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March 4 2017

Chemistry is so hard. I’m either not working hard enough or the quarter system is just too fast… I had the second chem midterm on Thursday and I’m pretty sure I got a C :) :( but oh well.

I don’t know why the bad things that happened last quarter and early this quarter are starting to come back and bother me lately. Is this what healing is supposed to be…crashing back like waves on a cliff?? 

(only three weeks left of winter quarter wow)

Berkeley Protests Cancel Professional Bigot Milo Yiannopoulos Campus Appearance
A speech by right wing, all around bigot Milo Yiannopoulos at the University of California, Berkeley Wednesday was cancelled after a large protest brok ...

Elliot Hannon at Slate

A speech by right wing, all around bigot Milo Yiannopoulos at the University of California, Berkeley Wednesday was cancelled after a large protest broke out on campus. Some protesters broke windows, appeared to throw rocks at police, and lit firecrackers that resulted in a fire in Sproul Plaza near the student union.

The university cancelled the talk by the Breitbart professional provocateur who has carved out a niche among the racist, misogynist right. Yiannopoulos’ general world view and noxious behavior was enough to get him banned from Twitter, buuuuut since there’s a market for mind-bending racism in America these days, he also managed to net a $250,000 book deal from Simon & Schuster. Yiannopoulos’ college talks are usually the subject of outrage and protests. At a recent, similar talk at the Univ. of Washington a man was shot in the melee surround Yiannopoulos’ appearance.

On the Berkeley campus, police appeared to engage with some of the hundreds of protesters armed with homemade shields and ordered the protesters to disperse.


Hey y’all!

I’m staying at UCLA over the summer and I need a roommate to sublease my Studio apartment since my current roommate is moving out. 

  • Sublease lasts June 26 - September 15 (Session A and C)
  • 10 minute walk to campus
  • $825/month, includes water
  • No pets, as I am allergic!
  • LGBTQ+ friendly :)

I’m flexible about the move-in date. Please message me for more details! 

I would really appreciate it if this could be spread around for more visibility. :> Thanks so much!! <3


How I Got Into Berkeley

(Or; Everything the Appblr Community Told You is a Lie)

Disclaimer: any good scientist knows that what follows is an anecdote. What worked for me might not work for you. 

1. I didn’t have Straight A’s 
And I didn’t need them. My freshmen year of high school, I got a B in Algebra One. 

2. I dropped all of my hard classes two weeks into my senior year. 
Okay, maybe not all of my hard classes. But I dropped from Honors Calculus to Honors Statistics and took a study hall instead of Physics.

3. I also dropped out of almost all my extra circulars
I had a fairly awful mental health crisis at the start of my senior year and was institutionalized twice. I wasn’t exactly fit to be gallivanting off to speech meets for 14 hours every weekend. I did keep some of my volunteer work, namely my position at the local public library, but nothing other than that.

4. Nobody proofread my essays
I was literally too shy to ask any of my teachers because they were so deeply personal. 

5. I wrote three of my four essays less than a week before the deadline 
Your college essays don’t have to be some Herculean task.

6. I’ve taken a grand total of six Honors/college level courses- in the entirety of my high school career
Yeah, you read that right. Six. For the curious, my six were Honors English 11 and 12, Honors Psychology, Honors Chemistry, Honors Statistics, and Honors U.S. History.

7. I didn’t attend any fancy “How to Write the Perfect College Essay in 700 Easy Steps” seminars
I’m also the first in my family to attend college. These things are built to be self-explanatory.

8. I’ve never taken Calculus 
Well, aside from those two weeks. I got a D on the only test I took. 

9. I didn’t know that “college” wasn’t spelled with an “a” until my Junior year of high school
I also have severe dyslexia and am never sure of the correct way to write 3s and 5s. I literally couldn’t read until I was 9. 

10. I took the ACT only once
And that was the only standardized test that I took.

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July 13 2017

Last night as some of you may have heard, there was a bomb threat on the UCLA campus. The threat was located at Sunset Recreation, which is very close to my old residence hall (I lived in Sunset Village). I was really shook about that because in a way, it hit really close to home. I’m glad everyone is safe now though; I have friends who are living on campus for summer sessions and it’s really unfortunate that everyone had to go through that. At least all is well now and let’s just hope it doesn’t happen again.

Seeing study buddy tomorrow we’re going to IKEA for like, dorm shopping or my bedroom shopping or whatver idc I’m just excited to see him again!!


Athlete: Allison Stokke
School: University of California, Berkeley
Team: CAL Bears
Sport: Track & Field - Pole Vault
Competition: 81st Clyde Littlefield Texas Relays
Opponent: Various
Result: 6. Place
Location: Mike A. Myers Stadium - Austin, Texas, USA
Date: 04-Apr-2008

Southern California Gothic
  • "It will rain." they say. They say that every day. And every day, you wait. How long have you waited? You don't know anymore.
  • You stop at a dusty intersection. At all corners, there are people with fruit stands. The cherries are 2 dollars a pound. You see the sign saying no stands. You look to the police. They have one too. The strawberries are a dollar a basket.
  • You're walking in LA along Hollywood Boulevard. You walk along the stars. It feels like forever. So many and yet so many still. You eventually find your own name on one for film. You have never been in a movie. Or so you think.
  • "Let's go to In-N-Out," says your friend. Which one? There are no other burger places around. There is only In-N-Out. There is always only In-N-Out.
  • You walk past a person in a Dodgers hat. Not uncommon. Everyone owns one. Everyone you walk past wears one. You reach up onto your head. You are one of them.
  • You go to a restaurant with a friend. Everything is gluten free. You don't mind. Everything is. What even is gluten? You don't know, but you are horrified by it.
  • The beach is nice in the summer. The beach is nice in spring. The beach is nice. The beach is your friend, your overlord. You must respect it. Bow to it before stepping on its sandy shores.
  • You get onto the 405. Siri says you only go 5 miles before getting off on the exit ramp. It has been decades since she said that last. Your hands are old and wrinkled as they grip the wheel. Siri says you have 4 miles to go. It's faster than usual.
  • You park your car on the side of the road and get out. The beach. You look at the top of your car to find a surfboard. You don't own a surfboard. You do now and have accepted it as your new way of life. You go to put on your wetsuit.
  • Your friend says she has tickets to the next concert. You ask where. She laughs. It is everywhere. The Bowl. The Forum. Staples Center. It is everywhere at once. All concerts are.
  • You debate on where to go for summer vacation. The fight ensues. Magic Mountain, Knott's Berry Farm, Universal Studios, and Disneyland. They fight for your affection and your money for when summer comes. This happens every year.
  • The palm tree outside your window waves at you in the wind. The palm trees are your ever present, looming protector. They are always watching.
  • You hear the chiming of the elotero's cart. You grab your money and run out the door. There is no elotero. The bell still rings. It always rings.

It’s clear from the numbers. Google has a diversity problem.

For the past few years, the company has publicly shared its workplace makeup in a report detailing the race, gender and ethnicity of each employee hired the previous year. Last year, while the number of black employees went up, they still represented only 2 percent of the company’s workforce and Google admitted it fell short of its diversity goal.

In one small step to grow those numbers, this summer 25 students from Howard University, the historically black university based in Washington, D.C., will train at the tech giant’s headquarters in Mountain View, Caif.

Google Hopes To Hire More Black Engineers By Bringing Students To Silicon Valley

Photo: Howard University

College Confession #23

My roomate and I got into a vicious pillow fight and I was chasing her around the apartment and we were making quite a bit of noise. Apparently, we were making much more noise than we thought because around 10 p.m. the cops showed up at our door because someone reported some noises that sound like domestic violence in our building. 

It wasn’t until we were half way through talking to the police that we realized the complaint was about us so we kept a straight face and continued to lie to the police.


Photo Print: Theatre Café 🎭☕️


Q&A for How to Stand Out on the University of California (UC) Essays
American idiots: Republicans are bored with bashing the media – so now they're going after colleges and universities
I don’t know if you’ve had reason lately to worry about the land of the free and where it might be headed. You may have. There’s that person they just elected president, the one who thinks freedom works better with walls and border bans, that free trade is better less free and so on. It is not so much Donald Trump himself that befuddles – even now some of us struggle to put the word “President” before the name – but that “They The People” voted for him. Our assumptions about the things that bind us suddenly seem uncertain. Unless your name is Nigel Farage.