manage to build another new house for the Trimbles. It’s very suburbs. Before this they were living in a brownstone I moved them into shortly before I discontinued playing them, and of course that was after the meteors destroyed Trimble Estate—I’m getting ahead of myself here. Anyways. Tomorrow I’mma be posting the rest of whats in my drafts and getting you guys caught up, while also binge playing the heck out of this family and enjoying myself with the new content that was donated to me. 

I’m sort about being so quiet lately folks. Not having my own laptop is putting a serious crimp in my Tumblr time. :D

The good news? I now have $156 in the laptop savings fund and am seriously considering something used in to $200-300 dollar range. I won’t really be able to art or game on it too much but we’ve got a family desktop for that sort of thing.

Small Update

Hey, lovely dolls, I’m at my first stop on my holiday. I don’t leave the country till Thursday, but the Queue will probably start this Friday to keep you all entertained. I’ll be answering asks while at the airports because I have to stay overnight at one for tomorrows flight. I’m so nervous but so excited!! This is my first big trip so wish ya Momma luck.

Update on ‘Oh dear’ and ‘the blame’

Guys, first of all, if I say that a chapter is going to be up on a certain day then I don’t post it, don’t attack me because I haven’t posted it yet. I have a life outside of tumblr and sometimes that life gets in the way of things.

Now, I will be posting ‘oh dear’ tonight once I’ve edited it and then a new chapter of ‘the blame’ should be up on Wednesday because I need time to sort out what I am going to do with this new season, alright? 

I am now giving out new times to when these series will be posted. 

New chapters of ‘Oh Dear’ will be posted every Sunday. 

New chapters of ‘The Blame’ will be posted every Wednesday. 

Other imagines will be posted when I have free time to write but my outside life is pretty demanding at the moment so please be patient with me!

Mini Update.

Okay, i tried…i really tried… I did those builds for the simblreen gift and i hate them all so i won’t be releasing them - my perfectionist ass will not let me post those builds I’m sorry!. First simblreen was a huge fail but there’s always next year and its not over yet so maybe i’ll do something small - but don’t hold your breath bc i’m a mess but we knew that already! 

I am however going to give a new story a try… i don’t know how long i’ll write it for but the StClaire’s remain on break for a bit longer bc i need a bit of a change from them. I hope you like my new story… :D 

CRAIG: Hey guys. I’m making a twitter account @guineastronaut so you should follow me if you want to hear what I’m doing in my daily life.

CRAIG: Also sorry we haven’t answered anything we’ve been really busy but. We’ll be more active on twitter.

CRAIG: Tweek’s also making one right now but he’s being indecisive about his username.


CRAIG: Dude, you can always change it.

TWEEK: What??? 

CRAIG: Yeah, in settings.



A very big THANK YOU to @stormyglenn who bought and donated the Parenthood Pack for my account. I’m so thankful and just overcome with feels. I haven’t touched my Legacy save in so long because I didn’t have that pack and I desperately wanted it for continued game play for that save. Now that I have it I can get back to playing the family I’ve been working on and just actually ENJOYING the game rather than churning out CC and doing screenshot edits.
Never fear though, I still have lots of idea’s and CC projects in the works. For now though I just want to play.
Thank you so much again @stormyglenn. This has seriously made me so flipping happy and excited to play again.


Daniel Day-Lewis and his wife, Rebecca Miller attend Bruce Springsteen’s solo show, “Springsteen on Broadway” at the Walter Kerr Theatre, New York on Wednesday, October 18th, 2017