Goonion (red) V NQS (burgundy)
So today I went to the quidditch game and a few people asked me to record if but I made a bad gif set instead. So here’s what happened, gif by gif, and explaining the rules.

1. So in the beginning, the snitch runs off, whilst all the players and reserves look down with their brooms down so they can’t tell where they went.
2. Then, the quaffle and bludgers being placed in the middle, everyone can run in on the refs call like dodgeball to get the balls.
3.If you get hit by the bludger, you have to drop or throw the quaffle away, dismount your broom, then can only re-mount when you hit the goal post with your hand
4. Beaters can protect the chasers and use cool tactics.
5. When you score, the keeper takes the quaffle and goes from there
6. After 20 minutes, the seekers are allowed to go and look for the snitch, who can hide anywhere on campus. Such as the time the snitch went to Bar On The Hill for two hours to drink.
7. If you accidentally dismount your broom, drop everything and go back to the goalpost before remounting, same as if you’re bludgered.
8. The snitch has a black tag velcro’d on his/her pants. 
9. Pull it off, and the game’s over.

10 great things to do in Nottingham (for under a tenner)

1. Go and see Nottingham Forest. Keep your eyes peeled for special student offers - they’ve been known to sell tickets for as little as £1 for midweek matches.

2. Nottingham Contemporary (free)

3. Have a drink at Ye Olde Trip Jerusalem the oldest pub in England (free if you get a tap water)

4. Go to Ocean for a penny! At the end of every year, Ocean say thanks to all UoN students by selling tickets for just 1p!

5. Lost City Indoor Mini Golf - Play 18 holes for £5 (Mon, Tues, Wed) OR 36 holes for £10 with a free beer. 

6. Watch latest releases at the Savoy Cinema for just £2.13 on a Wednesday but arrive early as the queue can often be seen from space (Usually £4.25 for a student ticket)

7. Start your night off with a cheeky cocktail at Tilt. 

8. Free Jazz music every Wednesday at the Roundhouse + see the Robin Hood statue.

9. Go for cream tea at Nottingham Castle for just £5 Price includes a fresh fruit scone with jam and clotted cream + unlimited tea or coffee. 10-4 every day throughout September.

10. Visit Sutton Bonington Farmers’ Market - with free Hopper Buses, first Wednesday of the month. 

www.welcometonottingham2014.co.uk #UoNFreshers

I don’t deserve this. I’m a good person. What percentage of my university fees are going to funding these. I hate this place. I pray every night that this torture factory burns to the ground. No mercy.

Step-by-step guide to your first week at UoN!

Written by Hannah Redpath

1. Unpack everything straight away. Otherwise you may find yourself living out your suitcase for a week. Remember to choose your kitchen cupboards wisely as you’ll have them all year.

2. Have a cuppa with your new neighbours and get to know them. Bonus points if you have home-made treats to share.

 3. Sort out your internet connection in your room, if it’s still StudentCom be prepared to get very frustrated with them over the year. You may also need an Ethernet cable.

 4. On the Sunday before Week One go around the blocks with your flat mates and meet as many people as possible. Get names and numbers and make sure you try and find someone on your course.

5. Spend a lot of time at Freshers’ Fair, there’s loads of free food and loads of sports/societies offering taster sessions. You may find out about things you’ve never heard of before like Korfball and FlairSoc!

 6. Queue early for tickets for evening events, they’re insanely popular so sell out very quickly!

7. Have fun planning your outfit for the events, you may want to think about these before you get to uni.

8. Go to your introductory lectures, they’re very helpful and you may get handouts for the whole term.

9. Keep a good balance between being in touch with your family and spending time with your new flat mates.

10. Last but not least, have fun and make the most out of it.

The Art of Making Friends at University

Written by Aoife Thorgood

People are what make up the best part of your university experience; they’re who you will share your memories with and most likely become your ‘friends for life’. So here are a few tips for making the most of this opportunity.

Get involved

Let’s be honest, you are never going to meet new people snuggled up in your cozy little uni room watching the whole of Breaking Bad for the third time. Find out what societies are out there to join, try out taster sessions for activities you’d have never normally considered, say yes to Week One events even if you’re not totally up for them. These are, without a doubt, the easiest and best ways to get to know others. 

Put yourself out there

Go and chat to anyone – that girl sitting on her own by the bar, that guy looking lost wandering around campus – they are in the same position as you and more often than not will be happy to recognise another face on campus. This year is your best opportunity to chat to strangers. What have you got to lose?!

Don’t give yourself a bad reputation

I’m sure none of you will, but just remember this is an opportunity for a fresh start with people who will know nothing about you so make sure to give the right first impressions! This doesn’t only apply to your peers but also to staff, your various reps and whoever else you get to meet along the way. Remember you are not the only one in your position – sprinkle a little kindness out there and believe me it’ll do you a whole lotta good in the long run.

Live and let live

Not long after you start, you will come to realise that uni life is very different from that during school. Finally people just get a little more chilled out and accepting of each other. So what happens if you suddenly find yourself sitting next to a 6ft4 Norwegian guy knitting a scarf and chatting about his future opera career? Just go with it! Ask questions. Listen. This may just be the most interesting conversation you’ll have in a long time.

Don’t argue over petty things

You’ll soon find yourself getting agitated with flatmates about little things like the cleanliness of the kitchen, who’s turn it is to hoover or why they were making such a racket last night. It’s not worth it! Swallow your pride and this time pick up the dishes yourself and do them, even if it’s not your turn. Others will appreciate this and will have a lot more respect for you.

Be yourself!

I know, I know, heard it before? Sound a little cringey? Well I’ve gotta say it’s probably the best piece of advice on the list. Stick to who you are and you’re more likely to find people you truly want to spend time with and who are more like you. You can’t keep up a poker face for the whole year so stick to your guns and you’ll meet the people who really accept you for who you are. 



The thing that keeps me going is knowing that I will always have a fallback in life, taking me anywhere and everywhere! If you start to fall out of love with your career path, take a step back and re evaluate your reasons for choosing this admirable profession! We care for a living! If you are a naturally caring and empathetic person, with wonderful communication skills like me you will always excel! Look up some crazy nursing history stories, read about Florence nightingale, or just sit down and watch nurse Jackie or scrubs:) just because you fall off the bandwagon doesn’t mean you can’t get back on! Xxx I’m back guys, feeling a lot better 😘🏥