Does anybody think nobody dies except Grace?

Originally I thought this would be Charlie’s swan song but he appears on the cast list for a later episode. So does pretty much everyone so I’m confused.

Lily isn’t on next week but another spoiler I read said she notices Ian’s injuries are still bothering and helps him out forming an unlikely friendship. Now unless that was a foiler looks like she’s fine too. I kind of wish they’d do foilers to throw us off so we were surprised.

There’s nobody missing from the cast list though bar grace who it don’t really consider main cast anyway.

So are they lying with the ‘huge body count’ thing and us 'losing favourites?’ I mean grace is a nice kid sometimes and it’s incredibly tragic for a child to die but I doubt she’s a favourite. It’s all a bit strange. I’ll be annoyed if they kill josh, grace and say some random six people outside or heaven forbid john or Wayne.

What’s your guys theory? I’d theorise about Lily but in an image for the next episode on the website Ethan’s smiling in front of Alicia, no way would he be like that if his best mate was dead. So I think she’s safe. I don’t know why they didn’t extend the leaving date of Rita, Zoe, lofty, Dixie if they wanted to shock kill favourites.


An Unbreakable Bond…

Baloo an American black bear, Leo an African lion, and Shere Khan a Bengal tiger (all three known as BLT) were brought together as 2-month-old cubs and have grown up as a family.

The trio was originally owned by a wealthy drug dealer who didn’t properly care for them, leading to neglect, poor health and severe injuries.

In 2001, Noah’s Ark Animal Sanctuary, a nonprofit that cares for animals in need, came to the rescue, and took them to Locust Grove, Georgia, where they were treated for injuries.

Upon arrival at the sanctuary, the staff separated them assuming that these three, large predatory animals would try and fight each other. However, the animals did not take kindly to being separated. When they were separated they became irritable and uncooperative.  Only when they were reunited, their demeanor considerably improved.  The trio had found comfort in each other, the Sanctuary’s staff realized that they couldn’t be separated and fenced them in together; Baloo, Leo and Shere Kahn live out their days cuddling, playing ball, chasing each other around and eating cookies. (video link)

Noah’s Ark Animal Sanctuary houses over 1,200 rescued animals representing over 100 species. Admission to the sanctuary is free, relying solely on contributions to provide food, medical care, and enrichment to save animals in need.

photo credit: ©noahs ark sanctuary (1)


Cute friendship of dog and cat who love to cuddle

Meet Gibson the Golden Retriever and Fender the cat.These two unlikely friends have a special bond. Gibson was adopted by her human when she was just a little pup. Then this last fall, her human family welcomed Fender in their home. GibsonGolden of imgur told us, ‘We made sure to introduce them very slowly (over the course of a week).’ Now, the two love to annoy each other and can be seen laying around and cuddling together around the house. Take a look at their adorable photos:

This is Gibson and her feline pal Fender.

They were both adopted by their loving humans and happily lives in their forever home.

It took them a week to finally warm up to each other after being introduced for first time.

According to their human, now they enjoy annoying each other. You can see what fender is doing now to his friend.

But even if he’s being such a butthole to his friend. He makes sure that she knows he’s just kidding and loves her.

Here they are, sharing the rays of sun coming through the window.

They’ve also learned that sharing snuggle time together with their human is more fun.

Fender and his canine pal take most of the space in the bed. They both claimed it. That’s okay with their human.

Even this dog couldn’t resist the warm and fuzzy belly of a kitty.

He thinks that Gibson is not grooming herself enough so he helps her.

If there are chances that they ran out of space or anything that makes kitty can’t snuggle next to Gibson… snuggling with his friend’s tail will do.

Kindhearted Alice alone accepted her. Ted’s new girl. This slim, self-assured creature – their schoolmate for seven years, and yet still somehow untrustworthy. Somehow the kind of person light-years away, not a friendly fellow badger but one of those girls hidden away in dungeons and drawing rooms, set on the shelf and waited on hand and foot until some suitable pure-blood should appear to marry her, a creature somehow delicate and venomous all at once.

But Alice liked her. She liked to hear her talk of her family, she liked how she seemed to miss them (“What do you expect?” she told Amelia, “If Andy hated her family as much as you think she should, then she really would be a little snake, wouldn’t she?”), and only-child Alice even liked the thought of these delicate, beautiful star sisters.

“I had someone clever and brilliantly fun there, always,” Andromeda said, “And someone willing to go to the most tremendous lengths to achieve our goals. It’s a kind of loyalty and dedication with her. It isn’t all that different from a Hufflepuff’s, really.”

“Well, Bella can’t be all bad,” Alice replied, “I’m sure I’d like her if I knew her.”