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MY MOM LOVES YOU SO MUCH. Like, everytime I'm watching you, she just conveniently passes by until it's over. Everytime she recognizes your voice on snapchat she says "oh! oh! Is that thomas sanders? Can I watch it??" it's cute.

Awwwwwwwww!!!!! Well tell her I love her back! So honored she enjoys watching!


Grace Kelly marries Prince Rainer III of Monaco, April 19 1956.

“The Swan,” starring Grace Kelly, released April 25 1956, a movie of how the young Princess Alexandra falls in love with another man while her family urges her to marry the Prince Albert.


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Your art is actually perfection I just cannot I actually spent my entire weekend looking at your art and didn't study for my yearly exams!!! Anyway, I love your art so much and how you draw shouyou's pout and soft squishy kags and I just really appreciate! Make sure you don't overwork yourself. You're amazing Ally! <3

ANON PLS STUDY FOR YOUR EXAMS AGSGSHSHSJ thankyou so much tho!!!!! this means the world bc i’ve never draw anyone else as much as i’ve drawn them that it’s become muscle memory kkkkkkkkk.

whenever I have a book-y conversation with another bookworm, you know there’s that question of “who’s your favorite author/book/series?” and my first thought is BSandry, of course, and so I say that, and I try to think more, but … there are none.

None can compare.

Sanderson has truly taken over my life. I read basically nothing else, and when I do, I think “meh stormlight is better” and just go back to that.

what the heck am i gonna do with myself when the cosmere is completed.

at least i’ll have plenty of stylish ways to die to pick from. and hey, half of those i’ll come back anyway. woot woot.

I said it once and I’ll say it again:

Disney will not let the Evil Queen ™ have a romantic relationship with the daughter of Snow White. If Emma Swan is going to be the first LGBT Disney Princess ™ , the powers that be simply will not let her story intertwine with such historic classic canon. 

Regina Mills, however, is a completely original character and now, literally, an ENTIRELY separate character from her Disney counterpart.

Swan Queen has never looked more like a possibility to me than it does right now.  

Give the ladies two days to talk, with no villain, with no beards, with no impending curse… just two days, and I betcha money at least one of them will realize how they feel about the other. 

My bet is on Regina. After all, as the show has said before, it is so hard to love another… if you can’t love yourself first. 

The amount of disrespect happening in the bts ama tags is honestly disgusting. I get that y’all are “only here for bts” or whatever but?????? This is still the AMERICAN MUSIC AWARDS. This is not the MaMAs, this is not the Gayos, this isn’t the Asian Music Awards. These people winning awards and performing are people who YOUR FAVES look up to. If you’re honestly so bored or whatever with this awards show WAIT UNTIL ITS OVER AND WATCH VIDEOS. Theres honestly no reason for you to watch this live if you hate it so much. Your behavior is abhorrent and embarrassing. Shit like this is why people avoid becoming fans of bts. You are actively harming bts by being so shitty. 

Food truck au
  • Keith: *mouth full* you made this???
  • Lance: *staring at keith across the table* yeah, do you like it?
  • Keith: holy shit yeah it's great, but I gotta ask, I thought you stayed open until lunch was over... it's only 12:30?
  • Lance: *blushes* oh I shut it down cause I had some more important stuff to do... like sit here and eat lunch with you
  • Keith: *dead*

Add this to the parallels list… 

Oh. And while you’re at it, consider this: 

The amount of purposefully drawn parallels between Fiona and S1 Regina are astounding, especially when Fiona takes on the “Madame Mayor” analogue. They are practically the same persona…. but with one HUGE difference. 

One loves Henry. 
The other pushes him down a flight of stairs. 

But that’s it. All the other similarities remain… including an unchecked level of flirtation with a certain “Miss Swan.” One could even argue that, without Henry’s well-being as a consideration, Fiona is far more free to flirt than Regina would have ever dreamed to be. There’s no conflict of interest, because Fiona has none for Henry. She is free to smile, get close, and really press Emma’s gay panic button in order to get what she wants… And she does, casually calling her “Dear” several times along the way…. 

We aren’t crazy. The subtext has been officially brought to maintext. The ending with Henry and Lucy all but confirmed that. 

All that’s missing now is for Emma to continue her “Prince Charming II” analogue story… being trapped in a coma… and cursed in an unhappy marriage. All easily achievable in one single episode…


That’s none of your business.

Bad End Friends Headcanons

-Ice Finn’s self-esteem is so low that it’s hit rock bottom and has started to dig
-He’s paranoid that the others will grow sick of him and leave
-Or, worse, that they’ll get injured and he won’t be able to help
-He’s also very superstitious
-On Friday 13th, he likes to freeze the others’ feet to the ground until its over
- ‘J-just in case!’
-He checks his horoscope at least twelve times per day
-And everyone else’s at least thirty
-Then tries to judge them according to it
- ‘I nearly got hit by a car today!!’
‘Of course you did… You’re an Aquarius, they’re extremely unlucky…Maybe you should stay inside the house and never leave again…?’
-He hates leaving the house
-Bipper and B-Wirt always have to drag him along
-He’s a huge cuddler
-Especially when emotional
-It’s common practice for him to grab one of the others at random and start crying
-Bipper hates that
-When it happens, he always shoves Ice Finn off to B-Wirt and leaves the room
- 'Hey, B, he’s in one of his whiny moods again. Can you do something about it or’
-B-Wirt might be cold and empty now, but he hasn’t yet forgotten what it’s like to have a short boy next to you clamoring for affection
-He lets Ice Finn climb all over him
-Lets him crawl under his cloak and curl on his foot and cry on his shoulder
-His only rule is that Ice Finn doesn’t screw with his lantern
-Bipper’s not allowed either
-No one is
-The lantern is off limits™
-Evil Morty tried to take it once
-Bipper had dared him to, and Evil Morty looks up to Bipper like damn
-So he tried to steal it when B-Wirt was sleeping
-B-Wirt broke his wrist
-/While still sleeping/
-Bipper laughed his ass off when he found out
-Evil Morty is the newest member of the Bad End Friends, and still sulky about how long it took for him to be accepted
- 'You accepted Ice Finn before me? What does he even do?’
-Even after the broken wrist thing, he still hero worships Bipper
-platoNICALLY OF COURSE!!!!1!!
-Bipper knows this
-And doesn’t care
-He considers Evil Morty an annoying little wannabe, and only interacts with him if it’s to prank
-He also has his eyes on someone else *cough*B-wirt*cough*
-B-Wirt is ace and hella uninterested, but eh, what the hell
-An evil dorito can dream :’)
-Every Christmas, the gang all gets together to decorate B-Wirt’s horns with lights and parade him around the city
-And every Easter, they hide Evil Morty’s underwear all over town and make him look for them
-Both of these practices were Bipper’s ideas, of course
-On Valentine’s day, he sometimes sends B-Wirt cards with dirty innuendos (which B-Wirt tosses in the lantern’s fire) and Ice Finn little scribbles that say stuff like 'It’s always ice being your friend’
-Ice Finn hangs them up on the fridge with colorful magnets
-Evil Morty tries not to be jealous
-He sends Bipper dead animals tied with ribbons
-Bipper throws them away
-Ice Finn one year decided that maybe a new obession would do Evil Morty good
-So he tried to set him up with Chara
-It didn’t go well
-Evil Morty returned with a stab wound in his gut and his eyepatch missing
-B-Wirt had to tend to him all night while Bipper howled with laughter
-Chara sent back the eyepatch three days later with a heart-shaped card
-Evil Morty was unamused
-Ice Finn felt so guilty about the whole thing that he spent six hours under B-Wirt’s cloak sobbing
-B-Wirt had to bring in Evil Morty to say he didn’t blame him
-Then brought in Bipper to put on Disney movies and bring blankets
-Ice Finn loves Disney
-His favorite is 'The Little Mermaid’
-Bipper prefers stuff like 'Jaws’ but B-Wirt doesn’t let him put it on when Ice Finn is around
-Smol snow child must be protected
-They have these marathons when Ice Finn is particularly upset
-Evil Morty is not invited
-At these marathons everyone wants to curl up with B-Wirt
-Ice Finn because B-Wirt is the only one who tolerates his affection
-Bipper because he’s,,, very fond of B-Wirt
-He finds it a good excuse to slip an arm around B-Wirt, or rest his head on his shoulder
-B-Wirt, despite being ace and uninterested, lets him
-Sometimes they all fall asleep like that, in a huddle
-They’ll wake up in the mornings with 'Lilo and Stitch’ blaring, Bipper with bedhead, Ice Finn with a back-ache and B-Wirt cradling his lantern
-All in all, it’s not a bad way to live