I go to Cal State Fullerton and you know what this campus does every spring semester after finals?

We have this thing called the Undie Run where everyone gets to strip down into their undies and just run and party all over campus.

You think I’m kidding?My university does this every year.

You don’t even need to be in your underwear to participate and have fun!

It’s also safe and supervised by the campus police department. How cool is that?



My university has a semi-annual “undie run” during finals week (it’s exactly what you think it is – college students run around in their underwear at midnight in defiance of finals).

I’ve heard mixed reactions from non-participants: “I don’t feel comfortable showing my body” and the like,

but a friend of mine did comment that she views the run as “an excuse for girls to be extra slutty.”

Woah girlfran, hold up.

I pointed out that dudes are running around in their boxers and briefs too but no one criticizes them. My friend replied by saying she “doesn’t see it that way” and followed that up with the ever-popular, “I’m entitled to my opinion.”

Fair point; you are entitled to your opinion.

However, the objective fact is that society has imposed modesty rules and gender roles and sexism so effectively that you do see it that way; you just aren’t comfortable with viewing yourself as a prime example of our misogynistic, slut-shaming society in action. So yes, you are welcome to your opinions regarding the undie run but perhaps it’s time you realize how archaic and prejudice you are for believing such bullshit.