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How come Cassandra wasn't in the Tangled wedding short. Did the King clear Eugene of all his past crimes when he returned Rapunzel back to Corona? Are there citizens that still hate Eugene for his past crimes?

We don’t have any in story information yet as to why Cassandra isn’t at the wedding, but the meta reasons (as in, the reason from production standpoint), is that Tangled the Series and Tangled Ever After (the wedding short) are not produced by the same individual people. Cassandra didn’t exist in anyone’s imagination when they made the short.

We can only assume Eugene was pardoned for his crimes. After all, his absolute biggest crime (stealing the crown) was negated by him not only returning the crown, but bringing back the Lost Princess. And he’s allowed to live in the palace (albeit in the servants’ wing), so I sincerely doubt he’s still wanted in a criminal sense. This hasn’t been addressed directly in the story, however.

There are definitely citizens who still hate Eugene for his crimes. He’s actually pretty disliked, all over, and when he tried to get a legitimate job, the one thing he was good at (being a cobbler), he was turned down for, because Feldspar recognized him as someone who had stolen from him in the past.


Okay but Skye isn’t a unicorn, he’s a pegacorn/unipeg which makes him even better. 

And he is FUCKING FABULOUS. It sings! In Andrew’s voice!

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Do you know a good app that can take a picture of what you drew and then color it digitally? I find it a pain to draw stuff on one of those black digital tablets where you can't see where your lines are going.

I can show you a quick way in Photoshop. If you have a good scanner, I would say use that to get your sketch digitized, but you can use this method if you use a camera or phone to get it, too. Try to avoid getting any shadows in the image.

First you’ll need to use Levels (Ctrl + L / Image > Adjustments > Levels)

The left slider controls dark tones, middle for mid tones, and right for light tones. Typically you just need to drag the left and right sliders in a little bit to get rid of any gray areas.

After that, you can use Color Range (Select > Color Range) to get rid of anything that isn’t your lines.

Use the color picker to pick the white of the BG, hit OK, and then hit the delete key to delete any white areas. (Note: your drawing needs to be separate from the background layer for this to work properly. If your drawing is the Background, just double click (a popup to name it “Layer 0″ will appear) and hit OK.)

After that, you can start a new layer underneath to start painting! I also suggest changing your layer’s blend mode to Linear Burn (my favorite blend mode!) or something similar to blend in the lighter areas of the sketch with your colors.

And bam! It’s done! Now, I’m not sure if you can do something similar in other programs like Paint Tool SAI or Fire Alpaca. You probably can, but I only use Photoshop, so this is all I can offer, sorry!

As for tablets, they are hard to use at first, but with lots of practice and patience you’ll get the hang of it.

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I really liked The Laser-rinth episode. I felt a little cringy when the Belchers spend so much money again. Bob shouldn't have paid so guys so much and dolls like the Pretty Girl cost a fortune. It's worrisome to me how much debt they might be in. It's a good thing Mr. Fishoeder is fond of Bob otherwise they'd be out on the street long ago. It was pretty sweet of Louise to care about the poor doll's welfare and nice of Tina to let Louise have that doll even though it freaked her out.

Oh you and me both. When Bob was buying new tickets and had to tip Nick for sneaking them in, I was cringing too. At least it wasn’t the whole family going to that show. And that doll too, I feel like even with Gretchen’s employee discount it had to be pretty expensive. Maybe they saved money by not buying Bob any actual birthday gifts? 

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How would you write the rest of Danny Phantom season 3? Personally I wanted to introduce my own characters and story arcs into it. Something involving magic and other supernatural creatures. Though how would you personally write it out?

I’ve always felt it was the role of a final season to bring a series to its close. There are a lot of cool things that could have been done with full blown magic, other supernatural creatures, and the show could have benefited from some new characters joining and bringing something unique to the mix, but I think those sorts of ideas would have been better used in the middle of the show rather than the end. To me this should have been the season of Vlad. Bringing him into the spotlight as a full on archenemy whose sinister plans affect everyone in the show, even if they don’t realize it. I loved Vlad becoming Mayor in this season, but I wish he used that position for more.

I’d have loved to see the Mayor Tucker joke be made into a full episode. Like Vlad is running and everyone who could challenge him is blackmailed or threatened into inaction so they push Tucker as a candidate out of desperation (since Sam is too aggressive and Danny is too awkward). That could have been funny

I’d have loved to see Vlad bring Valerie fully into his fold and use her throughout the season to counter Danny until she learns the truth about everyone and resolves her issues with Danny

I’d have loved to see Vlad take control of a large group of ghosts to form a Sinister 6 of spectral evil to take on Danny. Using some sort of ghost control technology to keep them under his sway. Imagine Vlad, Skulker, Ember, Fright Knight, Technus, and the Box Ghost (who isn’t under Vlads control, he just won’t go away), teaming up to fight Danny

I wish we got a final episode were Vlad makes his move for Maddie ending with him exposing himself as Plasmius. Maddie could go to Jack and Jack would have to decide who he believes, his wife who he loves or His best friend who has been bribing him with everything he wants the entire episode.

And finally I wish the season had Danny building up his friendships and respect among the community so that when Vlads master stroke of destroying Danny after a full season of ruining his reputation comes up Danny can transform back into Fenton and the people of Amity Park would come to help him, because no matter how unsure they are of Danny Phantom, Danny Fenton is someone they know to be a good person. I wish the season worked to resolve Danny’s relationship with the town through Fentons actions rather than Phantoms. We know Danny Phantom is a hero, so the world finally catching up isn’t that satisfying, but Danny finally being loved and treated as an equal part of the community in such a way that he no longer has to lie is what the entire show was building up to. It just seemed to forget that at the end.

Also could we have gotten a full episode were the parents find out his identity rather than just tacking it on at the end of an already jumbled mess of a finale? How is that now worthy of a full 22 minutes but The Box Ghost gets his own episode? Ridiculous.

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What did you think of the Powerpuff Girls movie? I remember watching it in theaters as a kid. Did you watch it in theaters or did you just wait until it came on DVD and/or video or when it came on TV?

I actually watched it looooong after it came out. I never saw it at the movies and I really really really regretted not seeing it. One of my friends was telling me about the movie a few years afterward when I was kind of getting back into the series (I zoned out for S5-S6) and about how awesome it was and how it was darker than the series and I was like, “Oh my god, I can’t put it off any longer, I need to finally see this dang thing.” So I bought it on DVD (I actually bought the widescreen version first off of eBay because I can’t stand fullscreen, haha) and I just loved it. Loved it loved it loved it.

And like I’ve said before, my favorite Puffs are crazy, silly, action-packed and fast and frenetic Puffs, but the movie is just so good because it treats the girls and their backstory like a legitimate superhero story. It didn’t pander to pop culture jokes, it wasn’t overly edgy… it just told a really good story really well. And I also really liked how theatrical and larger than life it felt. They could’ve really fallen into the trap of making it feel more like an episode, which is kind of also why I think it was a good thing that they didn’t go the Powerpuff Girls Rule!!! route when it came to the story (’cause even if it would have totally been cool, I don’t think it would’ve worked as well). And the little character moments are great. And the little tiny origin moments are so fun. And I’m a sucker for movies with monkeys and monkey jokes. And the music! The music! The music is so good and I love the soundtrack for it. I loved how they use synth instruments for all of Mojo’s stuff (to match his insincerity) and used real instruments for the girls (to match their sweet sincerity and true heroism!). …and I also love that homage to The Big Lebowski in the beginning too. Natch.

But yeah! I really like the movie! It’s one of my all time favorites and I really wish more people gave it a chance (and I really feel awful that Craig’s so ehhhh about it because, honestly, I feel like it was just probably a bad time for the movie to come out and, you know what, people don’t know what they were missin’! They don’t! :’D).

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Did you know that the Simpsons are under contract by FOX until 2077 or 2084? Look it up to check. I think The Simpsons should consider aging up the characters by this point don't you think?

Um… The Simpsons can’t continue to run while I’m dead. That just can’t happen. My ghost will be too busy eating donuts in donut hell to blog or make gifs about it. 

Under existing copyright law, The Simpsons are the protected property of FOX until 2082, ninety-five years after they were created. (Mickey’s first movie is set to go free in 2023, but don’t be surprised if it gets another reprieve from public domain, which would likely push the Simpsons even further into the future.) So unless FOX has a means of keeping Dan Castellaneta alive and working until he’s 125 years old, someone or something (never underestimate the power of computers)41 is eventually going to take over the voice of Homer. Just as Mickey outlived Walt Disney and Bugs outlived Mel Blanc, Homer will eventually outlive Dan Castellaneta, Matt Groening, and everyone else who made him the huge star he is.

Source: http://deadhomersociety.com/zombiesimpsons/zs12/

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What do you think of this whole "renewed for another 2 seasons" ordeal? I think it should be laid to rest. Also the season premiere with Homer dating someone else while going through a separation trial with Marge makes me cringe a little. Another one for the Homewreckers team I mean come on. It would make it better if they finally age up the kids and Maggie starts attending Kindergarten. Better yet by canceling The Simpsons they could cancel Family Guy so Bob's Burgers reigns supreme on Fox

I really enjoy Bob’s Burgers. It’s cute, refreshing, and hilarious. 

I still love The Simpsons, regardless of the newer episodes. Some new episodes are actually good and some are just meh. 

I always thought it would be cool if there were to do a “What if –” season where you get alternative endings to previous episode plots. 

Here are some of my genius ideas:

  • What if Barney was the first one to meet Marge in detention instead of Homer? (The Way We Was)
  • What if Homer was raised by his Mom and not his Dad? (Mother Simpson)
  • What if Homer actually was Krusty the Clown? 
  • What if Bart was gay? (Homer’s Phobia)
  • What if Homer still worked for Hank Scorpio? (You Only Move Twice)
  • What if Marge was still a police officer? (The Springfield Connection)
  • What if Homer got lost in space after being ejected from the ship? (Deep Space Homer)

And so forth…

Simpsons writers, you know where you can find me. ;)

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Those scenes with the birthday parties on The Simpsons got me thinking about my own birthdays. I'm at that age where I can't really do themed birthday parties anymore and I didn't have the chance to do a sweet sixteen and my folks can't afford a debutante party. Did you ever have big themed parties when you were a kid?

Sadly, no. 

My birthday is in December, 11 days before Christmas so everyone is either broke or would try to merge my birthday present with my Christmas present. Everyone’s always so busy at this time of the year and it’s cold outside so I would never really do anything. My birthday guests were my parents (2), sisters (3), aunt (1), uncle (1), cousins (2) and grandma (1). They were usually held in my living room and my grandma would usually try to slip a $20 in my hand. The cake my mom would get me would always be one of those “fancy-not-sweet” cakes that old people like. 

I remember my sister got me a pinata once…but didn’t fill it with candy.