mä näin jotai unta mis mä olin tuunannu yhest mun vyöst kaulapannan, ja sit siin samas unes alexander rybak pelasti mun hengen, jonku tytön kaikki akvaariokalat kuoli ja olin melkee lento-onnetomuudessa

Today I remembered that time I sat in a University seminar room trying to keep a straight face after the (very old) tutor declared that:

“The Dick contains mysteries within mysteries.”

And no-one else so much as cracked a smile.

24.05.16 || using my couch as a desk and sitting on the floor in front of the heater because it is ❄️❄️ I have a hard time starting assignments, once I start them I can quickly find a rhythm and get it done. I need to let go of my fears of getting something wrong or of failing and just start, and I urge all you chronic perfectionists and procrastinators to do the same 🔮🌻

24•5•2016| Procrastination is becoming a ridiculous problem at this point and so I’m cracking down to finish this Stylistics assignment and move onto the next one. Gotta go to University later to make photocopies though 😓 so I’ll aim to be done a few hours ahead of time. Full weight of everything I have to do is hitting me now. Blocked all distractions with GetFocusd

I can’t believe that I have now finished my first year at university!! I never ever thought that I would be able to go, live away from home, live with strangers, study for three more years (I know I’ve only completed one but shh) and actually be sorta good at it!!
There was one point that I didn’t even think I would be alive right now so!!!!
I’m so so proud of myself because even though obviously I still have down moments, I feel so happy most of the time and I have some amazing friends that keep me going, I never feel guilty for eating what I want and yes I still have negative body image days but I never cry just from looking in the mirror!
I have come so so far and it has been the most incredible journey! Recovery is worth it!
But back to uni, like how has that time gone so quickly??!! But I’ve done it and (hopefully) passed everything! I am so ready to have a nice long break and come back to do it all again!!!!
I feel so much happier and so much more confident in myself now!
Eeeeekkk sorry I’m just so happy right now!!
I’m gonna shut up now, but yeah, so so proud of myself!!

I started making my own masterpost of links for personal use back in November, and I ended up collecting enough links that had to be split into multiple posts! So, as a result, this masterpost entails everything college related, including applying, dorms, exams/finals and more (I would add a lot more, but Tumblr won’t allow me). If I repeated any links or if the links are dead, please tell me and I’ll fix it up as soon as I can! Or, if I’ve included your post and you’d like me to remove it, please tell me and I’ll do so immediately. Otherwise, hopefully this helps anyone who needs it!

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