Just thought I’d post some pictures on here for anyone moving into McMillan Student Village accommodation whilst studying at Uni.

Your room basically looks like the first picture when you get there. A bit cleaner, mind. That picture was taken when I moved out. It’s so plain at first but easy to make your own once you put some stuff on the pinboard behind the desk and have your own stuff in there like the second picture. 

The third picture is the door obviously and the ensuite door on the right. IGNORE the back of my friend standing there. Fortunately she doesn’t come with the room. I don’t have any pictures of the ensuite but it’s a really good size. Especially compared to ensuites in the Cutty Sark halls. 

Overall it was one of the best Uni rooms I’d seen.
The desk is huge, theres storage under the bed, the fridge is decent sized, there’s 2 big pinboards to put whatever you want on and a good sized wardrobe.

The one piece of advice I’d give is never leave your ensuite door open whilst you shower and make sure you close it once you come out the bathroom. Some of the room’s fire alarms are incredibly sensitive to the steam and the last thing you want is a matinence guy knocking in your door whilst you stand in a towel. 

After looking through the University of Greenwich tag I’ve seen a fair few of you are living there so if anyone wants to know anything about the place, message me and I’ll be happy to try to help :)


The picture on the left is Colin on set and the picture on the right is a picture I took when I stood EXACTLY WHERE HE WALKED. If you look closely at the very bottom left of the picture on the right and see the marks on the pillars and hanging light you’ll see that it’s the same place and I missed my dearest love by 2 months. And there is me standing on the steps in the picture of colin on set. Intense sad face