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Kiev, Ukraine: Communists lead anti-fascist march of thousands and burn effigy of Ukrainian fascist leader Stepan Bandera, February 8, 2014.

On February 8, more than a thousand people joined the anti-fascist march in Kiev. 

Most were young people who oppose the attempts to seize power by the neo-Nazi groups that have settled in the center of Kiev and captured the regional administration in Western Ukraine. 

The driving forces behind the anti-fascist march were the communists, Komsomol members, as well as a number of other public organizations united by a common purpose – to prevent the Nazi revenge on the country. Under red banners with anti-fascist slogans and chants, they marched along central avenue Lenin to October Square. 

Before the rally, participants heard ​​second secretary of Zaporizhzhya Regional Committee of the Communist Party, MP Alexander Zubchevsky. He noted that exactly 71 years ago the Nazis executed members of the Komsomol underground organization “Young Guard.” 

"Even in the nightmare of our grandparents, who defended the country from invaders arms in hand, could not imagine that in 2014 a rematch of the fascist threat in Ukraine would become a reality, in a country that suffered the most from the Nazis during World War II.” 

Antifascists burned an effigy of Stepan Bandera, the idol of the nationalists and fascists, along with flags of Svoboda and the UPA.

Photos and report: Communist Party of Ukraine