All trains leaving the north side of Chicago Union Station cross Canal Street soon after leaving the station. This was originally Milwaukee Road trackage and is now used by the Metra Milwaukee District and Amtrak.

The Canal Street crossing is just west of the North Branch of the Chicago River, and has become prime real estate. Here are a number of views of the crossing over the years which show how it has changed:

  1. 1950s - photo by Tom Bedwell
  2. 1962 - photo by James D. Hediger
  3. 1960s - photo by Amtrak290
  4. 1969 - photo by Leon Kay
  5. 1974 - photo by Lou Gerard
  6. 1970s - photo by mbernero
  7. 2005 - photo by David Wilson
  8. 2008 - photo by Joel Hinkhouse
  9. 2012 - photo by Mark Vogel
  10. 2013 - photo by Jack Morgan

House Bracken, Lords of Stone Hedge, sworn to Riverrun

House Bracken of Stone Hedge is an old house from Stone Hedge in the Riverlands, sworn to House Tully. They once ruled the Riverlands as kings during the Age of Heroes. They blazon their arms with a red stallion upon a golden escutcheon on brown. The Brackens have the blood of the First Men in their veins and were kings of the Riverlands during the Age of Heroes. They have an old and bitter feud against their neighbors, the Blackwoods. According to the Brackens, the Blackwoods were vassals who betrayed the Brackens and usurped their crown. The feud has continued throughout the years, aided by House Bracken’s change to the Faith of the Seven after the Andal invasion. The Blackwoods believe the Brackens poisoned the weirwood at Raventree Hall. Battle Valley and the village of Blackbuckle are part of the disputed land. There have been numerous peaces between the Brackens and Blackwoods, many sealed by marriage, but the feud always restarts.

Barba Bracken was the fifth mistress of Aegon IV Targaryen. There was one child from the union, Aegor Rivers, better known as Bittersteel, the founder of the Golden Company. She was replaced by Melissa Blackwood in Aegon’s bed. This led to the later feud between Bittersteel and the son of Melissa, Brynden Rivers, also known as Lord Bloodraven.

Jonos Bracken is the current Lord of Stone Hedge.


Caption: “Milwaukee Road E7 19B at Union Station in Chicago, Illinois on February 27, 1966, photos by Chuck Zeiler. … It is seen here in charge of the daily un-named Train #23, departing Chicago at 3:20PM CST, arriving in Milwaukee at 4:45PM, making only one stop enroute at Glenview. This view also shows the preliminary demolition of the concourse of Union Station to make room for glass and steel office buildings on the air rights over the tracks. The first step was to remove the north side train sheds over the Milwaukee Road tracks, the only tenant on the north side of Union Station. This exposed waiting Milwaukee Road trains to both the elements and daylight for the first time since the station was completed in 1925.”


A LeMat revolver captured from the Confederate ironclad Alabama, Serial No. 7

The Atlanta was an ironclad that served in the Confederate and Union Navies during the American Civil War. She was converted from a Scottish-built blockade runner named Fingal by the Confederacy after she made one run to Savannah, Georgia. After several failed attempts to attack Union blockaders, the ship was captured by two Union monitors in 1863 when she ran aground. Atlanta was floated off, repaired, and rearmed, serving in the Union Navy for the rest of the war. She spent most of her time deployed on the James River supporting Union forces there. The ship was decommissioned in 1865 and placed in reserve. Several years after the end of the war, Atlanta was sold to Haiti, but was lost at sea in December 1869 on her delivery voyage.

Sold at Auction: $166,750