I wrote this in High School for my senior speech. The school wouldn't let me use it. Three years later, I thought it would be nice to post it.

“Something like learning” 2015

Sometimes I can feel graduation day coming at me in waves of different emotions. looking back at kindergarten through 12th grade I remember always being told that Teachers are given a curriculum to teach and complete each year. When and where we will use that curriculum is unknown to me right now but we will remember every lesson we were taught that wasn’t on the syllabus because we go to schools

Where we hear hey can you send me the homework? And feel that hatred when we don’t give in.

Where the top ten cheats on tests but I’m still the dumb one

When teachers tell me “You need to pass instead of you need to learn”

Where If you don’t know the answer fill in c

Where “senioritis” and “junioritis” aren’t real they’re just a surrendering flag

When we have SAT’s tomorrow and seven teachers give us 30 minutes of homework each

Where “The highest grade for the class was a d” but just because the whole class is failing doesn’t mean the teacher is

When life goes wrong your senior year of highschool and all anyone can say is “did you get accepted to college?”

When you call the school and say you can’t come in today. And all they can think is “oh no! what about our attendance rates?” But do they care that you are going to bury a loved one?

Where students say that “schools have stairs just so you can throw yourself down them”

When that parent cares more about the marks on a report card than the marks on their sons arms

Where you are told that Being suicidal makes you look weak to colleges and you are told that you don’t want that on your record and you should just move on. But we all know it’s because they don’t want their school to look bad for bullying

When we are taught how to hide from gun shots rather than learn to be kind to others

Where kids would rather have a school shooting than be nice to someone for one minute or even just smile

When we are more afraid to do the task at hand because we may fail rather than do it and learn from the mistakes

Where a teacher will hold up a failed paper and asks the person to come up and get it. And when they do they are faced with scoffing and piercing whispers from their peers

Where a teacher tells us that we don’t care because we’re half asleep going over the homework we did right after we picked up our little siblings from school

Where our students would rather ruin their brains instead of taking lower-level classes so they don’t look stupid

When students are treated like nothing because they don’t learn as fast as others. Because if you ask questions in class you are being disruptive

When kids are only excited to go to school to hand in a project they have been obsessing over for weeks to find that someone decided it was only worth a C

When you go on to social media and see “reblog if school anxiety makes you tremble”, “retweet if you can’t stand this school”, “like my picture if you’re awake until 3 am doing homework”, “Like my status if you hate yourself because you failed that test.” #failure #schoolsucks #ilostsleepbecause #helpme But we “hashtag” for the hope that someone will listen and we “reblog” for hope that someone will finally see, because we are taught to sit down and shut our mouths as soon as that bell rings.

Where you are called bipolar or depressed because you just can’t take it anymore

Where we are told if you don’t like what you see then you should just log off

When a younger sister already has her senior speech written sophomore year about the struggles and pressure of living up to her sisters excellence in and out of school

Where they praise you for perfect attendance but not for feeding your family the night before

Where if you are a boy and do not do a sport, you are considered nothing in this school. But some boys would rather hide because there is no crying in baseball

Where girls aren’t allowed to wear certain shirts because it’s distracting to the boys education and girls are told that we should take catcalling as a compliment

Where “blurred lines"is treated as an anthem more than "we are the world” because it brings people down rather than bring them up.

Where suicide notes are printed and sold as t-shirts

Where we are taught that looking good in a prom dress is more important than keeping the food from lunch in your stomach

When people speak about kindness and love for all but turn there back on people who are different from them

When coffee is your life line

Where books are banned for the n word and the f word but the second we get into the hallways those words deep into our skin

When some will be handed a diploma on the last day of school then the next day handed a gun for initiation

Where we are told that our hopes and our dreams are not as important as the kids that GPA’s are higher than ours. But how do you know that she won’t change the world one day if she is silenced now

When I can’t see myself going to college and a counselor says “well it will be hard to get a job” shouldn’t you be teaching me to survive without It?

Where our own history is sugar coded because it may make people feel uncomfortable. our lessons are filled with holes

When silence is forced so you cannot change your own world into something that is better for you. Something that is better for us. it is not acceptable because it makes them feel uncomfortable

Where I am told I cannot be independent but I am dysfunctional to the institutions that tell me I need to go to college to help someone else’s dream come true and not my own

Where the best lesson we will learn is not on a piece of paper.

What is your curriculum again?



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