The Ol’ Fake French Waiter on a Unicycle Trick

Gets ‘em every time

So, you know how Ben Platt was Benji from the Pitch Perfect movies?

I’m honestly a bit surprised and a little disappointed that no one’s done a cross over in the sense that like, at some point during or after college Benji’s essentially like ‘O!! Hey, guys!! I’m the lead role in this Musical, wanna come watch me perform? I can get u tickets’ (or they find out some other way and/or surprise him with their attendance) and so, like good friends, they go and watch him perform as Evan Hansen, and we get to see their reactions and them being proud of Benji (or however they would realistically react)

Or really any sort of crossover idea that involves DEH being a musical in the Pitch Perfect universe with Benji playing the Role of Evan

It’s been so long since I watched Pitch Perfect, I haven’t even watched the second one, so my idea prolly makes them all so out of character, but I want a fic like this