Visits done and wow!

Yesterday I finished up all my meetings with the startups and businesses here that I had planned. And wow am I amazed by how friendly, open en willing people are to help you. The Netherlands should learn big time from this. 

Remember I contacted the companies with a very narrow time frame, mostly via email and I got responses within 1 work day. Had an open conversation, looked at their office and I noticed 1 big thing, no cubicles. But to me something even better, open spaces. Everyone is one big area, open to conversations with each other. 

I also loved how the meeting places looked like. At Vaynermedia the people got a budget, and were free to decorate a space anyway they liked to do so. The spaces at Union Square Ventures were divided by glass windows/doors. And at Skillshare and Squarespace it was like I said one open space. 

I could see my self working in spaces like this. It beats any office space I have worked in by 100x. It had a personal touch to it, which appealed to me. 

My meeting with Squarespace was good. Got the conversation rolling about an internship and hopefully get the opportunity to talk with them before I leave in two days. They seemed interested in Information Security and that is a good thing. 

My meeting with Skillshare was different, because their employee database was smaller and easier manageable on a scale where information security would be irrelevant. But Danya helped me figure out which startups would be relevant which is awesome. Another thing the Netherlands should learn from. When you cannot provide a place, help figure out alternative solutions. 

My meeting with Vaynermedia was the same as Squarespace. They are looking at Information Security as they are growing and growing fast. Yet they are still young and it is the perfect time to start thinking about it and start acting towards it.

So all I can do now is keep in touch with them and hope for the best. 

Today and tomorrow are the days I will most likely be spending on some school stuff and relaxing giving the feet some rest. But also have to buy some stuff for the family and hope I can find what I have in mind! 

Enjoy your holiday’s.
Thanks for the companies who gave me the opportunity to talk.
And thanks to those who made my stay here enjoyable.

Hopefully I will see Manhattan quicker than I hope it would :-)

We’ve been super fortunate here at Tumblr to be involved in a number of important public policy efforts over the years, and right now we’re keeping close watch on the debate around net neutrality.

As part of our efforts, we sent Ali (Tumblr Legal) and Liba (Tumblr Policy & Causes) down to DC last Friday, filed a letter with the FCC, and joined an industry letter (along with companies like Amazon, eBay, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Netflix, Twitter, and our parent Yahoo) to the FCC urging them to act in favor of net neutrality. Our close friend Brad Burnham at Union Square Ventures also filed a wonderful letter focusing on how net neutrality is critical for nascent startups​.

If you have any questions or ideas about how the Tumblr community can get involved in this issue, please drop us a note!


Brad Burnham - A Narrative on the Threat to Internet Freedom

First few days in Manhattan, NYC

TERRIBLE! Just kidding. 

It is awesome here, living in a big city in the Netherlands helped a lot though. Only certain places are overwhelming busy, the rest it is just “normal” traffic considering the size of the city. 

On wednesday I did nothing at all. I was up really early, did some stuff for school and then packed my suitcase to grab a cab to Tim’s house. The evening before I got the key from him so I could enter when he was gone. After putting my self on the couch and look at the view I passed out hard. Woke up 4 hours later in the dark. 

Thursday I had an appointment with Fred Wilson from Union Square Ventures. We talked about possible internship projects at their portfolio companies. It was a really interesting conversation and I am interested to see what is the end result of it. 
To bad I arrived late, like big time. I left 1 hour before the appointment and walked there. It was suppose to be a 30 minute walk, but I go lost. Something that barely happens to me because I like to prepare myself. I guess it was the annoying way the roads are layout etc. The buildings sometimes even have a few of the same numbers on the same street but depend on the side street. But I have that figured out now.

I also picked up huge blisters, as I had my shoes repaired before I left. And as of typing this, it is not a pleasure. So I hope they will go away soon, I will just keep bursting them (IEUW!)

Thursday night, we went out to dinner with a few friends/colleagues of Tim. We went to a belgium restaurant, which was surprisingly good. I had some beef stew called “Stoofvlees” in dutch. And it was good. Had a great time. 

Today (Friday), Tim had the day off so we went to Grand Central, which is huge. The new Apple store was busy and packed, but looked really good from downstairs. Great location. 

After going to grand central we went to the Fossil store to hook my younger brother up with a watch he asked me to buy. I got myself a new one also which is for the special occasions. And I bought my mom the latest Tom Clancy book which I hope she will like.

As of typing this, I am relaxing to get rid of these annoying blisters. Haha.

Next week I will be visiting 4 more startups to see whether it is possible to do an internship and to see what is possible. So i’ll be typing another post up next week.

For now, good evening (or morning) and onwards to next week!