German Destroyers Shell Ramsgate

The aftermath of the shelling in the house where John Hobday (aged 61) was killed.

April 26 1917, Ramsgate–While the German submarines were the primary naval threat to Great Britain, the other arms of the German Navy were not entirely quiescent.  In late April, German destroyers made multiple raids in the northern stretches of the Straits of Dover.  On the night of April 24th, they shelled Dunkirk and sank a French destroyer with all hands off the coast. On the night of April 26, they shelled the town of Ramsgate in Kent.  The attack killed two civilians on shore and wounded several others.

Today in 1916: British Bring Reinforcements to Dublin
Today in 1915:  Italy Commits To Joining the Allies in Secret Treaty


Entrance to a magical place by Tony
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The gateway onto the tidal island of Ynys Llanddwyn


Saffiyah Khan, who comes from a Muslim background, said: “I ended up going to the EDL demo because there is a history of harassment and assault of Muslims, vulnerable members of the public, and people of colour at the demos and outside of it.”

She added: “I went with the intent of showing support for anyone who was assaulted or harassed by them.”


Canons Ashby House by Tony
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Canons Ashby House is a Grade I listed Elizabethan manor house located in the village of Canons Ashby, about 11 miles miles south of the town of Daventry in the county of Northamptonshire, England.


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The (not so) United Kingdom
  • Scottish Parliament votes in favour of a second independence referendum.
  • The N. Irish government is still a mess with no likely end in sight which means power will revert to London which means revolt. 
  • British government officially signs letter formally enacting Article 50. 

Yep, I’m watching the slow but inevitable destruction of my own country. Well done, you bastards. 

Scottish Independence

I’m not from Scotland, but I’m hoping to be moving to Scotland (or at least the UK) in the next couple of years. I’m not entirely sure about Nicola Sturgeon to be honest, nor the independence referendum she is pushing for the second time, so instead of judging without information from both sides, I’m just reaching out for information from people in Scotland…
Do you support the referendum? Why?
Do you not support it? Why?
What is your overall opinion of Sturgeon and the job she doing for Scotland?
What should I know about all of this before potentially moving to Scotland?
I’m just curious and as an American I don’t want to judge another country’s ongoings before I get all of the information from people going through it and dealing with it!