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Women Speak Out Press Conference and Q&A Session

This Thursday, progressive female leaders of national influence will come together in support of safe spaces for women, particularly in showers and bathrooms.

Hosted by the Just Want Privacy’s I-1515 Campaign and Washington Women’s Network, Maya Dillard Smith, Blair Tindall, and Miriam Ben-Shalom will conduct a press conference and Q&A session to address the need to bring into balance the civil rights of women and girls, a critically important but often marginalized piece of the national bathroom debate.

The event will be held at 11am on Thursday, June 16 in the Carwein Auditorium of the University of Washington Tacoma Campus. It is free and open to the public as space allows.

Miriam Ben-Shalom is an American educator, activist and former Staff Sergeant in the United States Army whose lifetime of activism is considered so significant that the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee has preserved boxes of her personal records for their library archives.

Miriam made headlines again this month when the Milwakee Pride Parade stripped her of her role as Grand Marshall in this year’s event due to her comments regarding the transgender bathroom debate.

Miriam writes, “It is not so well understood why there is a war on women today, but it is obvious that many of the hard won freedoms that women have worked for are being removed.”

Maya Dillard Smith is a 21st century civil rights leader, mother, and scholar. Maya recently drew national headlines when she resigned from her position as the Executive Director of the Georgia ACLU because of the organization’s unwillingness to engage in civil discourse about the bathroom debate’s implications for women.

She has since formed a new organization, Finding Middle Ground, which describes itself as a “safe space to communicate about civil rights for all.”

Blair Tindall is an award winning American oboist, performer, producer, speaker, and journalist, most well known for her memoir, “Mozart in the Jungle: Sex, Drugs, and Classical Music.”

A self-described “far-left liberal with many friends in the transgender community,” Blair writes, “Legislating transgender bathroom rights is harmful to transgenders and biological women. The transgender bathroom agenda is a locomotive out of control. This really is a war against women.”


Vintage Veterinary Anatomical Illustrations 
Exquisitely detailed by German medical illustrator Hermann Dittrich
from University of Wisconsin Digital Collections

The University of Wisconsin’s digital library has 80 scanned images from classic works of German veterinary anatomists, Wilhelm Ellenberger and Hermann Baum, and medical illustrator, Hermann Dittrich.

The texts, from which these illustrations were derived, are works published in 1898 and from 1911 through 1925, all entitled Handbuch der Anatomie der Tiere für Künstler which can be translated as Handbook (or Atlas) of Animal Anatomy for Artists.

The illustrations are of the horse, cow, dog, lion, goat, deer [and roe deer].

SOURCE:  Veterinary Anatomical lllustrations

A tip of the hat to cvinceillustration, by way of scientific illustration, for posting some of Hermann Dittrich’s other illustrations, which led me eventually to this collection.  These illustrations have also been used in Wikipedia articles (for example).

ca. 1883, “Steamboat Entertainment,” [tintype portrait of steamboat acrobats Sydney John Allen, and Thomas Welch Craggs]

Sid is about 16, and Tom is about 22 years of age.  The photo was reproduced from a tintype and may have been originally made by E. A. Price, who was operating a photography shanty boat…

via the University of Wisconsin, La Crosse Historic Steamboat Photographs at the Murphy Library Special Collections:

DIGITAL: African-Americans at the University of Wisconsin (1875-1969) #BlackOnCampus
Digital exhibit at the University of Wisconsin Libraries on African Americans at the institutions. Curated by Harvey D. Long. Shared at the #docnowcommunity meeting in St. Louis by Samantha Abrams, a really fantastic young scholar and one of the researchers who worked with the documents.… Continue reading DIGITAL: African-Americans at the University of Wisconsin (1875-1969) #BlackOnCampus →
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via Diaspora Hypertext, the Blog

Preparations for a skating party

A group of intrepid and  well-dressed Omro citizens, including Bessie Myers at far left and Georgia Carter at far right, make preparations for a skating party on the Fox River, Omro, Winnebago County, Wisconsin, ca. 1900.

via: The State of Wisconsin Collection, Photograph courtesy of the Carter Memorial Library, by way of the University of Wisconsin Digital Collections