Universal Robot Band - Barely Breaking Even

Mondays are hard. Knowing you get paid at the end of the week and the money is already gone.

Getting down is always free.


Universal Robot Band - Disco Boogie Woman (Panther, 1977)

Seminal recording from players that were to become Kleeer a few years later. Disco Boogie woman, key words association for more than a song, an anthem.


From Discogs: The Greg Carmichael-Patrick Adams-Leroy Burgess connection produced many magical recordings, including those by Carmichael’s infrequently recorded Universal Robot Band. “Barely Breakin’ Even” is a legendary boogie track and the inspiration behind the name of the great British reissue label. Consisted of the members of Kleeer - Woody Cunningham (vocals/drums), Richard Lee (vocals/guitar), Paul Crutchfield (vocals/percussion) and Norman Durham (vocals/bass/keyboards) - when they accepted an offer to effectively become the studio group in 1976 whilst they transformed themselves from rock band Pipeline. They toured and recorded as the Universal Robot Band for two years before deciding to set out on their own again, as Kleeer.