And more Quiver Fluff work!

This time, them being in their UNSC Dress Uniforms being addressed to by a Commanding Officer with a wicked Stache ;}).

Sidenote! 343i needs to really flesh out them UNSC Army,Navy and Airforce Medals cause as of right now I can only think of the Purple Heart and Medal of Honor being the ones that we know for sure exist.

Normally I remember to ask a cosplayer his/her internet handle so I can give him/her credit when I post the pic.  This was not one of those times.  If you know who this Dutch cosplayer is - or better yet, if you are the amazing Dutch with the light-up-like-a-blazing-star Covenant Sword - please let me know so I can give the proper shout-out.  Saturday night at Zenkaikon 2014.

Edit: His name’s Sean Bradley!


Alright. Finally figured out what the hell Macro means (:V), and so I took some pictures of my dog tags in like… 10x Higher Quality!

The front is Halo Related Stuff. ODST and UNSCDF Tags on front. And on the back of ODST one is the Japanese Kanji for Yuki Nagato.(which is obviously related to Halo. Obviously.) :3 And on the back of the UNSCDF one is a fucked up low quality UNSCDF that I messed up.

This stuff was laser engraved. That means it was shot with a super heated laser that burned the red paint off in this pattern. :D

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Forward Unto Dawn Trailer

Watch on onerifle.tumblr.com

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