Another cameo shot with Halo OCs. Hope you guys like it!

Featured in this poster (from left to right)

- Catherine-144 @siicatandkat
- Michael Krone @bravo44
- Benjamin Walker @archangel470
- Boss @bossveteran
- Eris @cfowler7
Rendered in Source Filmmaker and edited in Adobe Photoshop.

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So… I bought some new ships. The Covenant armored cruiser and ADP escort upgrade boxes, and the UNSC Valiant Super-heavy cruiser and Halberd destroyer upgrade boxes.

The RCS armored cruisers had minimal cleanup, and were very simple to make. However they had a few air bubbles nothing to bad but one of them had a clipped wing. They also have extremely good details.

The ADP escorts had a lot of clean up and very few air bubbles. Simple but nice ships.

The Valiant cruisers were extremely simple to assemble, and look amazing(at least I think so, I love them) they had some cleanup up and one of them had a bit of a miss sculpt but I could “fix” it. I really like them.

The Halberds had minimal cleanup and just looks really good for being so small.

Oh and also I bought the commander upgrades for both and they both look good and sound interesting, hope I can test them out soon.


Fireteam Osiris

Jameson Locke: Locke is an ex-agent of the Office of Naval Intelligence, but he has recently started working for the United Nations Space Command as one of their newly minted Spartans. In spite of what fans might think based on the recent trailers, 343 Industries says that Locke doesn’t hold any animosity towards the Chief, but he’s been given a mission to bring him home, and Locke is the kind of guy who always comes through on his mission. Locke is a world-class man hunter; if you need someone tracked down, Locke is the guy you want to call.

Holly Tanaka: Halo fans were introduced to Tanaka in Dark Horse’s ongoing comic series, Halo Escalation. One of only 10 survivors after her home world of Minab was glassed during the Covenant war, Tanaka endured a three-year nuclear winter on Minab’s barren surface before being rescued and joining the UNSC Army. Later she volunteered for augmentation and training as a Spartan-IV soldier. Tanaka comes from African and East Asian descent, and her time surviving on Minab has given her a will to fight and survive no matter the cost.

Edward Buck: Likely Fireteam Osiris’ most recognizable face, Buck is played by popular actor Nathan Fillion (Firefly, Castle) and was first introduced to fans in Halo 3: ODST where he helped lead a team of ODSTs on a covert mission during the Covenant invasion of Earth. Buck has trained in all manner of armed and unarmed combat and served on the front lines for two decades, participating in several black ops and wetwork missions. It was once said that if Buck were any better he’d be a Spartan. Halo 5 proves that he must have gotten better, because Buck has now graduated the Spartan-IV program. However, Buck still wears his old ODST helmet that he’s comfortable with.

Olympia Vale: At the end of the war with the Covenant, the Navy needed specialists to help bridge the gap between Humanity and the Covenant. One of the most important players in this political game was Olympia Vale. A post-war political liaison with the Sangheili, Vale was a child prodigy who is very skilled in language, and has learned to speak many of the Covenant’s dialects. Vale is a fairly new character for the Halo universe, so little is known about her currently. She will be a key player in the upcoming Halo: Hunters in the Dark novel, so fans will learn a lot more about her when the book releases on June 16.


Olympia Vale (service number 44482-91201-OV) is a Spartan-IV supersoldier of Fireteam Osiris. Vale is an expert in alien culture, particularly the culture of the Sangheili and Forerunners, and is fluent in Sangheili. Following the Human-Covenant War, Vale served as a professional diplomat for the United Nations Space Command, specializing in interspecies relations. While most Spartan-IVs are recruited from active field duty, Vale is an exception. Vale’s enlistment in the SPARTAN-IV program comes after receiving stellar combat scores in training exercises despite minimal field experience.

- Operation: BLIND FAITH (Briefing) -

Halo 3

Commander Miranda Keyes, Master Chief Petty Officer John-117, and Sgt Major Avery Johnson brief the Marines participating in Operation: BLIND FAITH’s surface engagements . Among them several hardened veterans of The Battle of Earth as well as the Battle of Installation 04 - all eager to see the war’s end.

Operation: BLIND FAITH marked the final engagement between the Covenant Empire and the United Nations Space Command. Its the only known UNSC operation conducted outside the known galaxy.

Daily Drawing Challenge 62: More Halo fanart! Yay! Hey all those who read this, be sure to inbox me Halo moments you’d like to see depicted! 

For some reason I had an unstoppable urge to draw some ‘Bungie-Era’ Halo. With all its grit and military sci-fi - I miss it dearly. I like 343 but the vibe is more  Space Opera now. Things change, I recognize that, but this will always be the Halo I fell in love with a decade ago.


Daily Drawing Challenge 47: I haven’t done a Halo drawing this month, thought I’d change that. The grayscale works in some areas, but doesn’t in others so I thought I’d color it later.