United States Air Force

So my honey and I went through a rough patch and went on a break for three weeks which I am not ashamed to admit, life happens and shit sucks but we toughed it out and came back stronger than ever. I’m excited to let you know that after some discussion I’ve decided to follow my dream of enlisting and will soon be an airman for the United States Air Force. It was a difficult conversation to have knowing we won’t see eachother as much with us both being enlisted but I am so thrilled to be following my dreams and my sweetheart is proud of me and that’s what’s most important to me. Soon he and I will both be together in uniform, serving our country and I couldn’t be more happy or excited for what the future holds. ❤


Although a lot of us on Tumblr have our own beliefs, views, opinions and thoughts about the U.S. Military, we should not forget that these brave men and women did something most people could not and served our country for their own views and beliefs. America may be far from perfect but I’m proud to be American and love this country. Thank you to all Veterans and those currently serving.