4/1/17 // today I’m rewatching lectures for my prokaryotic genetics exam next friday. Still got a long way to go before I’m confident on this topic but I’m getting there. It’s super weird being back working on my old desk! Heading out later to spend time with friends before heading back to uni on Friday. 

Feminism has fought no wars. It has killed no opponents. It has set up no concentration camps, starved no enemies, practiced no cruelties. Its battles have been for education, for the vote, for better working conditions, for safety in the streets, for child care, for social welfare, for rape crisis centres, women’s refuges, reforms in the law. If someone says, ‘Oh, I’m not a feminist’, I ask, ‘Why? What’s your problem?’
—  Dale Spender, Man Made Language.

19-09-2016 // i start back at university in a week’s time! i’ve moved into my new flat, getting all settled and pretending to be a fresher to get into events at the SU. today i wasn’t feeling great so i sat down and started my new bullet journal - with all my new stationery. might as well do a haul post of all my stuff for this semester so keep an eye out for that

Small World

From what Connecticut locals have told me, i have discovered one thing that UConn has in common with Wollongong. A 2 degree of separation. That is, it’s hard to walk around without running into at least three people you know… on a quiet day. It’s next to impossible to meet someone who probably knows a third of the people you know as well.

Recently, i have discovered that it’s not only Wollongong and Storrs that have such a small degree of separation but the world too. It is freakishly frequent that the following conversation occurs;

Stranger: oh you’re from Australia? Which part?

Me: Yeah, I am. I’m from a coastal town an hour south of Sydney called Wollongong

Stranger: Oh really! That’s awesome. Do you know someone called _____ ______?”

Then i would proceed to obsess over where the hell have i heard that name before and why would i know them!

One such instance was particularly memorable. Actually, it happened a few times. On separate occasions, i was speaking with different people and the above conversation would occur. When they find out that i’m from Wollongong, they would get really excited and ask “Do you know Abby _____ (missing last name for privacy reasons). She studied at Wollongong last semester”

Instead of scratching my head for days, i would instantly know who they are talking about even though at that point, i have never met Abby. Sounds creepy and in a way, it is. A few months back, when we all found out where we are getting placed for exchange, my good friend Sam managed to meet a girl named Abby who happened to be from UConn. Some Facebook stalking and plans to meet her where made but nothing ever eventuated. It would have been awesome to know someone from UConn before actually going there but oh well. So in short, i knew who Abby was and i think she knew who i was but we never crossed paths.

Then, all the running into her friends happened as well as the study abroad fair. I saw a girl sitting at the University of Wollongong table and i thought to myself she looks oddly familiar. I started talking to here and then everything was as clear as mud. IT WAS ABBY! After months of trying to meet this girl, i finally did it!

Today, Abby and i remain in close contact and eat together occasionally. I also managed to get her to sort out my nerd halloween costume when i didn’t know what halloween was all about. She is also useful when i don’t know what various animals that roam UConn are. She would explain what they are and find a comparison to Australian animals. Very useful. Like a life sized iPhone :-P