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My prediction for tourmaline: stevens gem is fixed with the tears, and then he gets his healing powers back and fixes peridot, too, and she becomes Steven's friend and stays forever. Peridot fixes Cinnabar's ship, and she's so grateful that she helps protect earth from Homeworld. Cinnabar and Howlite get gem married, and everyone's invited, including Lapis & Jasper who worked out their issues, and Yellow Diamond, who is so moved by this display of love that she gives up being a villain.

This is exactly how it would end if Tourmaline were written by Steven

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Until It's Over
  • Until It's Over
  • House of Fools
  • Live and Learn

House Of Fools - Until It’s Over

I’ve loved this band for years. I’ve loved this song for years. It wasn’t until about a week ago that I ran into Josh King, their singer, at a show in Greensboro, NC. I kinda geeked out for a second and then exchanged contact info with him. I would love to see these guys release another record soon!

If you haven’t checked out House Of Fools, you should!

  • Until it's over
  • Lágrima Flor
  • Demos

Para todos vocês que gostam de Zona de Conforto: vocês sabiam que essa música era originalmente em inglês? E que ela era assim (não assim exatamente, porque esse áudio é de uma guia, sem o resto da banda)? E que ela tinha essa letra?

Exclusividade do nosso Tumblr, minha gente.


I made a video of the Action Item Until It’s Over Premier in Chicago on August 9!