montparnasse-the-arse  asked:

it's unusual friendships time!!! got any hcs about Marius and Jehan as friends?

You always come into my inbox with the best things thank you

•vegan bros
•Marius collects neat things like shiny pennies and pretty rocks to give Jehan when he next sees them but usually forgets and Jehan finds them in his pockets when stealing his coats
•send each other pics of really fat cats usually of their own fat cats
•in other words the bode meme is their favorite
•make a point to have tea together every week where Jehan tells Marius all about the most interesting things they’ve overheard from strangers
•both really like pistachios and once tried to have a competition to see who could eat the most Cosette came home that night to find them chilling on the floor surrounded by shells and complaining
•roller skating happens far more often than in the average friendship
•Marius is always super stoked cause Jehan can somehow also sign in all the same languages he knows
•Jehan is always super stoked that they have someone to practice signing in these languages with
•they hang out in Jehan’s garden and find out the key to the universe every Wednesday night and then promptly forget the next day
•Marius compliments all of Jehan’s terrible outfits every day cause that’s what friends do
•Jehan finds (steals) books for Marius that they think he’d like
•Jehan tried to teach Marius how to knit once and it took him forever to get the hang of it and actually do the thing but he finally ended up making a pair of uneven socks that he gave to Jehan and they honestly fit their whole aesthetic pretty well
•get sick together a lot? Why are they always sick at the same time??
•Marius knows by now that calling Jehan when he’s lost just leads to getting more lost but he does it anyway cause they at least have fun together
•have the most exciting double dates with their partners seriously it’s wild more than once they’ve been arrested all together and it’s been Marius and Jehan’s fault
•have cacti named after each other
•super supportive and amazing friends who love and care about each other
•listen this friendship is so underrated and I will talk about it until im in my grave but here are just a few things before I make this too long
He looked like hell when I saw him walk through that door. He wasn’t handsome, like at all, but the frown on his face made him look even less appealing than usual.
He had uneven eyes paired with thick brown eyebrows and a thin set of lips. His pale skin made the freckles much more visible along with the dark bags under his eyes. He lifted his head and searched the room. When our eyes met I took the chance and winked at him, he almost smiled but instead he licked his lips and marched up to my desk.
I leaned in closer and unleashed a wicked grin.
“Hey handsome you look like hell today.”
He wasn’t impressed.
“And what exactly do we have in common?”
I smacked my lips and answered.
“Well babe, just like hell, you look terrifyingly hot today.”
Suddenly, the frown disappeared and he was smiling. His eyes were still uneven but they were alive and pulsing greens, his thin lips parted to show a gummy smile with the tip of his tongue peeking through his open-bite. He wasn’t handsome, I would know, but God he was beautiful.
—  //how she saw him //through her own eyes //obviously