okay but the thing is that this incident w the great comet & oak isn’t an incident, it’s an example of what’s been happening on broadway: great actors who happen to be poc are passed over for established white actors. and by no means are those white actors untalented (mandy patinkin especially, he is an amazing actor/singer), it’s just that they may not always be the best fit for the role and they get picked for…other reasons.

and it sucks, because if we want change, if we want diversity on broadway, companies and casting directors have to be willing to take a chance on poc even if “they don’t sell” and take those changes again, and again, and again. they can’t just pick and choose when to have a black, or a latinx, or an asian, or a native american lead. pick and choose the best actor, and if that actor is a poc, hire them, every fucking time. but the mentality the great comet has shown w/this is “if we have two black leads we are Diverse so come see our show!! we’re the best xD xD” (even though they have many, many other diverse cast members) and yeah, sure. that would be great if the great comet let oak finish his run, which iirc was supposed to run FAR longer than one month. it makes sense with ingrid michaelson to give her one month because she’s just stepping in for someone who WILL RETURN. but oak was supposed to be the new face of the great comet on broadway. he is their star, right now. he is their face. and it’s essentially spitting in his face to say “you need to wait and let this other actor pass you up, even though this is your role right now.” 

honestly, it hurts. it hurts even though he’s gotten rave reviews, and many people have bought tickets to explicitly see him BECAUSE of those rave reviews, the great comet is still seeing him as a pawn that they can brag about. that they can say he “graciously agreed,” even though someone on twitter commented to rafa - “he needed to agree otherwise his career would be over.” god. that’s horrible, that he has to lay down and act docile because they thought an established white actor could do better than him. the great comet is not going to fall off of broadway because it isn’t hitting the company’s target for sales, and it isn’t right that “ticket sales” are the reason for oak’s removal. and the worst thing is that this isn’t the first time, and honestly probably won’t be the last time. it’s only getting so much attention because oak & rafa are known in lots of circles. which means that we need to keep bringing up this discussion, again and again, until it doesn’t have to be discussed because it is a fact: poc will NOT be stepped on on broadway.

i don’t know. i’m just tired. and the trump trans soldiers nonsense is making me mad, too, and this morning was just a sensory overload. 

on the bright side, the senate defeated the gop’s repeal of obamacare. there’s still more work to be done w healthcare, but at least - for now - millions of people will still have their coverage. 

i want to cry bc xiumin is so freaking talented like he’s amazing at singing (won second out of hundreds in an sm contest), rapping, dancing and acting, he’s a total visual at ANY weight, he’s so humble and kind, getting a degree in higher education (I think he got his master’s and is trying for doctorate?!), wanted to be an architect which means he’s strong with mathematics but also creative, not a show off, always so positive, incredibly hardworking, respectful, funny, unique, and man i could just go on and on. no matter what he tries he seems to excel in it and i can’t get over that. I can’t believe some people think he’s a dead-weight to exo or that he’s untalented and doesn’t belong. maybe he is on the shy side and doesn’t like to put himself out there much. and perhaps he’s just extremely hard on himself and doesn’t even think of himself as that great. but that’s even more of a reason to love and support him because he IS great and i hope he can realize that. even more than convincing the antis or the rest of the world, i want HIM to know that he’s irreplaceable and just downright special.

if i ever met him or had the opportunity to send a letter that’s what i’d say. 

I don’t understand why people like to assume that just because Yoona has a pretty face it means she’s untalented, that makes no sense whatsoever. Taeyeon is pretty and yet she’s talented, 99.99% of kpop is attractive and yet they are all talented. Why do you need to single Yoona out? Have you ever seen her dancing? The girl has some serious dancing skills, not to mention her acting. If you think talent only exists in singing then you are very dumb.

To the greatest of artist of our time!!!

@ponycide has created unbelievable artwork that has inspired us beyond than what we are capable of!!! She has created artwork that would rival that of the great artist of old, and would challenge the heavens themselves!!! Her inspiration and influence has given hope to our young generation, as well as our current and future generations as well!!! An untalented, and uninspirational person such as I will always appreciate and love the dedication and hardworking person that @ponycide will and always demonstrate throughout her lifetime!!! I will always love everything she does, and will look forward to seeing more from her every day!!!

First, with all of this, you have to realize something that music snobs fucking hate: One Direction and the Beatles are very similar. They both got their fame because of a massive, obsessive teenage girl fanbase. The One Direction following is just like Beatlemania. Both One Direction and The Beatles wrote their own music. (Yes, you read that right! Contrary to popular belief, One Direction wrote 52 of the songs on their 5 studio albums). One Direction also are musically gifted, with albums ranging from bubblegum pop, dance, pop-rock, with many rock and indie influences. If you actually sat and listened to an album all the way through (instead of thinking you’re better than them, like most people) you might come to find the massive range of music they have. Speaking of range, One Direction have incredible vocal ranges. (Key Word: Talent). Louis Tomlinson, who is frequently argued as the worst singer of One Direction has a vocal range of A2 -D5. Zayn Malik (having been on 4/5 One Direction’s studio albums) has a vocal range of 3 octaves. Liam Payne has a range of 3 octaves, 4 notes and a semi-tone. The vocal range of John Lennon and Paul McCartney have vocal ranges of C2-D5 and A1-C6, respectively. One Direction have broken several records that were previously held by The Beatles, the most recent being “Perfect” as 1D’s fifth top 10 debut on the Hot 100 beating the Beatles’ four. They were also the first group to ever have each of its first three albums debut at the top spot. (All five of there albums debuted #1 just an fyi). While One Direction may have not preformed over the span of a decade, they managed 4 world-wide tours, 3 being stadium tours and 5 studio albums in only 5 years.

You can think about what you want about better music; that aspect is up to the listener. One cannot argue some music is better than others because all music is inherently different. There is music for all walks of life, for any mood and for any time. Music can cross time periods, borders and bring millions of people together. What you cannot argue is that One Direction have not worked hard for what they have, that they are untalented and that they do not deserve what they have rightfully earned. If you do think this you’re the one that is delusional.

Plus, no member of 1D has ever beat a woman, so no matter how good their music is, it’s never going to make the members good people.

—  @fondinglovers destroying a Beatles fan over Facebook

um y'all really thought got7 is untalented, explain this

PSA: Girl Groups are amazing.

I was scrolling thought instagram today and I saw a comment on how essentially girl groups are shit, and while I can respect someone’s opinion I’d just like to give mine as well. (Original comment below) I don’t know where this comment came from, but I’d like to address it anyway, even if it was somehow fake because I’ve seen comments and statements like these before.

I’d just like to open everyone’s eyes to the amazingness girl groups have. (Also, this is just a few of the amazing performances from girl groups, there are a lot more.)

Some amazing and powerful dances performed by girl groups: 

Black Widow, Performed by Pristin

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Boombayah, Performed by BlackPink 

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Fingertip, Performed by GFriend

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Crazy, Performed by 4Minute 

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Some Amazing Female Rappers: 

Amber (f(x))

an amazing and beautiful singer as well

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CL (formerly 2ne1)

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Hwasa (Mamamoo) 

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Some girl groups who have branched out into different and cooler concepts:

Red Velvet Happiness

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Twice Like OOH-AHH

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They have zombies for crying out loud.


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f(x) Red Light

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Some BOMB vocalists:

Taeyeon (snsd)

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Luna (f(x))

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Minzy (Recently debuted as a soloist, former member of 2ne1)

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Wendy (Red Velvet)

(Hasn’t had a solo yet but the girl can sing like damn. as well as the rest of RV)

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Hyolyn (Sistar) 

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I could go on forever but this is getting too long

And now I present to you: girl groups being awesome and themselves.

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I could go on and on for ever but my basic message is: It’s fine if you don’t like girl groups. Everyone has their thing. But calling girl groups untalented?? Nuh uh. Totally completely untrue. And besides, there’s nothing wrong with cute and sexy concepts, I actually like them most of the time. If you didn’t like girl groups before, I hope you can and will now. Girl groups work just as hard as boy groups and can be extremely creative. There’s soooooOOOooOOo many groups and singers that are so super talented, way more that just this small list.

I’ll end it here. Hope everyone can stop hating on girl groups now.

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When someone calls a member ugly/untalented/unimportant reaction moodboard

Every meme I make is so passive aggressive I’m doing backflips

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I used to be the kind of person who whenever people told me they didn’t like girl groups, I was like, “Oh okay, I can respect your opinion,” but I am honestly at the point where I can’t do that anymore. I’m so tired of hearing my fave idols get slandered because someone made a judgement based off of two girl group songs they heard 10 years ago. If anyone said anything remotely bad about boy groups, those fans would lose their shit, but girl group stans are expected to sit there and take it. They have to listen to people calling their faves sluts, untalented, etc. They have to listen to people complain about sexy and cute concepts when boy groups can do bad boy concepts out the ass and not get any shit. They have to listen to people talk about how their faves “can’t dance” and how “annoying” their voices are. And if a girl group stan says anything about it, the rebuttal is always, “Well everyone is entitled to their own opinion :)).” I’m not respecting an opinion that is based off of poor judgement and ridicules women. I’m not respecting an opinion that is hypocritical and disrespectful to another human being. Female idols deserve respect and I’m so tired of having to fight for people to see how talented they are. I’m so tired of having to say this shit over and over just because people refuse to treat female idols like humans. Girl groups deserve so much better.

a list of UNTALENTED kpop groups: