Lapis & Pearl => MOONSTONE as it promotes inspiration, brings good fortune and protects on land and at sea (overprotective, paranoid and emotional, talanted in arts, sings a lot; has an ability to manipulate water and air; unstable fusion, but can easily keep it together when somebody is in trouble).

(inspired by Mirah - Mt St Helens)


Are You Not Entertained!?

- The fact that Chris Jericho and Dean Ambrose are friends, and that these pictures exist make me so happy. Dean had been on some pretty interesting episodes of Jericho’s podcast. I just had to recreate these moments with my figures.

Stoch wins ski jump WCup round, Kasai beats own age record

VIKERSUND, Norway (AP) – Poland’s Kamil Stoch enjoyed a dramatic win in the ski jumping World Cup on Sunday to slash overall leader Stefan Kraft’s advantage.

Stoch was second after the first round but won with 466.6 points when leader Andreas Wellinger became unstable in the air on his last jump and dropped to 18th.

The 44-year-old Japanese jumper Noriaki Kasai broke his own record as the oldest man to make a World Cup podium, finishing second on 448 points, with Austrian Michael Hayboeck third on 430.4.

Stoch cut Kraft’s standings lead to 31 points after the Austrian could only finish fifth Sunday. Two individual events remain next week in Slovenia.

Kraft got 60,000 euros ($64,500) extra prize money as overall winner of the Raw Air 10-day series of World Cup events in Norway.

Pollution & Living Under The Dome

A thought I had last night:

If you were living under a dome - say on a space colony or an earth-based sci-fi series - would you be ok with people dumping waste, releasing green-house gases (and remember, the dome is basically a greenhouse itself!), leaving huge piles of garbage around, etc etc?

Not a chance. Because you know that you’re in the dome with them and it’s gonna harm you too, even if you don’t see it right away. Living in the dome, you gotta live a sustainable lifestyle.

And yet, Earth is essentially the same thing.

If people dump toxic waste in the water, fill the air with greenhouse gases and other poisonous garbage like mercury, dump unprecedented amounts of garbage (that doesn’t even decompose!), Frack the ground which leads to poisoned water and air and unstable ground, that affects everyone in the dome.

And yeah, it’s a big dome. An Earth-sized dome. But it’s also filled with an Earth-sized amount of people, and right now it’s getting more pollution in it than an Earth-sized system can handle. It doesn’t matter where in the dome you dump this crap, eventually it jeopardizes everyone in the dome.

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P.s. Bernie is the only one who is giving environmental issues the amount of concern and attention they deserve.

Unstable air just before the end of the rainy season in Yokohama