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"Hi! Nice to see another Ampharos around. My name's Fugue, what's yours?" Fugue asks, grinning. He's holding a deck of cards and wondering if this other Ampharos wants to play with him! @sometimesampharos


okay but can you imagine a trailer in which it starts out with a pitch black screen, but you can hear heavy breathing. feet on gravel, running. suddenly you see a backpack being unzipped. the nearby lamppost. a closeup of spray paint hitting the side of a building. flashes of the surroundings - a car passing by, an apartment building with one window lit up, a dark storefront. the spray painting sounds are gone, and there’s a closeup of the can being dropped. the camera pans out to reveal EVEN in yellow on the side of a building. even pulls his hood down, turns around smiling, and runs in the opposite direction.

A favourite SWR character (Kallus!!) in 1B!!

I can’t imagine him ever pulling such a broad, expressive face unless he was really emotionally provoked in some way - someone really just pushing his buttons. I tried to come up with various scenarios that would force him to go away from his calm, composed personality for a bit, so here’s an injured, disheveled, exhausted Kallus pulling a beast-like grin of victory after a rather intense fight/duel with someone.

(Idk if the pose makes sense cropped like this but he’s kneeling down on his knees.)

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ok but keith doesnt purr when they hug or cuddle, he makes that happy "mrrmph" sound cats make sometimes and he always blushes because hes embarrassed

what the fuck??? that’s MAD cute

and yeahh keith definitely gets embarrassed… especially the first time it slipped out. i imagine he’d just… freeze in place, eyes wide open when he pulls away and be like “uh,,, i didn’t mean to do that,,, idk what that was” meanwhile lance takes a sec to compose himself like:

IN CONCLUSION: lance doesn’t mind it one bit. (though he probably teases keith about it later on lmao)