Commission 70 - Champion Iris

Crimgan | Druddigon, Sazandora | Hydreigon, Ononokus | Haxorus, Iris (adaptation of VS Iris portrait)

And of course, commissions are open! Varying prices depending on what you’d like, but full team commissions (6 Pokémon and Trainer) are typically $35, and +$5 or +$10 for a glossy 4x6″ / 8.5x11″ physical print shipped to you as well as the digital files. I can also now do custom TCG playmats for +$40 ($75 total).

Other types of commissions; like tattoos and prints are available for varying prices, feel free to send your ideas to and I’ll get back to you ASAP on a price quote.

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This is my awesome Pokemon White 2 team– the team that helped me achieve Unova League Champion status. Helped me kick the Elite 4 and Champion’s asses all the way to Kanto. 

Yes. This is them. :D

P.S. I didn’t take them to Lv 70 like I initially planned, but before I proceed with the post-game events, I will. XD

P.S.P.S. And I’m very happy that I finished the game on my 23rd birthday. HAHAHA

Pokemon Snap SSB Maps

Ok so I was thinking last night while playing melee there haven’t ever been enough Pokemon maps in Smash, or at least not enough maps that are actual areas in the games. Poke Floats, Pokemon Stadium 1, Pokemon Stadium 2, Spear Pillar, then Unova and Kalos Pokemon Leagues, and Prism Tower (I think that’s all of them?).

So I thought which Pokemon game has the coolest maps to pick from? and as lame as it sounds, Pokemon Snap has some pretty cool maps with a lot of potential for smash! It would also add a couple new songs, and that game had a great soundtrack.