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Imagine Stopping Civil War Before It Started

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This is part of a new imagine series called Keeping Up With The Avengers

“Are you guys sure you want to do this?” you ask and wring your hands. The Avengers agreed to a press conference about the Sokovia Accords a day after they were proposed.

“Yes, we need to face what the public thinks,” Steve replies stiffly. It’s a day before Peggy’s funeral so he’s not doing so well.

“Well alright,” you mutter and fix his tie. “I have all you clothes ready if the rest of you would care to get dressed.” You send a pointed glare to the other lounging members of the team and they all groan before shuffling off to their rooms.

Your jobs is basically the Avengers supernanny. You cook, clean, organize schedules, mend clothes, shop for groceries, and run a series of social media accounts all named Keeping Up With The Avengers. You used to work in the tower but after Sokovia Steve and Tony played Rock Paper Scissors to see where you stayed, Steve won.

“I swear my job is never done,” you grumbles and Steve pats you on the shoulder.

“Hey (Y/N) you didn’t lay out a tie,” Pietro calls and dashes into the common room with a suit on. You insisted everyone dressed formally to maintain a professional appearance.

“Oh right sorry hon I got one to match my dress,” you say and pull it from your purse. It’s (Y/FC) in the exact shade of your dress. Pietro speeds over and kisses you sweetly before running off to finish his outfit. Pietro and you have been dating since Sokovia.

One by one the team filters in and you add the finishing touches to each of their outfits. A short quinjet ride to New York and an hour of camera and sounds checks later the conference is about to start.

“Alright everyone stay respectful and kind. Remember bring up the Stark Relief Foundation as much as possible,” you advise. “Also smile and have fun!”

Each team members gives you a hug before going on stage and thanks you. Pietro gives you a little more than a hug which makes your head spin.

“How do the Avengers feel about the destruction in New York?!”

“Does Thor care about the destruction in Greenwich?!”

“Are the Avengers going to take responsibility for what happened in Sokovia?!”

The questions were all answered calmly by members of the team while you fumed behind the scenes. How dare these people criticize them? After all they’ve done!

“The Avengers should be in prison!”

The last comment made you snap and stomp on stage in your (Y/F/C) dress and black heels. You grab the microphone from the hands of your boyfriend ad take center stage.

“Enough!” The press immediately goes silent and you smile in a polite and rude way.

“Who is this?” The question is unasked but you answer regardless.

“Hi to those of you who don’t know me I’m (Y/N) (Y/L/N) and I’m the Avengers…housekeeper. Basically I cook, clean, sew, drive, shop, and organize their schedules for them. All in all I’m the super heroes supernanny. And to those of you who do know me from varying social media I bet you can guess what I’m gonna say next.”

You suck in a deep breath and plant your free hand on your hip.

“How dare you! How dare you stand here and judge them? How dare you blame them for what’s happened? I don’t see any of you stepping up to the plate to protect this world from aliens!”

A few guilty looks pass across the faces of the reporters and the politicians which makes you grin.

“Let’s for a moment try to imagine what would have happened if the Avengers weren’t there to help when aliens attacked New York…Loki rules the world, billions die and the survivors have to live under him. Doesn’t sound fun does it? Now the Avengers didn’t have to take responsibility at all for the destruction but they did in the form of the Stark Relief Foundation and personally helping clean up in New York!”

“Alright next scenario Thor isn’t here to help when the dark elves attack…the entire universe not just earth succumbs to literal darkness! Guess what the Avengers helped clean up there too!”

“Alright last scenario Sokovia. Now I will admit Tony did create Ultron but he did it with the best intentions. He wanted to protect the world from alien invasion permanently but it like most experiments it failed on the first try. Tony didn’t have to but he took full responsibility and he hunted Ultron down and stopped him. The Avengers got every civilian off Sokovia before they blew it up which had to be done because guess what? If Sokovia fell from that height it would have caused an apocalypse! And once again the Avengers helped clean up!”

“So I stand here asking you what the actual hell do you think you’re doing! The Sokovia Accords are not going to help! The Avengers need to operate independently in order to keep everyone safe without bias and at the drop of a hat. The Avengers don’t have time to wait for permission and certainly don’t have time for politics when they are trying to save the world! Also guess what? The World Security council sent a bomb to New York to blow up the entire city and the only reason Manhattan isn’t gone is because of Tony Stark!”

The last bit of information makes everyone gasp and you smirk.

“In the end what I’m saying is that I’m calling bullshit on the Accords! You don’t deserve the Avengers!”

The crowd starts to murmur before looking up and cheering for me. I grin widely and look to Tony who looks on the edge of tears and Steve who looks proud. Pietro is smirking and sends you a flirty wink.

“One more thing while I have all this adrenaline and courage-twenty seconds of insane courage right? Well more like twenty minutes. Anyway Tony I’m pregnant so I need maternity leave and Pietro I bet you didn’t see that coming.”

With that you hold up the mic and drop it down before stalking off stage like a boss.

The Civil War was stopped before it even started.

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The morality of team Flash disturbs me as well at times. I agree with you on the hardening their hearts to kill the metas but what really hits it is the continued use of the pipeline. Like they are basically unlawfully imprisoning people in conditions that are usually used for torture(sense deprivation,isolation,enclosed in a very tiny space) for various transgressions-from mass homicide to petty theft. That's why how especially Shawna and Hartley were treated made me incredibly uncomfortable

Dude same. I’ve ranted up and down about it at length. I mentally headcanon that the people in the cells at least have screens they can use to chat with one another or get entertainment, and that they hit some sort of button and a toilet and wash or shower station comes out, another button for bed, etc. That the cameras go off to give them privacy to wash, and somehow that the team gets them access to things like Shawna’s makeup (because her eyeliner is perfectly on point when she escapes). I just… refuse to accept that they’ve been stuck in those cells with zero social interaction or the ability to wash, sometimes for months. I honestly can’t wrap my head around the team subjecting them to that. 

I’m glad that it was made clear eventually that the initial intent had been rehabilitation, now matter how pathetically that never translated to actual behavior (which is what matters, a lot more than intent, but it was relief to hear they had some idea or plan, at least). 

With Hartley, in Season 2, it becomes clear that once they know how to work his gloves and he stops posing a threat to the team and their safety, Cisco wanted to let him go, so I gather that the intent had never been to keep him for long. With Shawna, I honestly don’t think there’s any excuse except that she did shoot Barry in the back of the neck (he only survived because he caught the bullet) so they recognized her as more dangerous and willing to murder. (edit: okay she wasn’t the shooter, it was her douchebag boyfriend, she was just aiding and abetting. so yeah, not likely a violent criminal herself. sigh).

But yeah, after the metas escaped the first time, I never understood why they went back to using the pipeline (except against Reverse Flash, who might present a bit of a conundrum on a few levels, what with time travel and information). But them putting Henry Hewitt in a cell basically until he agreed not to tell anyone about what they did? #YIKES. 

Other than him, who I think they eventually let out, isn’t the only one in the pipeline Black Siren? And I think the reasoning there had more to do with the fact that Laurel on this earth is dead, and so they didn’t want her doppleganger in Iron Heights? I don’t know if that’s because they were going to tell Team Arrow about her, or if they were deliberately trying to save Sara and Quentin (and Oliver and the others) that pain so they were keeping her off the books?

(And shouldn’t they have just sent all the earth-2 metas back through the breaches anyway?)

I’m not trying to excuse the use of the pipeline. I think it’s horrendous (and it has roots in the comics, but in the comics, it’s at least recognized as atrocious and the Flash has no part in maintaining it directly). But that’s how I’ve attempted, poorly, to wrap my head around it so that I don’t end up hating the team.

Werewolves I Am Totally Stoked About

Okay so I guess to counterbalance that series of rants, it is time for Werewolves I Am Totally Stoked About. Some of these stories have cute werewolves, and some have cute non-werewolves, but the point is, I really enjoyed them. 

  • The Cage, by A.M. Dellamonica - a community of lesbians rallies to protect a baby werewolf. It’s really heartwarming.
  • Surviving Frank, by David A. Page - it’s a buddy cop book, except one of the cops is a huge slobby werewolf. This is so up my alley.
  • Iron & Velvet, by Alexis Hall - light on the werewolves, but so many lesbians! What a fantastic urban fantasy novel, man. Where was this when I was hitting puberty. I hear it has a sequel, which is on my to-read list.
  • Prisoner, by Lia Silver - adorable werewolf marine gets kidnapped by secret government, accidentally winds up dating secret genetically engineered black ops agent god they are so cute together. It has sequels, also on my to-read list.
  • Angel in the Attic, by Rebecca Tregaron (aka Lia Silver) - I need to buy this book so I can actually read it, but it’s got a lesbian werewolf chef who gets in arguments about how to be kosher while a werewolf, stay tuned for a full review. 
  • Fame and Misfortune, by Kel McDonald - can I just recommend Kel McDonald herself, because all of her werewolves are great. Fame and Misfortune has a big burly grumpy lesbian werewolf bodyguard, I love her and her accidentally-bitten maybe-werewolf maybe-girlfriend.
  • Sorcery 101, by Kel McDonald - more of a mixed urban fantasy story like Iron & Velvet, but plenty of werewolves, and they’re great and plenty of them are queer.
  • The Better To Find You With, by Kel McDonald - this one’s not technically published yet, but I preordered a copy because it opens with adorable werewolf who wakes up in the pound, and then solves a mystery with the vet. It’s basically exactly what I want from a werewolf comic, stay tuned for further developments.
  • Misfits of Avalon, by Kel McDonald - okay, it’s a talking dog shapeshifter instead of a werewolf, but if I’ve convinced you to read the rest of Kel McDonald’s stuff, you’ll like this too.
  • Bisclavret, by Marie de France - an old timey poem with a werewolf who gets betrayed by his wife but then becomes the king’s buddy. I’m fond of this particular translation, but there are plenty of others. If you liked this story, Sir Marrok is a pretty similar one, except Arthurian flavored.
  • Bisclavret, by Kel McDonald - ha, did you think I was done reccing Kel McDonald because I totally wasn’t, she did a Bisclavret comic too.
  • Prague Race, by Petra Erika Nordlund - one of the main characters is a trans werewolf and there is an entire werewolf pack and I’m really stoked about it, you guys
  • Sing the Moon Down, by MasterLoki - Adorable witch and werewolf romance, and it’s queer too! 
  • Wilde Life, by Pascalle Lepas - Grumpy teenage werewolf in a red hoodie accidentally befriends a writer and gets dragged into supernatural shit.
  • How To Be A Werewolf, by Shawn Lenore - Werewolf barista discovers other werewolves for the first time, learns to control her powers, supernatural shit ensues.
  • The Glass Scientists, by Sabrina Cotugno - Rookie mad scientist is accidentally a werewolf, joins mad scientist community. 
  • Bleeding Heart, by Sabrina Cotugno - Haven’t read this yet, to be honest, but I’m gonna, because I liked The Glass Scientists. Stay tuned.
  • Royal Bloodlines, by Mike Resnick - this is a great comedy piece about a werewolf in a dog show and I wholeheartedly recommend every line of it EXCEPT THE LAST ONE DANGIT MIKE.
  • Thor, by Wayne Smith - okay, the werewolf in this one is the evil serial killer type, but the protagonist is a German Shepherd and I really love him and his perspective. It’s a cute book and it made me cry.
  • Wolf Hunt, by Jeff Strand - another evil serial killer werewolf, but I’m in it for the buddy goons transporting the werewolf for the mob. A great comedy, but heads up for the awful gory bits. It has a sequel, which is on my to-read list, stay tuned.

That’s 20 cool werewolf stories (my god, Kel McDonald is a quarter of this list, protect her at all costs) to choose from, not counting the sequels. Don’t despair for the future of werewolf media, there are plenty of diamonds in the dogshit.

(Please god nobody add the Mercy Thompson series, the Bitten series, the Parasol Protectorate series, the Dresden Files, or the Kitty Norville series to this post. Been there, done that, never again.)


Tony Revolori, who has recently appeared in The 5th Wave and Dope, and starred in The Grand Budapest Hotel as the lovable Zero, was already confirmed as appearing in Spider-Man: Homecoming, but his role was unknown. At the Marvel Studios panel at SDCC, however, Revolori’s character was confirmed in the footage shown.

The footage was an entire scene, set at Midtown High, where Peter Parker, played by Tom Holland, attends school. Other previously confirmed castmates Jacob Batalon, Laura Harrier, and Zendaya also appeared in the trailer. In the scene, we saw a typical day of high school for Peter, as he went from class to class, ate lunch in the cafeteria, and dealt with the problems of being a high schooler who is also a superhero.

In his science class, Peter is goofing off, watching a video on youtube of Spider-Man teaming up with Iron Man and War Machine to take down Giant Man at the airport in Germany, as seen in Captain America: Civil War. The teacher calls first on Flash Thompson to answer a question - and that’s when Revolori speaks up. Yes, he’s Flash, a traditionally (in the comics) white character whose only real defining characteristic is that he’s a jerk/bully to Peter, yet ironically idolizes Spider-Man.


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How about child gajeel D7

I tried to change the style a little so now it looks more like a pre-teen than a child. Oh well.


my only question is: are Metalicana’s scales edible??