I reached over 100 followers !! Now most of you guys know that I was hella excited and frankly crying. I’m kinda untalented so I thought of doing a follow forever.

There are certain people who literally make my day and I love talking to them, and they actually vaguely like my awkward self which is just a little on the crazy side.

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you keep thinking that honey okay

are you…..trying to get me to believe that despite getting main roles in multiple shows that were unrelated and not the same theatre company and getting a place at a performing arts school that im actually untalented and every single person just felt bad for me bc thats literally the worst attempt to upset someone ever……….

Selena throws a bitch fit...... not anyone's fault that you can't sing, Selena.

If you’ve been a reader of my blog, anything Selena does shouldn’t surprise anyone since we really know who she is. So when she’s caught in the middle of her own bitch fit that’s her own fault, we’re just like typical Sel. 

So last night was one of the most popular events of the year. The Jingle Ball 2013 held in LA. There were several performers who sang a couple of their songs and there was this one performer who decided to pull her usual, and lip sync a couple of her songs. Two actually since the audience didn’t want her on stage.

No I don’t know why Selena is dressed in a Halloween costume for a show that should have had a Christmas theme.

The 2013 Jingle Ball was a mess for Selena Gomez who flipped out on the sound guy. Selena yelled “WHAT THE FUCK” after performing Slow Down because there were technical difficulties with the sound. She got mad because she can’t sing so she has to has to lip sync which resulted in difficulties. I don’t understand why she threw a bitch fit when it’s her whose untalented in the first place. Here’s the video of Selena saying “WHAT THE FUCK” after Slow Down when her mic turned on. Honestly, nothing was wrong with the sound or the playback. She clearly didn’t rehearse enough in which she knew when the mic was gonna be on and when she had to pretend to sing.

And yes she lip synced Slow Down at the Jingle Ball because 1. you could easily tell. and 2. for those of you who can’t tell, why would she curse knowing that her mic was on? Exactly, she didn’t know her mic would be turned on. They turned her mic on after the performance because they thought she would have said a couple things to the audience. That’s what happens at her Stars Dance shows. She lip syncs almost every song, then they turn on her mic during certain parts where Selena knows it’s gonna be turned on, so she can say a couple of nice words and put in a little heavy breathing here and there. Same thing happened with her Halftime performance.  

Yes that is true. I saw a live stream where the person streaming it, was sitting at the top where you had an overview of the whole concert. No one was dancing or responding. She yelled at her sound guy after Slow Down and stormed off stage like the professional artist she is. She flipped out backstage and threw her mic on the floor - said from people who were backstage. She also pushed her dancer away who tried to help her - in the video. 


After she flipped out backstage and blamed the people working hard behind the scene to make her not look like the untalented human she is, she came out and performed Come & Get It and yes she still lip synced. 

Around minute 1:00, Selena puts the mic down and the track KEEPS PLAYING, which is clear proof that she was lip syncing. Here’s the video.

Selena has lip synced/used playback in almost every performance of 2013. After this atrocious performance at the MTV movie awards, Selena has used playback or completely lip synced, every performance for Come & Get It.

The more and more Selena lip syncs, the more and more people catch on to it. Remember here when she fell on the stage around 3:25 and the track was still playing? 

Or how about here when she was “singing” Slow Down and for the first 20 seconds, her mic was completely off and then it turns back on and she’s SCREECHING into the mic. You can definitely tell the difference of her lip syncing or really singing. Her voice is deeper live than it is on the the actual track. 

Anyways, I feel like this post is way too long for no reason so let me end it with some intresting tweets and two asks from you guys



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