really though as a jewish hockey fan zach hyman and the level of success he’s having is so important to me. jews are a dying people, whether anyone will acknowledge it or not, and that shows in how we’re represented. there are 7 (i believe) jews out of the 700ish players in the nhl and the most famous one is probably mike cammalleri, who most people have never heard of. there wasn’t a single jew on the top 100 list. jewish players in pro sports are so rare. we’re stereotyped as weak and unathletic and untalented. zach hyman is such a hard worker and he’s been having so much success, probably more than he ever dreamed of. he grew up going to shul, observing shabbos, drinking maneschewitz, going to endless bar/bat mizvahs, feeling lonely every december, just like every other jewish kid that has never seen themselves in a player on their favorite team. and now he is that player that he never had. he’s being that player for every young jew that loves hockey and i love him so much for it. 

for zach hyman, if he ever sees this: you’ve had a great year and every jewish hockey fan is behind you. !מזל טוב

Mark Lee @ SBS Gayo Daejun

Please do not disrespect or call Mark Lee (Lee Minhyung) untalented in anyway. If you look carefully in SBS Gayo Daejun, Mark isn’t there for the last part of chewing gum. Then at the very start of Seventh Sense, he comes running in, syncing perfectly with the rest of the members. Mark only had 20 seconds or less to change, remember the choreography of the seventh sense, and then to perform it all. Mark preformed three songs in one day, changing concepts very quickly. This boy is 17, in every single NCT unit, and has done practically every dance for his group there is. NCT members are allowed to leave at anytime as stated by SM, but Mark enjoys what he does. He’s growing up quick guys, appreciate him. This is also the same kid that auditioned for Highschool Rapper without saying he was part of NCT because he wanted to audition as, “Mark Lee the highschool student,” not, “Mark Lee from NCT.”

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I love how people keep saying that BTS is untalented and they are never gonna go anywhere and sorry to break it to you, but with 3 music videos with over 100 million views, the biggest venue in Korea sold out twice, and the fastest group to hit 10 million views in a day, you can’t exactly say they aren’t successful since they’re breaking records every time they breathe.


This is extremely embarrassing to admit but I’ve been playing guitar for 12+ years now on and off but really heavily for the past 2 years. I practice every day for up to 4 hours a day (school cuts into practice time) and I still can only play one song. And I can’t even play it good. I can barely keep up when actually listening to the song and it hurts because music is my life. I really want to be able to play but at this point, I’m ready to just give up. I’ve tried drums and bass and piano but I couldn’t do it. I can’t learn a new skill regardless of what it is and it makes me feel like shit about myself. If there is any way to make learning easier or an explanation as to why I cannot do anything, please let me know. It’s crushed my self esteem and I hate myself for it.