"Quenched in Sparing Doses" (An Unended Journey of Lust in Love)

I won’t wash my sheets for days,
your intoxicating, spice to adorn them,
to excite my olfactory sense,
even after you’ve exited.

The time between my times with you,
nearly excruciating.
Only craving you near,
until again you visit. (returning my smile)

As you stood before me tonight,
coy grin adorning the comfort in your unmatched face,
I allowed my lips to again taste your sweet, tempting crest,
daring a bit lower, I could feel new, delicious ground, and taste your naughty warmth.

God damn you 7am.

I will make these nights more exciting for you.
I know I am rather boring, and for that I do apologise,
but I honestly just adore having you near,
I don’t need an activity, on these nights, I have you, all I want.

You are my excitement.
You are in my bed right now, as I type!
How lucky am I?
Right now, the luckiest. (That smile)

Please don’t let weeks pass after 7am.
If nothing else, I am the fool always craving you.
Dreaming of lust in love,
wrapped in sheets, adorned with your undeniable, perfect spice.

-R. (3:43am, Monday Dec. 30, 2013)

I was just lying there and wondering
What happens to sparrows when they die
Is it as a group that they fly
Or their soul alone drifting high

Up to the heavens
Does it bring happiness
Do they wait for each other
in unending bliss

A long journey, it is
For the dreams of sparrows to go
So do they wonder if there’s company
Are they afraid Or do they already know as they slowly fade