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College Confession #17

Less than two months into the semester, one of the fraternities on campus brought puppies to the quad in order to reduce stress and to help support the shelter the dogs were from.

Sadly, this event was being held during my composition class, and so I was forced by my mates in the class to ask the professor if we could go play with the puppies instead of regular class.

Quietly, our professor looked around the room at all of us, and then, with an absolutely straight face, she said, “Fuck it, let’s go look at puppies.”

She is still, to this day, my favorite person on this campus.

- University of Missouri St. Louis


Students Share What It’s Like To Be Black At Mizzou

Being black at the University of Missouri was tough long before the country started paying attention to why.

Cultural insensitivity, racial slurs and de facto segregation are the common threads minority students say separate the 7 percent of black students from the 77 percent white students that make up the school’s population. Four black students shared their experiences with The Huffington Post on what their life is like dealing with racism on campus.

Learn more about what it’s like to be black at Mizzou here.


Hunter M. Park was arrested for his making terroristic threats against black students at the University of Missouri in the wake of protests that led to the resignation of the University president. Last night, a string a death threats were posted on Yik Yak causing a great deal of anxiety and fear among the campus community.

After his arrest, Park’s LinkedIn account was uncovered which linked him to the username “faust1706″. Lo and behold, a Reddit user named “faust_1706″ was bragging on the notorious hate forum “TumblrInAction” that he and his roommates had faked their GPS so they could “troll” the Mizzou community. Digging further into his Reddit history, I found a post from earlier this year where he talked about hanging a Nazi flag in his dorm window and complaining that he was discriminated against by being told to take it down.

Sadly, I’m sure his already eager defenders will dismiss both this and his death threats as “just trolling”. Lets be real here, though. Threatening to kill people is abusive and terrorizing regardless of an intent to follow through and NO ONE hangs up a Nazi flag just to make a point.

UPDATE: So, as soon as TumblrInAction realized they were implicated in a felony, they delete Hunter Park’s posts where he talked about how he (and his still uncharged roommates) made the death threats on Yik Yak. You can see the live “REMOVED” post here. The posts do still show up on Park’s user page, so I’m assuming that means the TiA mods were trying to scrub the evidence of his crime from view.

There is a LOT of defenses of Park going on right now that dismiss his actions as “just trolling”. “Just trolling” is a fiction created by people who want to enable abuse. You don’t threaten mass murder to terrorize a community and get to say it was “just trolling”. Hunter Park had intent to terrorize, regardless of whether he had intent to follow-through on his threats, so don’t you DARE call this a hoax.


2013 SEC Defensive Player of the Year Michael Sam - University of Missouri - has come out as gay becoming the first Division I college football (American football) player to openly come out. He is also expected to be a top pick for the NFL draft this year. Please join me in congratulating this brave young man and wishing him all the best in his future.

“Trailblazers like Michael are tearing down barriers to equality almost daily, and I sincerely believe that the young person who will go on to become the first openly LGBT President of the United States watches today’s news somewhere in this country and is inspired,” said HRC President Chad Griffin.


Activism works. 

Something really incredible happened at the University of Missouri today. After months of protests, including a hunger strike by a black graduate student named Jonathan Butler and a refusal to play by black players on the Mizzou football team, university President Tim Wolfe stepped down. This comes after students called for his resignation due to his inaction on various incidents of racism on the campus since he became president in 2012. 

This is an extraordinary moment for Missouri students and students across all campuses who are underrepresented and marginalized. 

Keep fighting. 

#ConcernedStudent1950 #MizzouHungerStrike


Have you seen our new exhibit in the Ellis Library Colonnade?  It’s called Libraries at War, and it features selections from the Poster Collection dealing with libraries in World War I and World War II.  

The Library War Service was created in 1917.  It was directed by Herbert Putnam, then Librarian of Congress, and administered by the American Library Association.   In an enormous effort to send books and other reading material to the American forces, the ALA distributed about ten million books and magazines; collected five million dollars from public donations; supplied library collections to more than 500 locations, including military hospitals; and with the financial help of Carnegie Corporation, established 36 camp and military base libraries.  During the Second World War more than seventeen million books were collected through the National Defense Book Campaign launched in 1941 and better known as the Victory Book Campaign.

Books were frequently regarded as powerful ideological tools. President Roosevelt wrote: “No man and no force can take from the world the books that embody man’s eternal fight against tyranny.  In this war, we know, books are weapons.”

It was very hard to take good photos through glass AND mylar, but be assured - in person, these posters are quite striking.  If you’re in Columbia, stop by and take a look.

Mizzou students begin segregating themselves, ask whites to leave ‘Black only healing space’

Everything old is new again. From the Blaze: Student protesters at the University of Missouri asked white supporters to leave Wednesday night in order to create a “black only healing space.” Steve Schmidt, an activist who was at the protest, tweeted that Concerned Student 1950 group were “asking …

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The absurd “one percenter” backlash against Mizzou’s hunger striker: Family money doesn’t disqualify him from protest
By Mary Elizabeth Williams

Believe it not, sexual assault, racism and homophobia are not problems that affect only the poors. Yet a number of right wing blogs nevertheless reacted as if they’d really dug up the goods on this guy when it was revealed that Butler is not just the son of the pastor and co-pastor at Joy of Life Ministries, but that his dad is also an executive vice president for marketing and sales of Union Pacific. The St. Louis Dispatch reported that last year Butler’s father Eric’s “compensation was $8.4 million, according to regulatory filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission.”

That’s all it took. An image of Butler captioned “Claims white people are privileged and he is oppressed: Comes from a family worth $20 million” swiftly took off.Gateway Pundit unleashed the bombshell that Butler is “a one percenter!”A College Fix headline noted that Butler’s parents “own lakeside home worth $1.1 million.” Breitbart gloated that the Butlers are “an American success story” and called their son an “affluent radical,” comparing him to “rich kid turned Students for a Democratic Society bomber Bill Ayers.” And of course, plenty of folks on Twitter have now been calling him a “fraud” and far worse.

Yes, Jonathan Butler comes from a wealthy family – and he can still experience and fight against oppression

To all minority students at #Mizzou

Get off campus and stay as far away as possible
If you live on campus STAY INSIDE

Call your loved ones and let them know you’re okay

If you absolutely desperately need to go inside go in a group not in pairs but a GROUP

If you need to leave make it a one time trip stockpile so you can stay inside

Keep your phone unlocked and ready to make an emergency call all ALL times.

Check in regularly

If you notice anything suspicious call authorities and inform them

And please please just stay alert, stay safe and by God’s grace stay alive. You are loved. You are valued. I can guarantee that your parents would choose your life over a passing grade EVERY SINGLE TIME. We love you; we’re thinking of you so please stay safe.

If anyone has any other tips please feel free to add them.


These aren’t just pictures of butterflies - they are butterflies. 

Sort of.

These illustrations are examples of nature printing, a process that makes a direct impression on paper from a leaf, flower, rock, or animal.  These butterfly wings are:

direct transfers from the insects themselves; that is to say, the scales of the wings of the insects are transferred to the paper while the bodies are printed from engravings and afterward colored by hand.

If you like butterflies, stay tuned - we have a few more from this collection queued up to share.  There are seven volumes, after all.

Denton, Sherman F. (Sherman Foote), 1856-1937. Moths and butterflies of the United States east of the Rocky Mountains : with over 400 photographic illustrations in the text and many transfers of species from life.  Boston : Bradlee Whidden, 1898-1900.  Rare QL549 .D42 1898.

- Kelli Hansen & Karen Witt


Missouri baseball players using their teammate’s hair to get warm.