Very flattered to be invited to speak at the 2nd IWFTH International Conference “Doing Women’s Film and Television History” at the University of East Anglia (UK) on 10th -12th April 2014.
This three-day international conference will bring together researchers in women’s film and television history, archivists, curators, and creative practitioners to explore and celebrate all aspects of women’s participation within the visual media industries across the globe and in all periods.
The conference’s organizers invited me to share my research and experience on the development of WOMEN ON WOMEN so far, but also challenged me to premiere there the film’s first footage. Exciting.


#2014 is the year I came to life. The following dates will be my last shows of the year … Come celebrate the ambiguities of life with me.

Mon 8th December 7.30pm - #UEA Hive (opening the event)
Monday 8th “” 8.30pm - Birdcage (performing)
Wednesday 10th - Gringos (MC'ing and performing)
Friday 12th - Gonzos Tea Room (MC'ing and performing)

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In 3 months I’ll be getting the results of my A Levels and then the month after moving away to uni (well that’s the plan.) I’ve always been quite an independent person, I quite like being on my own and I’m not close to any members of my family. But, quite embarrassingly, I have to admit that I’m scared shitless about leaving Wales for uni.I read about the course I’ve chosen and the university I hope to study it at the start of sixth form and knew that it was the perfect choice for me. (BUT first I need to get the grades to get in, I’ve got one last exam on Monday but the subject isn’t counted in my offer for uni so it doesn’t matter, I’ve done all the modules and exams I needed for my offer, there’s nothing more I can do now but wait for the results in August. I’m going to be a wreck the week before results day, there’s a lot of uncertainty about final gradings and module grades and so on.)  The university I’ve chosen (University of East Anglia) and the course (American & English Lit) sounds perfectly suited to me. However the downfall is that it’s 280 miles away and it’s going to be a completely new environment. I’m a pretty good social adapter and I don’t really have any confidence issues with talking to new people, it’s just scary leaving people you love. 

My next 3 shows. [You are all invited]

Friday 27th February - Gonzos Tea Room #gonzostearoom
Sunday 1st March - LCR #UEA
Monday 2nd “” - The Birdcage

P.S. There is a good chance things will go wrong so this is also a good opportunity to see me get humiliated in public.

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