at the beginning of last month, an old friend of mine was killed in a car accident. she was driving back home to seattle, after spending some of her time with the standing rock sioux tribe, protecting the water. 

i haven’t spoken to erin in many years. we were friends when i was a child in texas, and when i moved up north, we lost contact. my mother is still in touch with erin’s mother, which is how i found out.

i was devastated when i heard– erin is my age, she had been doing something noble and had died when returning home. it’s not fair, it’s not right. but it happened.

erin chose to do work with the international justice mission, and erin’s mother has set up a donation fund in her name. all the money raised will go to the ijm, to aid them in their mission.

i remember erin as a kind, sweet girl, and i am proud to have known her, even though we lost touch many years ago. if you have the financial means, consider donating a few dollars in erin’s name.

link to donate

For all the lovely people on here who took an interest in my life regarding my best friend who fled out of my life. There’s been some changes!

He posted a photo on Instagram of him and his new friends and said he was letting people know that 2016 changed a lot for him but only to the better. Now he knows who he cares about and who’s going to be staying for life.

Clearly we’re (as in me and my pals) are not considered to be the people he care about. Go figure. He’s been shading us for a long time now on social media and it’s so silly. 11 years of a very, very deep and close relationship seems to have come to an official end. A lot of you replied back to me on my birthday when I was sort of going mad cos of his half-arsed birthday message to me, and suggested I should talk to him. I know I should, but at this point I feel like he’s done what he can to put up a definite wall between us. Makes me unsure of where to go from here.

Anyway, just…thought I’d write it down for my own sake. Something I can visit when I need to clear my head about this. Don’t mind me or my diary-like entry. And I’m sorry for filling your dash with this. I’d put it behind a tag or something, but I’m on mobile.

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is it usually more on the colder climate in oslo/norway? because most of the time we see the characters wearing hats, scarvs and like thicker jackets

“In winter much of Norway is usually transformed into a snow-clad paradise, but harsh winters can be both dark and cold in places, especially in areas higher up or farther north. Not all of Norway gets covered in snow, however. In the lower areas along the coast, the temperature only rarely sinks below freezing, and winter might seem like an extension of the autumn rather than a season of its own. Winter nights are long and dark in all of Norway, and in midwinter even well south of the Arctic Circle, the sun may not rise high enough to clear the surrounding mountains. However, from the middle of November until the end of January, the sun does not rise at all in parts of Northern Norway, north of the Arctic Circle.” (source)

Let me just add this Meteogram for the weather tomorrow in Oslo: