A prediction
  • Zeno: We even have the heavens on our side.
  • Ouryuu: Oh, that's my cue to @#%$ stuff up.
  • Ouryuu: *flies due north*
  • Ouryuu: *whispers in Li Hazara's ear*
  • Ouryuu: Now is a perfect time to take revenge on Kouka.
  • Li Hazara: Now is a perfect time to take revenge on Kou---wait, how long have all these Sky Tribe soldiers been here!?
  • Soo-won: Amazing. I half-expected this was some kind of ruse, but your quick thinking to light the beacon saved all of Kouka, Taejun. You'll always be remembered as a very important person to this country.
  • Taejun: ..........

Okay but Kevin grew up in the north for most of his life, right? And one could say he’s fairly new to the south?? So, as we know, Kevin- our little obsessive, cares about all of two and a half things very passionately in his life- LOVES history…
And as a history major, you probably have to take a least one U.S. Class? So picture this:

He’s in U.S. and it’s that time in the semester where they spend a week talking about the Civil War, and maybe the professor is a little bias and maybe more than half the class is a little bias and all I can think about is a passionate, very northern-minded Kevin Day fighting the majority of his class of PSU, pulling out primary documents and unrolling maps and just FUMING about what happened, military tactics that failed and succeeded, who won, why, etc etc..

Just.. Kevin fighting people over history and dedicating his next semester to taking a specific Civil War class so he could fight some more.

for all of my qld pals who live up north or in the southeast like me, pls be safe & i hope you’re all okay !! they’re expecting things to get worse down here in the afternoon so pls pls listen to the news/authorities & take precautions !! 


Happy 1st Birthday Saint. I can’t believe I’ve been a big sister for a whole year! Where does the time go? When mommy told me you were coming I didn’t think I would be able cope with not being an only child. However, through therapy, the undying love of my fans and mommy keeping you out of the spotlight, I got through it. So while I say happy birthday to you, I also congratulate myself for overcoming the anger and insecurities that come with having a sibling. Happy birthday Saint… I hope you get to go outside today.

anonymous asked:

What's going on in the north/southeast?

there was a category 4 or 5 cyclone up north & now the weather system & flooding rains are moving down south. the weather system itself is expected to hit this afternoon, so there’s  a lot of flood alerts going out to prepare people for that. i think they’re expecting at least 500ml of rain in some areas which is insane !!! school’s are closed & businesses are being told to close for their safety. & they’re wanting everyone in the cbd/city to leave by midday. so, things are pretty hectic weather-wise here. i just hope everyone & their families are safe !!

50 ways bellarke has said "I love you" (without saying I love you)
  1. “I need you.”
  2. “We need each other.”
  3. “Together.”
  4. “I trust you.”
  5. “You left me.”
  6. “I can’t lose you too.”
  7. “You won’t be by yourself.”
  8. “I’m sorry.”
  9. “Get some sleep.”
  10. “You’re forgiven.”

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