All trains leaving the north side of Chicago Union Station cross Canal Street soon after leaving the station. This was originally Milwaukee Road trackage and is now used by the Metra Milwaukee District and Amtrak.

The Canal Street crossing is just west of the North Branch of the Chicago River, and has become prime real estate. Here are a number of views of the crossing over the years which show how it has changed:

  1. 1950s - photo by Tom Bedwell
  2. 1962 - photo by James D. Hediger
  3. 1960s - photo by Amtrak290
  4. 1969 - photo by Leon Kay
  5. 1974 - photo by Lou Gerard
  6. 1970s - photo by mbernero
  7. 2005 - photo by David Wilson
  8. 2008 - photo by Joel Hinkhouse
  9. 2012 - photo by Mark Vogel
  10. 2013 - photo by Jack Morgan

A Soviet Army intelligence group on an inflatable boat moves across the river Don on a reconnaissance mission south of the city of Voronezh during the First Battle of Voronezh; the successful opening move of the German summer offensive in 1942. Near Voronezh, Voronezh Oblast, Russia, Soviet Union. June 1942. Image taken by Semyon Friedland.

Caption: “It’s April 29, 1972 and an ex-Santa Fe switcher backs the equipment for the Super Chief / El Capitan over the 21st Street drawbridge toward Chicago Union Station.”

Photo by Bob Coolidge

NYC SW1 657 by Chuck Zeiler on Flickr.

Caption: “New York Central Railroad SW1 657 at Union Station in Chicago, Illinois on February 27, 1966. Kodachrome by Chuck Zeiler. … It is seen here on the north (Milwaukee Road) side of Union Station, likely transferring storage mail from the NYC to the Milwaukee Road. The Milwaukee held the mail contract between Chicago and the Twin Cities.”

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