I personally don’t think Spoony should have been asked to leave TGWTG.

I think he should have taken a sabbatical for the sake of his mental health but I think they were over reacting slightly by asking him to leave. 


Since this pops up every few months or so, I guess it’s time to explain it again.

Spoony was not asked to leave nor did he get fired. He did get suspended for four weeks but during that time, decided that it was better for him to move on. He quit of his own accord due to reasons that he explained in his To Boldly Flee Part 1 Commentary. 


Whether if there were other things involved, this is Noah’s official word on the matter. It’s over and done with. He’s moved on and so have the rest of Channel Awesome.


So, this is a bit of an unpopular opinion, but I’m going to say it anyways: charities shouldn’t be tax exempt.

Now, hear me out: I get that the government isn’t using my tax dollars to support charities, but that doesn’t mean I think they should be allowed to avoid paying their dues. Everyone else has to, why not them? The argument I keep hearing is that charities are “beneficial to society,” but I’m amazed that anyone honestly believes that anymore. How are they “beneficial?” Because you, personally, happen to like them?

There was a case in the news less than six months ago about a group of charities that used their donations like a personal piggy bank. They took 85% of the donations for themselves and ended up making millions off the backs of honest people who just got suckered in to believing that they were supporting a good cause. How sick is that? Why does anyone give them money when stuff like this keeps happening?

Imagine how many billions of dollars we could relocate to helping people if we forced charities to pay tax. We could solve world hunger, for heaven’s sake.

They only reason they can even get funds in the first place is because they spend 99% of their time hocking their “message” and guilt tripping everyone into emptying their wallets. It’s just marketing to turn a profit. Charities are businesses and they should be treated like businesses. Plain and simple.

Outraged yet?

Replace the word “charities” with “churches.”

- Tau

I missed two weeks of RAW last month, and let me tell you, seeing the Foo Fighters two weeks in a row was more fun than watching Triple H and Seth Rollins act like they’re God’s gift to wrestling.

Apparently it’s a very unpopular opinion to like Coldplay amongst some of the TGWTG producers.

Last year when Adam Yauch of the Beastie Boys died, Nash on Radio Dead Air played a video of Chris Martin of Coldplay paying tribute to Adam by performing Fight For Your Right To Party on piano at a Coldplay concert. It was a very sweet tribute, and I said so in the chat, as did a few other people.

And we were all raked over the coals, and Mr. Martin himself rather pettily insulted for “ruining a great song” by, in order, multiple times over the course of the video, JesuOtaku, Oancitizen, and Todd in the Shadows. All three of them were incredibly rude about it in fact. So yeah, if I ever meet any of them at a con, and they ask me if I like Coldplay, I’m pleading the Fifth.

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Unpopular opinion: Dallon Weekes is really not that great wtf bring back the old patd

strongly agree | agree | neutral | disagree | strongly disagree

I like both. I mean if they’re making music, then I dont really care about whose in the band..

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The first unpopular opinion that comes to mind is probably pretty tame, but I don't hate Keffer. Yeah, yeah, I know he was foisted on JMS as a more "traditional" character, and it's silly that he just shows up in the credits out of nowhere, but he doesn't bug me at all. I actually get into is Shadow obsession (hey, I'm a sucker for the Cassandra characters), and think he ends up playing a pretty important role, plus he has some cute interactions with the rest of the cast.

Unpopular Opinions

I don’t think Claudia Christian is a good actress, and it ruined the character of Ivanova for me. I don’t even think I can articulate why I don’t like her, it just always seemed to be a pacing thing with her delivery of the lines. Like a lot of the lines seemed like after thoughts, or forced, and her voice was really monotone. I don’t really get the whole IVANOVA IS GOD thing. She was a good officer, I liked the way she got things done, but that was it.

I also felt like it was a lot of “tell, not show,” with her characteristics. She’s Russian…(because she tells us she is). She’s Jewish…(it only shows up in one episode). And so on. 

So yeah, probably one of the most unpopular opinions there is. (Well, and also I hate the G'Kar/Londo ship.) 

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UNPOPULAR OPINION: The worst part about Babylon 5 is easily its incredibly corny sense of humor. Oh my god, it's so bad it's embarrassing. When something works, it's because an actor managed to sell it, but the fundamental material is just terrible.