25 Weeks ONE OK ROCK Challenge: Tasks

Challenge starts on June 1st!

Week 01: What was the first ONE OK ROCK song you heard?
Week 02: How did you become a fan?
Week 03: Something you like about Taka.
Week 04: Something you like about Toru.
Week 05: Something you like about Ryota.
Week 06: Something you like about Tomoya.
Week 07: What’s your favourite OOR song?
Week 08: What’s your favourite song from Zeitakubyo?
Week 09: What’s your favourite song from BEAM OF LIGHT?
Week 10: What’s your favourite song from Kanjo Effect?
Week 11: What’s your favourite song from Niche Syndrome?
Week 12: What’s your favourite song from Zankyo Reference?
Week 13: What’s your favourite song from JinseixBoku=?
Week 14: What’s your favourite song from 35XXXV?     
Week 15: What’s your favourite single?
Week 16: Your favourite live performance(s).
Week 17: What’s the OOR song you can relate to the most?
Week 18: What’s your favourite OOR music video and why?
Week 19: Do you have any special OOR memories? And if yes, which ones?
Week 20: What’s your favourite OOR quote?
Week 21: What’s your favourite OOR interview?
Week 22: What OOR song that doesn’t have a music video should have one and why?
Week 23: Do you have any unpopular opinion about the band?
Week 24: What’s your favourite OOR era?
Week 25: Post anything ONE OK ROCK related.

Time again for Unpopular Opinions with Holly.

This week, I’m wondering why tumblr seems to be a place where sexual purity doesn’t matter. And I’m asking this honestly.

Of course, I’m talking to believers here. If you are talking about being affected by church services and loving Jesus, but then in the next post talking crudely about being thirsty or genitalia, how is that a testimony to the redemptive work on the cross?

Friends, we are called to crucify our sinful desires and passions! I’m just gonna call all of it out for what it is: lust. You do your brothers and sisters no good in posting about those things. You are causing them to stumble into sin as well. There is a reason that the Bible is so strict about keeping the marriage bed pure. Sexual sin causes a lot of pain and trust me, you do each other no favours when you egg each other on in continuing this standard of impurity.

If you have sinned sexually, crossed a boundary, remember that there is grace for you. Christ will meet you where you are at and pick you up. But that is no reason to continue where you are at. Move forward. Leave the sin behind. Live to the glory of God.

I just desire to see young people love Jesus with all that they are, not giving into the passions of this world and instead pursuing more of Him. Leave the impure talk to the outside world. Be set apart.

Love you all. Grace and peace in Jesus.

probably an unpopular opinion after this weeks chapter but…

I don’t know about you guys but I was left completely satisfied with this weeks magi spoilers, everyone now hates Sinbad hes adding fuel to the fire and digging his own grave yet I can’t help but admire him and what hes done, sure a lot of the characters where upset ect. but I wasn’t I love my shady asshole of a husbando and I thought what he did was actually rather clever, giving Alibaba false hope and using his own words against him was a dick move but it was a clever one

Long live Sinbad!

Also I didn’t see any mention of Ja’far and we haven’t seen him in a while I hope hes okay :/ 

Apparently it’s a very unpopular opinion to like Coldplay amongst some of the TGWTG producers.

Last year when Adam Yauch of the Beastie Boys died, Nash on Radio Dead Air played a video of Chris Martin of Coldplay paying tribute to Adam by performing Fight For Your Right To Party on piano at a Coldplay concert. It was a very sweet tribute, and I said so in the chat, as did a few other people.

And we were all raked over the coals, and Mr. Martin himself rather pettily insulted for “ruining a great song” by, in order, multiple times over the course of the video, JesuOtaku, Oancitizen, and Todd in the Shadows. All three of them were incredibly rude about it in fact. So yeah, if I ever meet any of them at a con, and they ask me if I like Coldplay, I’m pleading the Fifth.

anonymous asked:

Arctic Monkeys

Am I a fan?: yesss

Favorite song: when the sun goes down

Favorite album: anything but their new one

Favorite member: Alex

Seen live?: nope but i am in 3 weeks

Unpopular opinion: I think they are so overrated now, and I know it should be a good thing because they’re getting a lot more publicity but idk it’s just something that lingers in the back of my mind. I just preferred it when they wernt as well know and it slightly annoys me when people call themselves massive fans and only listed to AM. Yes I know they still can be fans if they’ve only listened to that album but I don’t really know it’s just one of them things because I’ve loved the band for years

Band rate: 10