do people know that the 4 Things Show began because its producer was inspired by rapmon’s rap about the hardships of being an idol rapper? the producer cried after listening to his rap and decided to make a show about putting individual rappers under a different light..and that’s why rapmon was the first to appear on that show

Underrated Characteristics About the Signs

Aries- Their humour, how fiercely they defend others, how tight and comforting their hugs are

Taurus- THEIR SASSINESS SLAYS EVERYONE, their intelligence, they’ll do anything to make others laugh

Gemini- Their loyalty, their cute shyness around people they’re not completely comfortable with, how cautious they are around the people they love

Cancer- Their strength emotionally and physically, their detachment, they don’t take themselves too seriously

Leo- Their humbleness, their insecurities, how good they are with their hands

Virgo- Their affection, their popularity, how touchy they can be

Libra- Their bitterness, how sensual they can actually be, how aggressive they are

Scorpio- Their loyalty, how smart they are, how careful they are to their loves

Sagittarius- How kind they are, how sensitive they are, how internet popular they are

Capricorn- Their witty jokes, how sexy they are, one of those people who act mean but when they love someone, they give themselves up completely

Aquarius- Their friendliness, how bad they yearn affection, how playful they are when they’re not constantly working themselves to death

Pisces- Their pettiness, their determination, how insensitive they are to people unless they actually like you

reasons why everybody should give a chance to Boys Republic RIGHT NOW
  • they’re very talented [Onejunn] [Sunwoo] [Suwoong] [Sungjun&Minsu] [all]
  • they’re adorable
  • the band is literally two couples and a single father
  • the shipping is calm, no drama here
  • every single one of them has a special talent
  • onejunn can lick his elbow
  • sungjun can flip his fingers over
  • sunwoo can push his tongue behing his soft palade
  • minsu mix with his mouth using a phone [is that even a thing i want to do it too]
  • suwoong starts sweating just by being close to spicy food
  • they can always take part of a circus
  • they have one of the most awesome fandom name
  • #RoyalFamily
  • their songs are catchy af and will stay stuck in your mind for a very long time
  • they did a dance version for “the real one” and sungjun danced with a chicken wing in his mouth the entire video
  • they do post these little videos of them on their official youtube channel and they are very funny
  • they were named 2014 ambassadors for Korean Federation of Youth to promote youth development activities [wikipedia]
  • onejunn composed a song named “somnambulance” and i’m still in love with it even after a year
  • they played laser tag with their fans after a fan-signing
  • they participate in charity work
  • on april fool’s day they changed their name to ‘Girls Republic’ on yt, official caffe, facebook, twitter
  • pls
  • they really deserve it
  • they are really hard-working boys but reeeeeally underrated