{4.16.17 - AP Exams !!!

  • I made a color-coded guide to bio things I’m rusty on + need to commit to memory (again)
  • Honey joined me to take photos
  • listening to: Hart House IV (BP Debate), bc it looks like I’m going to UofT - if I want to continue debating, my only options are British and Canadian Parli. So far, I’m thrilled to try them.
☆☆IMPORTANT: 30 tips from fellow wise thunderbirds to first-years at UBC

Last week, we asked our followers what they wish someone had told them in first year. We hope that this post will help with surviving first-year at UBC! (I put a ★ beside the ones that I think are extra important.) Reblog and share on Facebook with your friends who are going into first-year!

Here it goes. Take notes!

I wish someone had told me that…

  1. ★ you don’t need to be friends with people in your dorm because some of them are toxic to you academically and personally. Your well being is more important.
  2. I don’t have to be involved in everything, but it will take time to find that one passion. Plus, there’s more to do in Brock Hall than paying your tuition (aka hidden study desks on 2nd floor).
  3. you should join clubs. Go to them. Stick with one that you find the most friends in. Also, become chatty with your profs.
  4. it’s going to take a lot more effort than in high school to make friends who will stick around after the class ends.
  5. meal plan money won’t last forever, don’t pick your major in first year no matter how confident you feel, you should always talk to your prof when you’re falling behind or facing hardship, time goes by way too fast (enjoy it!)
  6. there was a full Timmy’s on campus instead of learning about it on my last day if first semester. #thembagels
  7. ★ UBC is bigger than you could ever imagine, that there are so many hidden opportunities out there that aren’t advertised, so dig around and talk to upper-year students! Next thing you know, you’re in fourth year and you finally hear about something cool in your last semester.
  8. ★ I should wait buying my textbook to see if your prof actually uses them & that it’ll be okay.
  9. you will make friends eventually, fear not
  10. ★ 8am in high school is NOT the same thing as 8am in university.
  11. I should JOIN a club. Not just normally sign up for various clubs but not give a damn about all of their activities because you are sooo busy with schools. ACTUALLY GET INVOLVE. You’ll thank me later ;)
  12. you do NOT need to buy your textbooks from the bookstore! Use slugbooks.com to price compare.
  13. ★ if you’re facing mental health issues like depression GET HELP. There is no shame in taking care of your mental well being!
  14. if you get sick or something before your bc health gets processed go to pine free community clinic first, do not freak out
  15. don’t be afraid to ask questions or even answer questions, your answers/queries aren’t as stupid as you’d think + could help others
  16. Go to Office Hours! 5 minutes can make a world of difference with your prof or TA. Also join a club- one that sounds fun! Meet with advisors
  17. ★ a W looks better than an F.
  18. relying solely on friends made through high school would be devastating to my social life throughout my university years and continuing past graduation.
  19. I shouldn’t take Math 100 or a full course load in the first semester of first year.
  20. this isn’t high school, and serious relationships are a mistake.
  21. ★ doing badly in your first year is not okay, actually.
  22. IKBLC isn’t a place for productive studying.
  23. I shouldn’t wear my UBC housing lanyard around my neck as it will identify me as a first year.
  24. reading chapter 1 of my new textbooks at the library is a complete waste of time.
  25. ★ I should do the chapter readings BEFORE attending class. It’s much more beneficial than going to lecture and reading about the material afterwards. That way, the professors go through the material that you already know and you can ask better questions.
  26. you should always rent textbooks if given the option.
  27. ★ it’s okay to eat lunch alone time to time.
  28. even if you live on campus, and you had to wake up early during high school, you will still suffer if you choose 8am courses.
  29. I should try harder to make friends in first year, and hang out with people outside of class too. Now it’s awkward to suddenly be all chatty when we’ve seen each other every other day for a year without saying anything.
  30. ★ you can (should) go to different professors if your class prof sucks.

-WWSCUBC and Campus Squirrel