Understanding What We've Grown to Be

“These demons will never leave me.  But I control them, not the other way around”

-What I Wish I Never Had by We Came As Romans

For 14 months.. I was in a deep depression.  No one could help me, I was just in this state that I was comfortable in.  I was content with suicide, I was ok with leaving everyone behind and being free of it all.   I constantly felt empty, like no one wanted me.   I was broken, alone, and left with my suicidal conscious.   And after 14 months.. I started listening to the new WCAR album.   And after listening to it.. I just came to a sudden realization.   I’m Alive.   Fuck what other people think, fuck what they have done to you.  I was overcome with a overwhelming sensation, I couldn’t help but cry, it was the first time I felt something positive, and pure in a long time.   I got this tattoo as a reminder, a milestone, and a memory.  I beat depression, I finally defeated myself.   I’m always going to carry these burdens, these demons.   But I can’t let the past route my life, rather than define the person I am, who I’m going to be, and how I’m going to live the life that I deserve.