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Reporter Captures Image of a Ghostly Child at the Hampton Court Palace?

As the Hampton Court Palace celebrated it’s 500th birthday last week, a reporter managed to capture this image of what is believed to be a ghost child. James Fielding of the ‘Sunday Express’ was participating in a special sleepover arrangement as part of the celebration for the Tudor building’s 500th birthday. 

During his stay, he capture this spook picture with his iPhone. At first, nothing seemed out of the ordinary until he went back to review the image. That’s when he spotted the faint outline of the ghostly child dressed in an old-fashioned white nursery gown.

A Hampton Court Palace spokeswoman was unable to explain the image and said, “There have certainly been a lot of reported spooky sightings at Hampton Court Palace through the centuries. A number of our visitors have experienced similar ghostly-goings on – as you might expect for a building celebrating its 500th birthday this year!

While the Palace may possibly be the home of many spirits, I’m just not convinced that this is one of them. When I first saw this image, I couldn’t help but think the ghost looked like a reflection of one of the two white coats in the back. However, that’s just my opinion. I’m interested to hear your thoughts on this image. Do you think this is a real ghost child? Or is there a simple explanation for this faint figure?


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The UK’s Court of Appeal has confirmed an earlier landmark High Court decision that a group of British consumers using Apple’s Safari browser to access Google’s services can sue the US company in the UK. Google has always argued that the appropriate forum for such cases is in the US, so this sets an important precedent for future legal actions against foreign companies operating in the UK.

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UK: Attackers yelling 'we will kill you' storm synagogue

clip available here .  According to one comment at that site, the synagogue hosts a program for problem youth.

Via Jerusalem Post :

A group of approximately 20 youths attacked a local Synagogue in the English suburb of Stamford Hill, yelling threats and vandalizing property, a Hebrew language new-site reported on Sunday.

One witness belonging to the “Ahavat Torah” congregation described the mob as shouting “we will kill you” as they proceeded to physically assault the worshipers inside the synagogue and tear apart prayer books.

Another Jewish local who had passed by the scene rushed inside, grabbing one of the suspects with the intention of bringing him to the police, but was quickly overwhelmed by the other attackers and suffered strikes to the face, losing a tooth.

A spokesmen for local law enforcement said that the police views the assault on the heavily Jewish populated Stamford Hill community gravely and that they have already detained four suspects who say they were involved in the incident.

The New Antisemite