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Still can’t believe we essentially willed Creek into existence, into canon and into an upcoming, massively anticipated video game set to be distributed worldwide. It becomes even more unbelievable when you consider the number of other fandoms that have constructed well-established, highly plausible ship conspiracies that never got the chance to be fully realized when it would have been so easy, realistic and groundbreaking for the respective creators to do so. Of all the books, series, shows etc. and it’s a South Park crack ship consisting of two background characters that sees the light of day. What a world what a time to be alive?!? I classify the show as PRIMARILY chaotic evil but it also has its moments of chaotic good and Creek was definitely one of them.


Last year Telltale Games announced that they were working on a Marvel project, but never revealed what the game would be. Now it looks like it has leaked. The Screen Actors Guild (SAG) are currently striking against major video games companies aiming to get better contracts for voice actors. They released a list of upcoming video games that they will NOT be striking against and on that list was ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ and it was right next to ‘The Walking Dead’, another Telltale game!


I realized I never really explained what the heck I am even rambling about.

Tyranny is an upcoming fantasy RPG video game. What makes it special:

  • It’s set in a sort of Bronze Age.
  • It’s not good-vs-evil, evil’s already won.
  • You’re one of the evil overlord’s Fatebinders (judge/executioners).
  • The companions are really cool and various, ladies in particular.
  • Allegedly there will be choices that really matter and a branching story.
  • Overlord Kyros isn’t just another for-the-evulz baddie.
  • No dwarves or elves (I think). But there are beast people.

Here’s a fancy trailer that covers the basic lore. 

Release date: November 10, 2016 - this Thursday.

I am so hyped. :O I absolutely adore games that make the player the badguy and force us to make morally ambiguous choices.

So i tried drawing Ribbon girl from nintendo ARMS in the subway.
Turns out drawing on photoshop is taking too long, makes me unable to judge human proportion correctly and yeah…. the end result doesn’t really makes me want to illustrate stuff fully on computer. I’m going back to drawing stuff on my sketchbook without ctrl+z

Music of the day - Ramones - “Judy is a Punk”

Two Trollhunters Original songs in the works!

I’m happy to announce that I’ve decided to write two songs based on the awesome show, Trollhunters! I love it so much; it’s the perfect show for a family, where both adults and kids can enjoy!

For those who don’t know me, I go by the name of Jayhan on Youtube, and I make a bit of a habit writing original songs as openings for cartoon series or video games, such as ~MIGHTY ROAR~, an opening of Netflix’s Voltron: Legendary Defender, and recently ~RESIST THE FALL~, another opening theme to upcoming Project Sonic 2017 video game.

For the first time, the first song I’ve completed for this series will work as an ending, titled “Trollhunter’s Serenade”. The second one, which will be the opening theme song, is still being worked on.

My intention is not only write about what I love, but to spread news about it so people grow more aware of this awesome show. I’ve always felt that if you want to convince someone to get into something, you gotta entertain them, and writing music is one way to do it. So yeah… Still got loads of work to do, but I can’t wait to share with y’all! ;)

The best way to play Nintendo's new game console isn't available for sale yet

Nintendo’s upcoming video game console, the Switch, is versatile. It’s a home console; it’s a portable console; it can act as a portable display for you and a friend to play multiplayer games.

It slices! It dices! 

(Here’s how you might play the Nintendo Switch if you were a ghost.Nintendo)

Okay, it doesn’t do those last two things. But it does do the other stuff. And doing all that stuff means having a lot of ways to control games.

In the image above, we see a pretty standard setup: a wireless gamepad, which looks relatively traditional, controlling a console connected to a television. If the gamepad looks a little “off,” that’s because it is. It’s basically a square with grips.

Here’s a comparison between Nintendo’s Switch gamepad and those of the Xbox One and PlayStation 4:


The difference is pretty stark, despite their similar button/thumbstick layouts. And that’s due to the modular nature of Nintendo’s Switch console — the grey areas with buttons on the left and right sides of the Switch gamepad are known as “Joy-Con, "and they’re removable.

Like so:

(The grey Joy-Con also come in two colors: Neon Red and Neon Blue. You can buy a Switch with one of each color, if you’re into that kinda thing.Nintendo)

You can use one of each as a pair of motion controllers, or you can hold one in each hand and use it as a sort of two-piece gamepad. 

Or, alternatively, you can turn one sideways and use it as a sort of miniature gamepad. Like this:

(And just like that, one gamepad becomes two.Corey Protin)

But let’s be clear: none of these setups are ideal.

Even when the two Joy-Con are saddled into the Grip, thus forming the traditional-ish gamepad setup, it’s not a great gamepad. It feels like a massive square with grips attached, because it is. Nintendo has a far better solution in its $70 "Pro” controller.

This should look much more familiar to anyone who has played a game console in the last decade:

(Nintendo’s Pro Controller for the Switch.Nintendo)

Indeed, the Pro Controller is — in my personal experience — the best way to play games on the Switch. It’s not a perfect gamepad, but it’s far more comfortable and usable than any other controller setup on the console. 

Unfortunately, there are two main issues with the Pro Controller. 

  1. It costs a whopping $70 (a $10 jump over how much Microsoft and Sony controllers cost).
  2. It’s not actually available for purchase just yet — even though other Switch accessories are.

The latter bit is our primary concern right now. The console is up for pre-order everywhere, and it’s set to launch on March 3. But the Pro Controller is nowhere to be found. Bizarrely, Nintendo isn’t saying; we asked a rep and haven’t heard back.

And you’re going to want that Pro Controller. When the console launches in March, the biggest game is a no-brainer for the Pro Controller: “The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild." 


Of course, with over a month until the Switch arrives, Nintendo has plenty of time to start the pre-order process and produce gamepads. But Nintendo also has a history of hardware shortages, especially when it comes to peripherals. Even the massively popular NES Classic Edition console was in short supply, and that’s just a little plastic box that plays games from 30 years ago.

Here’s hoping this gets sorted ahead of the March 3 launch.

NOW WATCH: We got to try Nintendo’s new Switch console — here’s what it was like

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A hack n slash open world RPG where you can ride/command a dragon. and bump music while you do it. AND its being produced by the guy who made Devil may cry.