I always head cannoned movie!Obi-Wan was asexual. He’s fairly opaque over all in the OT, but as a young man in the PT he just seems sort of confused and embarrassed by Anakin’s interest in Padme.  It might have been because Anakin failed so hard at flirting, but it could be that, like me, he just didn’t get this attraction stuff.

Then the Clone Wars happened and Obi-Wan was a total flirt who apparently had an old flame and I was kind of upset.  I mean, flirty Obi-Wan was fun and didn’t mean he couldn’t be an ace, but the whole Satine thing really bothered me. It wasn’t that I thought that an ace man couldn’t date (I have an ex-boyfriend I’m still really close with after all), but that the creators specifically introduced Satine to make Obi-Wan more relatable. They were basically saying that being ace wasn’t relatable.  That it wasn’t valid. That I wasn’t valid. Well, f that.  My Obi-Wan will forever be an asexual flirt and Dave Filoni et. al. can take their relatable Casanova man-pain and shove it.

And while I’m on the subject of rants about the whole Obi-Wan gets an ex-girlfriend arc, it was clearly designed to make him look better in comparison to Anakin.  Obi-Wan could let go of love and Anakin couldn’t and that’s why he’s so much better, even if he does end up disobeying orders to go and rescue her.  Whatever. It all goes back to the idea that sex is inherently wrong and abstaining makes you better or purer or whatever.  As someone who has been fetishized and placed on a somewhat creepy pedestal specifically because I’m not interested in sex, I find that exceptionally problematic.    

Unpopular Opinion Time...

I’m a straight Steven Universe fan and I didn’t read Vidalia and Amethyst as having romantic feelings. I read their relationship to each other as an awesome and enriching friendship. At this point in time, with what we know about the characters, I think my reading of things is just as valid as those who are shipping the two. For reference, this is what I believe: Garnet: obviously a lesbian relationship. Pearl’s feelings for Rose: obviously romantic. Amethyst and Vidalia: could easily be either. I’d rather my opinion not be dismissed as more “gals being pals” nonsense. I don’t think their bond being “merely” a friendship diminishes the clear admiration and love they share for each other. 

why do i watch a show that gives me heart palpitations and quick breathing why

I feel I need to say this and I know some people aren’t going to like it.  

About the whole “Cas is Dean’s Colette” thing.  I think people (in general) have focused WAY too much on this as a potential ongoing storyline.  The Destiel “B” plot was told through Cas’ POV last year, and it was told through tragedy of someone not being able to leave behind an old life (old teachings) and this produced a romantic partner left to grieve over their death.  Sound familiar?  I just described 9x23 through Cas’ POV…

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Apparently it’s a very unpopular opinion to like Coldplay amongst some of the TGWTG producers.

Last year when Adam Yauch of the Beastie Boys died, Nash on Radio Dead Air played a video of Chris Martin of Coldplay paying tribute to Adam by performing Fight For Your Right To Party on piano at a Coldplay concert. It was a very sweet tribute, and I said so in the chat, as did a few other people.

And we were all raked over the coals, and Mr. Martin himself rather pettily insulted for “ruining a great song” by, in order, multiple times over the course of the video, JesuOtaku, Oancitizen, and Todd in the Shadows. All three of them were incredibly rude about it in fact. So yeah, if I ever meet any of them at a con, and they ask me if I like Coldplay, I’m pleading the Fifth.

probably an unpopular opinion after this weeks chapter but…

I don’t know about you guys but I was left completely satisfied with this weeks magi spoilers, everyone now hates Sinbad hes adding fuel to the fire and digging his own grave yet I can’t help but admire him and what hes done, sure a lot of the characters where upset ect. but I wasn’t I love my shady asshole of a husbando and I thought what he did was actually rather clever, giving Alibaba false hope and using his own words against him was a dick move but it was a clever one

Long live Sinbad!

Also I didn’t see any mention of Ja’far and we haven’t seen him in a while I hope hes okay :/ 

neroon  asked:

The first unpopular opinion that comes to mind is probably pretty tame, but I don't hate Keffer. Yeah, yeah, I know he was foisted on JMS as a more "traditional" character, and it's silly that he just shows up in the credits out of nowhere, but he doesn't bug me at all. I actually get into is Shadow obsession (hey, I'm a sucker for the Cassandra characters), and think he ends up playing a pretty important role, plus he has some cute interactions with the rest of the cast.

Unpopular Opinions

I don’t think Claudia Christian is a good actress, and it ruined the character of Ivanova for me. I don’t even think I can articulate why I don’t like her, it just always seemed to be a pacing thing with her delivery of the lines. Like a lot of the lines seemed like after thoughts, or forced, and her voice was really monotone. I don’t really get the whole IVANOVA IS GOD thing. She was a good officer, I liked the way she got things done, but that was it.

I also felt like it was a lot of “tell, not show,” with her characteristics. She’s Russian…(because she tells us she is). She’s Jewish…(it only shows up in one episode). And so on. 

So yeah, probably one of the most unpopular opinions there is. (Well, and also I hate the G'Kar/Londo ship.)