Unknown Powers

i ship mob/teru in the way that like.. theyre super close, neither are really sure if this is Gay because they never actually kissed or anything like that but they like to cuddle a lot and have really deep convos and watch old cartoons together. 

teru keeps trying to treat mob carefully and being too gentle with him because he seems so innocent but mob keeps reminding him he’s Actually Pretty Fucked Up by saying the most unnerving shit regarding his fears for what he might do. he ends up crying into teru’s shoulder, face still unchanged, but tears staining teru’s shirt and teru doesn’t always know what to say. he’s never felt like mob does, he doesn’t have to deal with this unknown factor because his powers have always felt like an intrinsic part of him while mob’s are in a constant struggle inside him. 

mob’s uncanny natural ability to stay upbeat compliments teru’s controlled calm exterior. mob likes teru because he understands him. teru likes mob because he’ll never understand him. 

[ Within The Country Of Spain]

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There was something Dartz was tracking. An unknown power which he feared would be linked to Leviathan. So he would investigate and if need be, he would destroy it. This led him to a town in Spain. On the outskirts were some ancient ruins where the source of the power was coming from. Dartz could sense it. It would take time however to get there since it was an utter downpour. 

So the ancient man was sitting within a cafe and drinking some coffee. He could just change the weather but that took a great deal of energy and he would be too exhausted to go out to the ruins. So waiting for the rain to pass was his best option plus the coffee was rather pleasant tasting. Dartz had a book with many different attractions for Spain. It was a helpful guide

People were running through the rain and coming into the shop to escape it. The blue haired man was lost in his own thoughts when the door had opened up again. The waitress at the counter greeted more customers in their native language. The chatter of the people in the cafe filled the room. 

The door opened once again and hurried footsteps could be heard. There was some huffing and puffing from the man who ran in. The workers of the cafe had brought out towels for the customers drenched from the rain. It wasn’t until the newest customer spoke that caught Dartz’s attention. “…??!! “

The young male who just came in was no other than Valon. 

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you are the naughtiest jim gordon i have ever seen and i love you for it , never change.

… Thanks ?! I’m GOING to take that as a compliment. 

"What is Color Guard?"

Weather you have done ColorGuard for Years And Years ™ or your just starting out or even not doing it but confused cause you saw your friend lob a wooden gun and a big butter knife… ColorGuard is a sport of the arts. So yes, we are the halftime show “flag twirlers” BUT we are also the modern dancers with props in our tightly gloved hands. We are the people in the marching band, but we are also the ones who compete and practice for a longer time then the football team, and some of us do better then them. We are band geeks, but also for some unknown godly power, we all seem to love TØP and Panic and other edgy bands. We are the people who complain about almost dying from dehydration during band camp, and the ones saying how we need warmer uniforms. A collection of straight, gay, bi, ace, motherfuckers who for some unknown reason enjoy chucking flags, rifles, Sabres, and hitting band directors a little to much. Boys, girls, gender fluid, fuckin attack helicopters, special snowflakes who pretend to like each other, but love each and every member of are literal fucked up band of nerds, geeks, and sad, sad humans, no matter gender or sexuality. This is. The definition of color guard.
Thank you.
Love, KOS


A meteor type Gotsumon’s Ultimate form which acquired meteor data. It looks a lot like a Gotsumon, but its power is unknown. It can manipulate the power of the universe. 

ANOTHER of these.  I think this is the last of them.  At least give the recolors a hat or something so they’re more than a simple pallet swap, jeez.

I know of quite a few young ladies like myself now who are working on scifi novels.. all of which are unique stories but similarly involving an unknown inner power within the main character and it changing not only their reality but the rest of the world too. I’m very interested to see how it all plays out! I feel like we’re on the verge of young adult female scifi writers taking the world by storm in the YA community and it could easily cause a ripple effect. Inspiring other young adults to write, read, dare to dream.. 🌟💖🌙


Octavian (dead)- Height: Unknown DOB: Unknown  Hair: Blond Eyes: Blue Skin: Pale Age: 18ish Family: Mom: Unknown Dad: Unknown Legacy of: Apollo Powers: Prophecy (Augur at Camp Jupiter) and Manipulation  Sex: Male

Reyna Avilla Ramirez-Arellano- Height:5′8″ DOB: X/X/1993(?) Hair: Black Eyes: Black Skin: Tan Age: 17 Family: Mom: Bellona Dad: Julian Ramirez-Arellano (Dead) Sister: Hylla Ramirez-Arellano Powers: Can share strength and courage Sex: Female

Leo Valdez- Height: 5’6″ DOB:X/X/199X Hair: Black Eyes: Brown Skin: Tan (Latino) Age: 15 Family: Mom: Esperanza Valdez (dead) Father: Hephaestus Aunt: Rosa Valdez Powers: Fire User Sex: Male 

Piper McLean- Height: 5′5″ DOB: X\X\1995 Hair: Brown Eyes: Kaleidoscope (always changing) Skin: Dark and Tanned (Cherokee Native American) Age:15 Family: Mom: Aphrodite Dad: Tristan McLean Grandfather: Thomas McLean (dead) Powers: Powerful Charmspeaker Sex: Female

Jason Grace- Height: 6′1″ DOB: 7/1/1994 Hair: Blonde Eyes: Blue Skin: Tan Age:16 Family: Mom: Beryl Grace (dead) Dad- Jupiter Sister- Thalia Grace Powers: Controls Winds and Lightning Wears:Glasses Sex: Male

Percy Jackson- Height: 6′0″ DOB: 8/18/1993 Hair: Black Eyes: Sea Green Skin: Tan Age:17 Family: Mom: Sally Jackson Dad: Poseidon Stepfather: Paul Blofis Half Brother: Tyson Powers: Hydrokinesis (can control water) Sex: Male

Annabeth Chase- Height: 5′9″ DOB: 7/12/1993 Hair: Blonde Eyes: Gray Skin: Tan Age: 17 Family: Mom: Athena Father: Fredrick Chase Stepmother: Mrs.Chase Stepbrothers: Mathew and Bobby Uncle: Randolph Chase Aunt: Natalie Chase Cousin: Magnus Chase Powers: Really smart, can control Percy with one look Sex: Female

Hazel Levesque- Height: 5′0″ DOB: 12/17/1928 Hair: Cinnamon Brown Eyes: Gold Skin: Roasted Coffee Brown (African American) Age: 13 Family: Mom: Marie Levesque (dead) Dad: Pluto Half Brother- Nico DiAngelo Powers: Mist User, Can Summon Precious Metals Sex: Female

Frank Zhang (Zhong) - Height:6′3″ DOB:6/5/1994 Hair: Black Eyes: Brown Skin: Tanish (Chinese-Canadian) Age: 16 Family: Mom: Emily Zhang (dead) Dad: Mars (Legacy of Poseidon) Grandma: Grandma Zhang Power: Shapeshifting  Sex: Male 

Nico DiAngelo- Height: 5′6″ DOB:1/28/1924 Hair: Black Eyes: Brown Skin: Pale (Italian) Age:14 Family: Mom: Maria DiAngelo (dead) Dad: Hades Sister: Bianca DiAngelo (dead) Half Sister: Hazel Levesque Powers: Can Raise and Control the Dead Sex: Male

Thalia Grace- Height: 5′ 7″ DOB: 12/22/87 Hair: Black Eyes: Blue Skin: Tanish Age: 23 (immortal) Family: Mom: Beryl Grace Dad: Zeus Brother: Jason Grace Power: Controls Lightning, Hunter of Artemis Sex: Female

Will Solace- Height: 6′0″ DOB:X/X/199X Hair: Blond Eyes: Blue Skin: Tan Age: 15 Family: Mom: Unknown Dad: Apollo Powers: Whistling Loudly, Song Healing Sex: Male

Calypso- Height: Unknown DOB: X/X/XXXX Hair: Caramel Eyes: Dark Almond Skin: Peach Age: Immortal Family: Mom: Tethys Dad: Atlas Grandfather: Iapetus Powers: Titan Sex: Female

*some of their powers

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Just with the Shade news- I got a headcanon for y’all

The Shade itself isn’t dangerous- but those who worship it are

The Shade can still “Corrupt” dragons just as an idea can corrupt people- the idea itself isn’t physically doing anything, but the propagation of the harmful idea is what makes it dangerous

Say a dragon claims it can wield Shade magic- dragons don’t know of the Shade, and suddenly they’re confronted with this dragon who claims they can use a powerful, unknown magic. Through their own natural abilities, they demonstrate their power and credit it to the Shade. In reality, the Shade has nothing to do with it, but the dragon slapping the name on there makes dragons think its the Shade. All of a sudden, dragons are talking about this Shade-touched dragon with incredible power, and the word spreads that the Shade is once again powerful and dangerous, when in reality, it’s just a big-talking normal dragon who worships an entity of the void