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I always imagined troye singing for him to Connor like live and actually singing and not showing him a clip of it from the studio or something

Sorry to break the headcanon, but Troye said the first time he gifted for him. to that special someone he “played it for him.” This could still be a precious moment though because if Troye was playing the music on his laptop or stereo, he would have nothing to do with himself while Connor listens. Troye would be a nervous wreck, unsure of whether to stare at the ground or watch Connor’s face. His hands would be fidgeting, foot tapping, as he wants to grab Connor’s hand but needs him to focus on the song first. Meanwhile, Connor would be completely awestruck, lost in trying to hear every word. His hands would be clasped in front of his face, eyes glassy and a faint smile traces his lips. When the song ends, Troye wouldn’t even give Connor a chance to respond. Troye would be so anxious that he would jump Connor, tugging him into a kiss before the end of the last “All I need is you.”

When someone says “Man, this semester has felt so long already!”

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Weathering the Storm

This was written for the lovely @chocolatequeennk​, on the occasion of it being Groundhog’s Day ;) Just kidding, love…HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

Ten x Rose, ~4200 words

A storm’s approaching…” The storm may be over, but there is still the clean-up to be had.

AO3 || TSP

“Rose! Hold on!”

Overwhelming fear and panic flooded through the Doctor, a combination of his emotions and Rose’s that left him feeling dizzy and nauseated. Rose cried out sharply and the Doctor whimpered, feeling the aches and pains in her shoulders and arms as she tried to resist the forceful pull of the Void. His muscles throbbed in sympathy, and his fierce protectiveness of her raged through him. His bond mate should not be in pain, and every cell in his body screamed for him to fix it and make it better. But he couldn’t; he was useless, holding onto his magna-clamp for dear life while watching Rose struggle to maintain her grip on her lever.

“Hold on!” he screamed, his voice cracking.

He could feel Rose attempting to push through the panic to soothe him. He was enveloped by the warmth of her mental presence, and he couldn’t help but nuzzle into it and take comfort from her. That was so Rose, thinking of him even when she was the one in mortal peril.

She’d always been so patient and kind with him even when he didn’t deserve it. She stayed with him even after he regenerated, and helped him learn and adjust to his new body while she herself readjusted to him. She was more than he ever thought possible, and he didn’t deserve her, he never had. And yet he married her, and bonded with her.

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Until It's Over
  • Until It's Over
  • House of Fools
  • Live and Learn

House Of Fools - Until It’s Over

I’ve loved this band for years. I’ve loved this song for years. It wasn’t until about a week ago that I ran into Josh King, their singer, at a show in Greensboro, NC. I kinda geeked out for a second and then exchanged contact info with him. I would love to see these guys release another record soon!

If you haven’t checked out House Of Fools, you should!

  • Until it's over
  • Lágrima Flor
  • Demos

Para todos vocês que gostam de Zona de Conforto: vocês sabiam que essa música era originalmente em inglês? E que ela era assim (não assim exatamente, porque esse áudio é de uma guia, sem o resto da banda)? E que ela tinha essa letra?

Exclusividade do nosso Tumblr, minha gente.

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I made a video of the Action Item Until It’s Over Premier in Chicago on August 9!