Someone called me “baby” today.

I thought about how I eat through apple cores, how my soles are rough from using my feet to climb and run, how I dig with my fingers in the soil, clean things with bleach, spread my body out and feel good about it, expel all my breath and sit with my eyes open underwater.

How I drink poison, how I like chemicals and carefully calibrated equipment, how I don’t wish I was quiet or mysterious anymore.

And he called me “baby.”

  • suzy, sweating and slightly drunk in a hot tub, fully clothed: if you made earth, and you were god, wouldn't you wanna, like, walk around and just be like 'what is this? scotland? fuck yeah, this rules! i did this... fjord?'
  • fred, ditto: earth has way better scenery than the house does. i would be proud of earth.
  • art, resurfacing after trying to drink beer underwater: what

And you can drink until your eyes feel like they’re underwater,
Drink away the sadness, until the conveyor belt of memories
Is halted; yesterday is no more and never will return,
So drink on, drink on, until your troubled past is gone.

And you can stay out all night if you makes you feel less alone,
You can stay away from this house that’s not a home
And never will be; this temporary collection of beds and chairs.
But still this humble house will be here for you, if you ever return.

And you can get away from it all if you want with drugs or alcohol,
Go on, get away, get as far away as you can from this hollow town
And all of these people, these bastards who dragged you down,
And kicked and spat on you. Go on drink. I won’t judge you.


Drink On, Drink On

By Ryan Havers

This New Underwater Technology Could Solve a Host of Environmental Problems

On February 18th, the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) and the Minister for Industry and Science (Ian Macfarlane) officially switched on the Carnegie Perth Wave Energy Project’s onshore power station, the first renewable energy source the country has ever utilized, according to a press release. It is said to create enough energy to power 200,000 homes while also generating desalinated water from the ocean. And the whole system operates without creating emissions — totally freakin’ crazy and amazing, right?