Everlark Advent - 2016

Happy December Everlarkers! To celebrate the month of multiple holidays and uncomfortable family gatherings, I made an Everlark Advent calendar for all of us to share. What does that mean? Well, each day from now until December 25th we’ll open a door to a new Everlark drabble or ficlet or chapter of a longer work.

Like Forrest Gump’s mama always said, Life is like a box of chocolates - you never know what you’re going to get. And Everlark Advent is like that box of chocolates, some days you’ll get a pecan caramel cluster, some days it’ll be cherry cordial. But it’ll all be Everlark (and because it’s December, and it’s me, it’ll be heavy on the fluffy rainbows and unicorn vomit. #sorrynotsorry).

I hope you’ll join me here each day around 9:00 am EST for a new taste of Everlark - canon, AU, fluff, smut, something a little different each day. 

Happy December, friends!

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Thematically Consistent Cloaks

Suburbansamurai created some pretty awesome cloaks, then passed them on for recolor and save-out.

Implicit trust was given to do what must be done, and ensure the integrity of the art and consistency in vision. 

We are two beings, one mind. 

It is impossible for any but we two to auger which hand has painted each masterpiece-

-Nor is it possible to fully comprehend one work without its companion.

@queenvampirebarbie requested a sequel to the drabble I did for the HumanKlaus day of the 25daysofklaroline event. So here that is! Disclaimer: I did a little research but found that courting was pretty business like (including this gem, “ In Viking times courtship was fairly creepy”) at the times so I took some liberties. But hey, that’s probably more research then the writers actually did, right?

Which Road (Part Two)

It is far easier then Klaus had expected, in the end, to let Tatia go. She passes him several days after his conversation with Caroline, gives him the look he has come to covet, the one that means she wishes for him to follow her deep in to the woods, where they won’t be disturbed. And he does so willingly. But he stills her wandering hands, when she presses him against a tree. Because there is a question he needs answered, one he’s not stopped dwelling on.

“Have you been speaking to the other women in the village about us?”

She appears shocked for a moment, before her dark eyes turn wide and beseeching, “It is the way of women, Niklaus. I only want them to know that you are mine.” Tatia presses her body into his, and perhaps once he would have been swayed by her tempting curves. By her lush mouth, so near the skin of his throat.

But not with Caroline’s words ringing in his mind. She had told Klaus, with such conviction, that he deserved better, and maybe she was right. Tatia considered him hers, but did not allow him to claim her in the same manner. Expected devotion but did not return it. Klaus is not stupid, he is aware that he is not the only man who visits the woods with Tatia Petrova. He and Elijah do not speak of it, and Klaus has always hoped that she would choose him. But it has been months upon months, and still she dallies with them both.

“And if I asked you to be mine? Only mine. From now on?”

He watches her carefully, as he asks. Notes the tiny flickers that cross her face. The briefest instance of annoyance, a blink of shock. And then Tatia is all soft eyes and tempting smiles, “I need time, Niklaus. To make the best decision possible for my future. Surely you cannot begrudge me that? Not when we enjoy one another so.”

He had hoped for a moment that her answer would be different. That Tatia would choose him. The stab of disappointment is swift, and gut churning, but there is peace that comes after. He grasps her wrists, and steps aside, “I do not begrudge you that, Tatia. But I believe it may be time to consider my own future.”

Klaus does not turn back, as he walks away. Not even when she calls after him, plaintive and dismayed. He feels lighter, with every step he takes.

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A Strange Magic Fan Fiction: “Fair Sun, Envious Moon”

Alternatively titled: A Drabble in Which a Bet is Made, a Moon is Pondered and a Sun is Watched

In which Marianne shows Bog his first sunrise and he is quite taken with it.

Named after one of my favorite lines from Romeo and Juliet, 

Arise, fair sun, and kill the envious moon,
Who is already sick and pale with grief
That thou, her maid, art far more fair than she… .

This is separate from the story line I am writing. It is a standalone and will most likely not be referenced. And apologies for the rushed pace. I was eager to get this out and work on other things as well.

Please enjoy the one time you will ever see me being such a mother fucking romantic sap.

He supposed it had all began with a conversation earlier in the week. Maybe it was on a Monday. Or perhaps it had been a Tuesday. And, looking back, the Bog King couldn’t have told you if it had been morning or evening or what have you. But he did remember the conversation itself.

“You almost never come to the Light Kingdom.” Marianne stated, the tiniest bit of resentment slithering behind the tease.

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