“Girls Trip” is confirming what we already knew: movies starring black women can crush it at the box office.

In an exceedingly rare accomplishment for comedies, the movie earned an estimated $30.8 million over the weekend.

The R-rated comedy from director Malcolm D. Lee features friends heading to the Essence Festival and stars four black women: Regina Hall, Jada Pinkett Smith, Queen Latifah and Tiffany Haddish.

A scene from “Girls Trip.” (Michele K. Short/Universal Pictures)

The movie’s success comes as debates about diversity in Hollywood continue to gain steam. And the past couple of years have shown that although Hollywood traditionally undervalues movies with black and female leads, it is only to their peril.

“Hidden Figures”, with a cast led primarily by black women, was the highest grossing film of all the movies nominated for Best Picture in the 2017 Oscars.

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Paused at the Right Moment, part 2

Sometimes I have to stop editing because I am laughing so much!! X,D 

1. The Little Mermaid (1989) 2. Aladdin (1992) 3. Hercules (1997) 4. Spirit; Stallion of the Cimarron (2002) 5. Balto (1995) 6. Sinbad; Legend of the Seven Seas (2003) 7. Peter Pan (1953)  8. Road to ElDorado (2000) 9. Hercules (1997) 10. Aladdin (1992)

Part 1, Part 3 Part 4


Hey folks!

I’ll post some of the design work I did on “SING!” at Illumination Mac Guff between 2013 and 2016. In fact, I worked there as a storyboard artist most of the time but I got to help a bit the art department as well. I did mostly costume design and a bit of character development.

Here are some researches on Buster, Eddy and some Buster declinaisons and costumes (some of them unused in the final film)

(last image: costume designs based on 3D models by Fredus)

Universal Monsters by @bewarethehorrorblog aka SamRAW08


some other character designs for “Sing!” done in 2013…
Miss Crawley is my favourite character (did you know that the director Garth Jennings lends her his voice in the film?), I was afraid they would get rid of her glass eye because it’s too creepy, but it stayed til the end! 

There’s also a take on Ash and her horrid boyfriend Lance, and some eeeearly designs for Eddy, who used to look like a rich dandy to progressively become a rich slacker.

Next I’ll post some costume designs!

Man Made Monster, 1941 (Universal Pictures, USA)
(Re-released as The Atomic Monster in 1953

Mad Scientist, Dr. Paul Rigas (aka Lionel Atwill) turns up the ‘radiation energy units’ as he tries to perfect The Electric Man - a prototype super-soldier that only he can control.

“Despicable me” it’s a one of cartoon from my childhood, and I really love this story! (except “Minions”, because I sure they look funny when they don’t have their own cartoon). When I was 13 y.o, I associated myself with Margo, because she is peaceful, serious and have a glasses. Now I definitely looks like Lucy, because I’m so noizy, a little bit weird and have a ginger hair with big nose 🌸
With my little sis we created today this cosplay test!
What do you think about a new part of “Despicable me”?