Mobile Masterlist (smut)

Here’s our smut masterlist for your smutty desires!


Shower smut (this is indeed smut)
95line foursome (smut)
First time (smut)
Jicheol threesome (smut)
Valentine’s Day (fluff; hints towards smut)
Emergency blowjob (smut)
Fivesome with hip hop unit where you’re Wonwoo’s girlfriend (smut)
Face riding (smut)
Morning after and a round two (smut)
College AU with thigh riding (smut) 
Morning sex on the kitchen counter (smut)  
Fingering/eating you out in the dining area, other members (…Mingyu) walk in (smut)
Backseat (smut)
Thigh riding (smut)   
Sex against a window (smut) 
Mutual masturbation (smut) 
Somewhat!Sub!Seungcheol where you’re sexually frustrated but he’s busy, but have your way anyway (smut) 
Jeongcheol hybrid AU (fluff, smut - longer, no reader) 
Overstimulation that ends with cuddling (smut) 
First time with Jeongcheol, poly relationship (smut) 
Eating you out in a bath (smut) 
Foursome with Seungcheol, Jeonghan and Jun (smut)
Daddy kink (smut)
Noona kink (smut)
Seungcheol finds out you’re cheating on him with Woozi (smut)
Strip poker (smut)
Phone sex (smut)


95line foursome (smut)
He misses your bday party due to a fanmeet and makes it up to you (smut)
Car sex (with some fluff?) (smut) 
Jihan threesome (smut) 
Thigh riding (smut; short) 
First time + morning after (smut/fluff) 
Jeongcheol hybrid AU (fluff, smut - longer, no reader) 
First time with Jeongcheol, poly relationship (smut) 
Foursome with Jeonghan, Jun and Seungcheol (smut)
Romantic sex in bath (smut/fluff) 


Kisses + Shower + “No, I’m not going to shower with you!” (slight smut)
95line foursome (smut)
Face riding (smut)
You’re eating a magnum ice cream suggestively and he gets aroused (suggestive fluff)
Jihan threesome (smut) 
Thigh riding (smut; short) 
Shower sex (smut) 
Dom!Joshua, something really kinky (bondage, spanking, light choking) (smut)
Threesome with Joshua and Vernon (smut)


You’re having intense sex with Woozi but he walks in and joins (smut)
Face riding (smut)
Post-concert smut (smut)
Threesome with him and a girl (smut) 
Thigh riding (smut; short
Thigh riding (smut) 
Foursome with Jun, Seungcheol and Jeonghan (smut)
WonHui threesome (smut)


First time (smut)
You’ve been dating for a month and have you first intense fight that somehow turns into a make-out session (fluff? a mention of smut?) 
Thigh riding (smut; short) 
Thigh riding (smut) 
You turn him on during dance practice (suggestive fluff) 
Face riding (smut; longer one-shot)
Lazy day with him where you just play video games and it gradually gets smutty (fluff -> smut) 
Bath smut (smut)
Hybrid AU (smut)
Threesome with Jihoon (smut)


Crossing the line (smut, threesome with Mingyu)
Daddy Wonwoo (smut)
Sub!Wonwoo (smut)
Smut with you tied to the bed and overstimulation (smut)
Fivesome with hip hop unit where you’re Wonwoo’s girlfriend (smut)
The other side (smut, threesome with Mingyu) 
Thigh riding (smut; short) 
Pool sex (smut) 
WonHui threesome (smut)
Shower sex where he’s a bit rough on you (smut) 
Session in the classroom, he’s a teacher and you’re a student (smut) 
Pet play (smut)


Stress-relief with other members nearby + Noona (smut)
Rain + Morning (smut)
Jicheol threesome (smut)
Shower sex (smut) 
Eating you out (smut)
You’re having intense sex when Jun walks in and joins (smut)
Face riding (smut)
Road head (smut) 
You’re planning the future and things may or may not get heated (fluff, smut) 
Blowjob and other stuff in a recording booth (smut) 
Thigh riding (smut; short) 
You get into a huge fight and ignore each other until it leads to rough make up sex (smut) 
Thigh riding (smut) 
First time (smut) 
You’re a noona and he’s dominant (smut) 
Seungcheol finds out you’re cheating on him with Woozi (smut)
Threesome with Hoshi (smut)


Thigh riding (smut) 
You like each other & Seventeen locking you two in a studio leads to admitting feelings and then smut (fluff, smut) 
You use a vibrator on him (smut) 
Jealous sex (smut) 
You mess with him during practice and the rest tell you to go elsewhere & eavesdrop (smut) 


Crossing the line (smut, threesome with Wonwoo)
Show me everything (smut)
Fivesome with hip hop unit where you’re Wonwoo’s girlfriend (smut)
The other side (smut, threesome with Wonwoo) 
Thigh riding (smut; short) 
Thigh riding (smut) 
Car date that turns into a hot session (smut) 
Threesome with Mingyu and Vernon (smut)
Hard birthday sex (smut)
CEO (smut)
Dom!Mingyu where you find him masturbating in the shower, he sees & asks you to join (smut) 

The 8

First time (smut)
Thigh riding (smut; short) 
Face riding (smut; longer one-shot) 
Daddy (smut)
He lets you sit on his face (smut) 
He comes back home after 6 months and you’ve missed each other a lot (smut) 


Your first time ever & together when you’re both a bit self-conscious (smut)
Thigh riding (smut; short) 
Seeing you all dressed up turns him on (smut) 
Where they can’t see (smut ; Verkwan, no reader) 
You’re both horny and you’re suffering from period cramps and he finds out orgasms ease it: cue dry humping (smut) 


Fivesome with hip hop unit where you’re Wonwoo’s girlfriend (smut)
Thigh riding (smut) 
Shower sex (smut)
You go to the dorm to cook for the boys & he realizes you’re wearing lingerie underneath your clothes + You surprise him with lingerie (smut) 
You’re dating and things get heated (smut) 
You lose your virginity to each other (smut) 
Where they can’t see (smut ; Verkwan, no reader)
Threesome with Joshua and Vernon (smut)
Threesome with Mingyu and Vernon (smut)




Dry humping (hip hop unit; smut; short)
Dry humping (vocal unit; smut; short)

Ideas for Witchcraft Using Art


A compilation of ideas I have read or thought up! I do not claim originality for this post. Some ideas crossover between fields and are not repeated.


  • Program your drawing tools with intent - for lighter/darker lines, for clarity of the stroke, for following through with the motion, for consistency.
  • Draw sigils on your drawing board or easel or table for inspiration.
  • (And if you’re using a flat table to draw, consider getting a drawing board. Drawing large on a flat surface distorts your POV.)
  • Energize your brush water for better removal of paint.
  • Draw a sigil on your palette or mirror/glass for paint to keep your paints moist for longer.
  • Use a clothes pin (for pink rubber erasers) or a 2B/light graphite pencil (for the kneadable erasers) to draw sigils for better removal of lines.
  • Enchant all your tools - brushes, paper pads, canvases, pencil cases, anything - for durability.
  • Program a stone (of your choice) to prevent loss of your tools and keep it in your backpack, pencil pouch, or portfolio bag.
  • Draw sigils on the back of your finished works for extra attention.
  • Sacrifice the first tip of your pencils and charcoal (both light and dark and especially anything past 6B) to a jar, and put a spell on the jar to keep your light lines light and your dark lines dark.
  • If you use a ruler or a stick to check proportions, dip it in enchanted water the night before - enchant the water to give you clarity of vision.
  • Optional: Enchant your clothes to repel paint stains, charcoal dust, pastel sticks, etc. (Optional because unless you’re Yves Klein, most artists I am familiar with are careful not to get excessively dirty because of wasted materials.)
  • Keep your paints/color-tools in a container enchanted to maintain their vibrancy.
  • Draw a sigil on any face-mask you have so that it filters all hazardous fumes out, especially if you are using spray paint.
  • Enchant spray paint cans for less dripping, as well as fixative cans.


  • Enchant any and all materials and projects for durability, especially after welding, gluing, slipping, or firing a project.
  • Use chalk to draw a sigil on welding or plasma cutter surfaces for clean lines and careful motions.
  • Enchant any material used to bind objects together or secure objects with power and specific purpose (ex. glue to bind these two pieces of wood together, straps to bind these several pieces of plaster mold together).
  • Use magic to make a specific place where you rest your work (a table, a board, a section of floor) so that while you are away it is protected and safe.
  • Enchant all your small tools so that they are returned to you if lost. (Also sharpie your name all over those things. Do it.)
  • If you have access to YOUR OWN power tools, put a sigil for sharpness and durability on any saw blades. Do not do this if you are at a school using public equipment - you may not be allowed to draw on blades or remove them from the machines to draw on.
  • Siphon any frustration or anger as energy into hammers for extra force.
  • Invent a small chant to increase precision and say it before drilling, cutting, or altering anything.
  • Write sigils for protection, durability, and good color on paper and leave them in the kilns with your art work during firing. (For ceramics and hardening metal casting sand-resin molds. Wouldn’t advise it for glass kilns due to potential contamination by ash in small glass kilns.)
  • Enchant the hell out of your workspace for cleanliness, organization, and loss-prevention. Do this like everyday, I swear. I know sculptors. DO IT NOW.


  • Sharpness enchantments on every single blade in your work area.
  • Draw durability and precision sigils on any sewing equipment used.
  • Enchant water for color-vibrancy and attention and use it to anoint all fabric lengths (usually best while they are still rolled up or immediately after purchasing them).
  • Energize paper reams with color-vibrancy and attention rather than using water.
  • Cast spells on all inks for good consistency and ease of use.
  • Enchant ink-mixing area for cleanliness and lack of contamination.
  • Likewise, enchant cleaning supplies (mineral oils, etc) for extra power while cleaning.
  • Say a protective chant over your pieces while they are drying to prevent damage.
  • Sigil the back of your stamps (and the printmaking word for the ‘stamps’ you use, I forgot) for durability.
  • Visualize your paper/fabric as imbibed with energy of fire for faster drying times.
  • Enchant thread for strength, enchant needle for sharpness, enchant any backing for protection.  


  • Cast spells all over your electronics for protection, battery life, memory space, anything you can think of.
  • If you use a tablet, clean it (carefully) and while doing that visualize your intent for the tablet to provide you with clean lines while drawing.
  • Draw a sigil on your workspace to remind you to save, frequently, often, and with more than one file name during a big project.
  • Enchant your external hard drives and USB sticks with loss prevention spells.
  • Draw a sigil for attention on the background of your digital file before starting a project, erase it for the sigil to activate or leave it hidden in the background for permanence.
  • Turn your digital signature into an enchantment for protection, attention, or theft-prevention.
  • Draw a sigil lightly on the reverse of any photographs printed for protection, attention, or theft prevention.
  • Hold camera lenses up to the sun for good lighting and angles and to the moon for clarity and cleanliness of your lens.
  • Ritualize cleaning of equipment to imbibe materials with specific attributes.


  • Enchant water pre-performance for strength, focus, and energy.
  • Draw sigils for attention on your body underneath your clothes (if you are the performer) or on the focus of your art.
  • Enchant digital or recorded files of your performance for protection (from loss due to accidental trashing) and for locating it later.
  • Sorry I don’t know much about performance, but call upon the spirits of Carol Schneeman and Joseph Beuys and I bet they’d help. (Schneeman’s still living but summon her anyways.)


  • Enchant your coffee, tea, or drink of choice for clarity during critiques and focus during those same critiques.
  • Put sigils on your clothes to decrease anxiety and stress, put sigils on your clothes to prevent damage to yourself or to your clothes.
  • Invent a chant to increase retention while studying for Art History.
Wager (NSFW)

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Ivar the Boneless x Reader

Warnings: smut, sibling rivalry

Request by: @wisewinnerstrawberry

A/N: Hey look, I finally wrote a request. Again though, if you have made a request please don’t fucking ask me when it’ll be posted. I’m super serious about this.

“Oh please, you couldn’t even if your life depended on it!” Bjorn bellowed, his drink sloshing out of his cup as he waved it in the air. “None of you could!”

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BTS Reaction - Anal play/sex

Warning: very mature themes below.


The two of you have done a lot of preparation to bring you up to this point.  Jin was keen on the idea from the moment you’d mentioned it, but although eager to give it a try he also wanted to make sure you did it right, to make the experience as pleasurable as possible for both of you.  That’d led up to him doing an awful lot of research - some of it slightly questionable - but you have to admit that it’s helped things go smoothly up until this point.  

He’s spent so much time preparing your body for what’s to come; trailing soft, loving kisses all over you, caressing you until you’re begging for his touch and only slipping his fingers inside your heat once you’re already soaking wet with anticipation.  He teases you into an orgasm with those fingers and thumb rubbing at your clitoris, smiling as he watches you come undone, and only once he’s satisfied that you’re totally ready and relaxed does he slip those slickened digits downward to graze over your other hole.  

You’re wet enough that lube probably isn’t even necessary, but Jin still takes out the tube he’d tucked under the pillow and coats his fingers in it generously before returning them between your buttocks.  

“Ready?” he asks softly, the hair that’s hanging down into his eyes obscuring some of the lust glinting in them.  You nod, biting your lip, holding your breath as you feel Jin’s pointer finger start to push inside.  “Relax, princess.”  He presses a kiss to the inside of your knee, waiting until he sees you exhale and sag before carrying on, pushing past that tight ring of muscle.  It burns a little as he does, a stilted moan falling from your lips, but once he stills, two knuckles deep, it just feels… kind of weird.  

“C-carry on,” you encourage breathlessly, realising how closely Jin’s watching your face for any signs of discomfort.  On hearing your words he starts to drag that finger back and forth, his own breaths starting to become ragged as you begin to moan, and soon enough he’s pressing in a second finger too, impatience finally starting to get the better of him.  It doesn’t feel weird anymore, it feels amazing.

“You’re doing so well, princess.”

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Is it possible to marry a particular part of someone’s body?  Because if it is then Yoongi’s tongue better get ready for a stunning, heartfelt proposal any day now.  You love that thing and the talented way in which he uses it.  Before Yoongi no one had ever made you cum with oral sex - the whole thing was always just a bit awkward, to be honest - but now?  It’s your most favourite thing ever.  You could happily forgo sex entirely just to live your life sat on Yoongi’s face, but as much as he seems to love doing it, it’d probably still be a little selfish of you to do so.

You’re just coming down from your second orgasm - or was it your third - and from the looks of it Yoongi has no intention of letting up, drawing delicate figures of eight against your clitoris despite the way your hips are twisting and squirming to get away.  

“Yoongi,” you whine, pushing gently at where his hands are fixed on your hips but to no avail, “I-ah-it’s too much…”

“Hmm?”  He continues to skim his tongue through your folds even as he lazily lifts his eyes, looking up at you past your pubic bone, “You want me to stop?”  You hesitate, biting your lip, and you can make out the very corners of his lips curling into a smirk.  “Or do you want something else?”   

You nod eagerly, expecting him to emerge from between your legs and climb on top of you, but apparently sex isn’t what Yoongi has in mind.  He sinks down further between your legs, trailing his tongue down your perineum and closing his eyes as his hands travel from your hips to grasp your buttocks, pulling them apart.  Your own eyes are wide and staring at the ceiling as he moves, your body frozen with anticipation, and although you’ve quickly figured out what it is that Yoongi’s intending to do, nothing can prepare you for the feel of his hot tongue pressing against your hole.  

“F-fuck!” you stutter as it starts to probe inside, instantly loving the way it feels.  You should have known he’d be as good at this as he is at everything else.  

“Want me to stop?” he checks again, obviously having mistaken the flexing of your hips off of the bed as an attempt to move away.

“God, no,” you gasp, reaching down to replace his hands with yours, spreading yourself open in invitation and freeing his up for much more important, pleasurable things.  He chuckles lowly, flicking his tongue against your hole again, loving the way it contracts at his touch.  

“That’s my girl.”  

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“Hobi, baby, I’m ready.”  There’s sweat beading down the side of your face that isn’t pressed into the pillow, the one that you’re holding onto as you arch your back, pushing Hobi’s long, delicate fingers inside even further.  He’s been fingering your ass for at least twenty minutes now, graduating slowly from one finger to two and then three, separating them whilst they’re inside you to stretch you open as much as he possibly can, and although initially it was a little uncomfortable it’s gotten to the point now where you just want more.  “Please,” you add, voice muffling as your turn your face into the pillow.  

He withdraws his fingers slowly, leaving you achingly empty and groaning until you feel him start to climb on top of you.  He kisses your shoulders sweetly as he places his elbows on either side of the pillow to take his weight, lying himself between your spread legs, his abs coming to rest on the swell of your buttocks as his leaking cock lies between them.  

“Are you sure?” he murmurs against your skin, lips trailing your throat now, nuzzling under your hair to nibble at your ear.  You turn your head so you can just about see his gorgeous face and just about kiss him too, soft and slow and tender, subtly moving your hips to rub his cock between the press of your bodies.  

“I’m sure,” you whisper against his mouth and you feel his length twitch with excitement, his breath quickening as he reaches down to line himself up with your soaking wet core.  He sinks in with a groan, his eyes slipping closed as he pumps himself back and forth just a handful of times before withdrawing pushing his now well-lubricated cock against your asshole.  

Inch by inch he slowly enters you, moving a little and then waiting for your breathy pleas to continue, doing this over and over again until finally he’s fully seated inside you, and you swear you hear him make a funny, broken sound as he bottoms out, his breathing even more ragged than it was before.  It’s killing him to hold back, you can tell by the way he’s clutching the pillow, his knuckles turning white, body shaking just as much as yours is too.  

“God,” he gasps as he starts to move a little, like he can’t trust himself to start thrusting properly in case he gets carried away, “It’s even tighter than your pussy.  Fuck.  You’re gonna kill me baby.”

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“You’ve no idea how long I’ve been dreaming about this, babygirl.”  

Namjoon’s been prepping you for this moment for months.  He was the one that’d suggested bringing anal play into your already fairly adventurous sex life, but when he’d seen how nervous you’d looked he’d gone on to promise that you’d take things slow - and that’s exactly what he’d done.  

He’d brought home a very slim, delicate vibrator first, and once you were comfortable with that a beginner’s set of anal beads had joined your modest collection of sex toys.  Those beads gradually increased in size until you found yourself buying a small anal plug all of your own accord, and then a bigger one and a bigger one, until you’d finally graduated to the sizeable plug resting inside you now.  Although not as nearly as long as Namjoon’s cock it matches him for girth, so you know you’ll be able to take whatever he has to give you.  

You’re on all fours, legs spread wide open and hips swaying enticingly as Namjoon kneels behind you, palming your buttocks with both hands and squeezing hard.  

“I can’t wait to see this tight little hole stretching around my cock,” he muses, almost to himself, and at his words you feel your pussy drip, a string of arousal gradually lengthening towards the bed as you moan softly, longing for him to touch you.  

“Please daddy,” you sigh needily, arching your back and biting your lip to stop yourself mewling at the feel of the plug shifting inside of you.  You’ve been wearing it all day underneath your clothes, knowing that tonight was the night, and you’re wound up so tight that you really don’t think you can wait much longer.  

“Please what?” he asks, and you tell from just the tone of his voice that he’s smirking, even as he’s rising up on his knees and tapping on the end of the plug smartly.  Every time he does it it sends a shockwave of pleasure through you, everything clenching as you start to ache for him more and more.  “You want daddy’s cock in here instead, don’t you?”  You nod frantically, pushing yourself back against him until suddenly, without warning, he yanks the plug out.  

You don’t have time to feel empty because the moment the plug is gone Namjoon’s lining up the head of his cock with your gaping hole to replace it, stuffing himself inside in one sharp, hard thrust. However loudly you might have screamed when he removed the plug it’s nothing compared to the sounds you’re making now.  He slams into you over and over again, grabbing onto your hair and yanking your head back as he groans,

“Your ass is gonna be so full of daddy’s cum you’ll be leaking for a week, babygirl.”

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You’ve wanted to try anal sex for a while now, but unfortunately the first and only time you brought it up with Jimin didn’t end too well.  He just couldn’t get his head around why you would want to try something he was so convinced would hurt you, and no matter how much you disagreed or reassured, he just wouldn’t be swayed.  He wasn’t interested in that, thanks, and nothing you could say would change his mind.

You’ve been wondering to yourself lately though, whether there’s something you can do rather than say that might make him think twice, and today you’ve been presented with the perfect opportunity to give your little theory a try.  

Jimin loves mutual masturbation.  It’s a little kink of his, putting on a show for you to watch as he watches you too.  He’s so theatrical, throwing his head back, biting his pouty lips and making the lewdest of noises, lapping up every bit of praise you send his way, and today is no exception.  

“You like watching me, don’t you?” he groans, fisting his cock as he watches you sink your fingers inside yourself with dark, lustful eyes.  

“You know I do, baby,” you reply huskily, “You look so good, so gorgeous.”  He smiles, his head tilting backward with pleasure as he bites his lips and closes his eyes, giving you the perfect opportunity to-

“Jagi, what’re you doing?” Jimin’s breathless, his eyes widening when he finally picks up his head up long enough to notice that two of your hands are now occupied, not just one.  

“Taking matters into my own hands,” you purr back, lifting an eyebrow at him salaciously.  He visibly swallows,and you have to fight the urge to smirk back at him. This is going to work, you can already tell.

You start off slow, teasing both yourself and him by just rubbing at your hole, eventually using the wetness of your pussy to ease a finger inside, gasping at the foreign sensation.  

“Jimin,” you mewl, opening up your eyes to see him stroking himself even harder than before, his length twitching in his hand as he watches your finger disappear, “Don’t you wanna help me?”  He hesitates, swallowing again, his eyes flicking between your face and the movement below.  

“I-I don’t wanna hurt you…”

“Does it look like it hurts?” You start to add a second finger to the first, throwing your head back into the pillow and letting out an exaggerated moan.  “It feels so good, Jimin, please baby, I want you to feel this.”  

Mercifully Jimin caves, just like you knew he would, and seconds later you feel him crawl him way between your legs, his small fingers coming to rest against your own.  You let him take over, biting your lip to hold back a satisfied smile as he gingerly presses his finger inside, groaning at what he finds.

“Oh God, Jagi, it’s so tight.  Why didn’t we do this before?”

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“Tae, someone’s gonna see!”

“They won’t, not if you keep quiet,” he hisses into your ear before attacking your throat, kissing and biting at your tender skin as his hand slips under your skirt.  He pulls your knickers down do they hang round your ankles, your back pressed against the wall and as he smothers your body with his own, his hard erection digging into your stomach.  

You’re not sure what exactly got into him on stage to make him act this way, but whatever it was, you like it.  As soon as he’d come backstage you’d recognised the look in his eyes, the way he was tonguing the inside of his cheek as he looked you up and down before dragging you off to some secluded corner behind the scenes.  

The sound of voices only feet away makes you gasp in panic, and Tae chooses that exact moment to slip his fingers inside your pussy, groaning at the wetness he finds.  He starts to curl his fingers against your g-spot, biting on your bottom lip, and when you fail to contain a stilted moan he smirks dangerously, cocking his head to the side.  

“That’s not very quiet, is it?” He pulls his fingers from you and grabs hold of your hips. “Turn around.” He spins you, pressing your chest against the wall as he lifts up your skirt, exposing the bare globes of your buttocks to his hungry eyes, and once again he starts to finger you roughly.  

You’re just about managing to hold your sounds in despite the way he’s pressing himself into you with every thrust of his fingers, muffling yourself by putting your arm across your mouth, but when Taehyung’s hand suddenly moves elsewhere you yelp, your eyes widening as you look back at him over your shoulder in shock.  

“You wanted to try this, didn’t you?” he smirks, amused by your scandalised expression.

“Yes… b-but, not here, Tae, at home!”  He just continues to grin, licking his lips as he continues to press at your asshole with his slippery fingers.

“No time like the present.”  He shoves you against the wall again, covering your mouth with his free hand as he pushes a first finger inside.  “You like that, don’t you, dirty girl?”  he growls into your ear as he pistons that finger back and forth and all you can do is spills out muffled cries into his hand, arching your back to seek out more.  You’d never thought it would ever feel this good, not ever.  

A second finger joins the first and then he’s scissoring them, stretching you open roughly until he finally unzips his fly, satisfied that you’re ready.  A rustling of material tells you he’s pulled his cock out from his stage outfit, and when he gathers the wetness that’s practically dripping from you you know he’s using it to slicken up his length, ready to slip it inside you.

Tae pushes on your lower back, forcing you to bend and lift your ass up whilst his hand remains held tightly around your mouth, and then he’s pushing inside you with his throbbing length, slow and steady, until he’s all the way inside and panting hard.

“I can’t believe you’re letting me fuck you like this, right here.  You’re such a little slut.”  

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“Like this, babe?”

“Yeah, that’s good, that’s good.”  You’re on top of Jungkook, leant forward so your chest is on his chest, your hands stroking through his hair as you slowly slide yourself back and forth on his solid length.  He’s slipping his index fingers in and out of your ass in time with your movements, just like you asked him to, and it feels so, so good.  You’re so full, and as you start to quicken the pace of your hips it just starts to get better.  

He’s looking up at you worshipfully with those soft, doe eyes of his, his bottom lip caught between his teeth as he watches you ride him, flexing his hips to push up into you at the same time.  When you crash your mouth against his he’s only too eager to kiss you back, moaning quietly as you tug gently on his hair.  

“More, Kookie baby, please,” you mumble against his lips, and although it’s a stretch for him somehow he manages to push in a second finger alongside the first, almost cumming on the spot when he realises he can feel his own cock inside you through your internal walls, can feel the ridge of the head slipping in and out as you move on the pads of his fingers.  

“B-babe?” he says stiltedly, calling your attention, “Can I… can I put it in your ass?”  Jungkook mostly looks wrecked, wet strands of hair clinging to his forehead, but when he makes that hesitant, stuttered request you see a flicker of embarrassment in his face.  You immediately kiss it away, using that little bit of time to decide, and when you pull away you’ve already come to the conclusion that there’s nothing you’d like more, even if the thought of it does make you a little nervous.  You and Jungkook have done all your other first together - you might as well do this one too.  

Smiling reassuring you slowly lift yourself off of his fingers and his cock, holding it at the base whilst you reposition your hips so that the swollen head is nudging at your other hole instead.  Slowly, ever so slowly, you start to let your weight go, sinking onto him at a pace that’s agonising.  It burns, you can’t pretend it doesn’t, but as much as it hurts you can’t help but love it at the same time, watching the way Jungkook’s face is screwed up in pleasure, his head tossed back on the pillow as he feels you clench around him.  Once he’s finally sheathed inside you you’re out of breath, panting, running your hands over his sweaty abs to keep yourself steady, and just as you’re about to start moving Jungkook grabs your hips to keep you still.

“Babe, don’t, not yet.  It feels too good; I’m gonna cum if you move.”  

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💖tips for people starting high school (or even middle school) this year!💖

🍀 if you’re worried about getting lost get a map of the school. i guarantee you every school has a map (they need them in order to plot emergency exit plans) and you can get these either by popping in to your school office and asking the people at the front desk if they have one or by just looking online. mark the location of your classes on the map, jot down your class schedule, and keep it out with you until you can figure out how to get to your classes by memory.

🍀 if you actually do get lost don’t be afraid to ask someone for help. my first day of high school i was walking all over the damn place for a good 20 minutes looking for a classroom before i finally went to the front office and asked for directions (i had somehow entirely missed a wing of the school in my wanderings and that was where the class was, yikes). teachers and other adult staff are the best to ask but if none are around find a kid that looks older than you and ask them. someone will know where you need to go and will be able to point you in the right direction, you just have to be willing to ask them as soon as you’ve realized you have no clue where the hell you’re going instead of walking around like a lost duck for so long like i did.

🍀 write your locker combination down somewhere that’s easily accessible. even if you’re like “ha! it’s only three numbers, i can remember that!” write it down. and if you’re not comfortable or familiar with using combination locks, look up how to use them online - watch a video or two - and maybe write the instructions for which way to turn them down too. it’s not hard but it can be tricky, especially if you’ve never used a combo lock before and you’re already dealing with new school jitters that can throw you off.

🍀 familarize yourself with the rules of your school. your teachers will probably give you a rule booklet on your first day but if not then the rules are likely available to view online. this tip isn’t here to be a buzzkill but to caution practicality: different schools have different rules. some of those rules may be weird, some may be unfair, but in any case it’s always a good idea to know what is/isn’t allowed in your school so you can avoid doing anything that might get you punished (or at least so you’ll know that you should hide what you’re doing so you don’t get caught). specifically be sure you know rules that are about your school’s dress code, their policy on snacks and drinks in the classroom (this may be something you need to ask individual teachers about as well, as different teachers may have different views on this), whether phones or other devices are allowed in school, and if you take any kind of medications (down to an over the counter tylenol or benadryl) whether you’re allowed to bring those or if you need to fill out some kind of form to get permission first.

🍀 buy your own mini pencil sharpener. these were never on any of my school supply lists but they’re one of those things that you’re better off having and not needing than needing and not having (trust me you don’t want to get up and walk all the way across the room during a test or something to use the teacher’s sharpener, they’re big and loud and they annoy everyone).

🍀 make it a habit to write things down! write down all of your homework assignments and any projects, their due dates, and any quizzes/tests your teacher tells you about. also go through your planner and mark out any days that your school will be closed or closing early. some schools give out planners at the beginning of every year (mine did) but if yours doesn’t then buy one for yourself. it doesn’t have to be fancy or anything, they sell decent ones for cheap at stores like dollar tree. just make sure that you use it! it will make your life 100x easier.

🍀 if you’re someone who has a period make sure you have a small bag of necessary supplies with you in your bookbag. include a few pads, tampons, or whatever you use. different schools have different policies on bringing medication (such as ibuprofen, tylenol, or other pain killers you might use for cramps + other period symptoms) so please be aware of what your school’s policy is before you bring a bottle of pills or even a few loose pills to school with you; even if it’s an over the counter drug you can still get in trouble for bringing it to school without permission. if you’re not sure of your school’s policy your best bet is to drop by the school nurse’s office and ask them about it. don’t be too embarrassed to talk about period stuff with them, school nurses have seen/heard everything and they are not going to judge you.

🍀 don’t freak out about where to sit at lunch. seriously. movies and tv shows make a big deal about this (mean girls, anyone?) but in reality it’s just not that big of a deal. if you’re lucky you’ll share a lunch period with people you know and like and will be able to sit with them but if you don’t then don’t worry too much about it, either. try finding a table that seems mostly empty and sit down there. people you don’t know will probably sit with you and this is okay—you’re not obligated to introduce yourself but you’re also not obligated to not introduce yourself either, be polite and maybe smile and say hey if you want or just nom your food and mind your business. these kids are no different from you, they just want to eat, and chances are they’ll be perfectly fine. if you can’t find a mostly empty table, then look for an empty seat next to someone who looks more focused on eating. ask them if you can sit there. 9 times out of 10 they will say yes. sit, eat, wait for the bell, go. repeat the next day. eventually, it’ll just be another part of the routine.

🍀 don’t bring anything expensive to school unless it can fit in your locker (and you’re willing to keep it there) or you know you can keep it with you at all times. i’m not saying your stuff is going to get stolen but i’ve seen it happen before—kid comes to school, shows off their phone or ipod or something, goes to the bathroom leaving the thing unattended, and whoops! it’s gone when they come back. be responsible with your things, especially if they’re things you wouldn’t want to lose. and if you don’t absolutely NEED to bring a thing to school, consider leaving it at home.

🍀 don’t bring drugs, alcohol, weapons, or anything else illegal to school. this is common sense y'all. if you don’t want a police dog to start barking at your locker and to get in some serious trouble then leave the weed at home where the cops actually need a warrant or some kind of probable cause to come in and find it. the school building is not yours and your locker is not yours, it’s the schools. don’t bring anything into the school that you’re not okay with school staff and school cops finding.

🍀 turn your phone off before you go into the school in the morning. there are very few ways to piss a teacher off quite as quickly as having your phone ring while they’re in the middle of speaking or the class is in the middle of a test. not only will they be angry but it’s also just super embarrassing and will probably end up with you getting your phone confiscated. also, don’t text during class. i know it’s tempting but it’s not worth getting in trouble for. keep it off and if you can’t trust yourself to keep it off then keep it at home.

🍀 manage your time between classes wisely. know how much time there is between class letting out and the bell for the next class ringing and know how long it will take you to get to your next class from where you’re at. socializing is good and healthy but don’t burn up all of the time you have between classes hanging out talking to people in the hallway because it can wind up making you late. make sure you pee if you’ve gotta pee and that you have everything you need for your next class.

and for a lot of you beginning middle or high school is usually the first time you’ll have a gym class where you have to change your clothes in a locker room or shower around other students. this can obviously cause a lot of anxiety, especially for those of you who might deal with body image issues so here are a few tips for how to potentially deal with that as well as other locker room tips:

🍀 a lot of gym locker rooms have bathroom stalls attached and you can potentially get changed in those rather than out in the open with everyone else. note that some gym teachers may not be okay with students doing this. if that’s the case then they’ll likely tell you about it on day one of gym class. if they don’t mention it then consider it okay but if they don’t allow people to get changed in the bathroom then you can always slip into a regular school bathroom prior to gym class and change your clothes there and then change into your regular clothes after gym. as long as you manage your time wisely and don’t take too long and wind up late for gym or your next class, you shouldn’t get in trouble for this.

🍀 if you have body image issues about how your upper body looks you can consider wearing a long tank-top underneath your regular clothes and, after you change out of your regular clothes, just put your gym shirt on on top of the tank top. you’re still changing but no one is actually seeing your chest/skin which reduces some of the anxiety.

🍀 if you have body image issues about your lower body or people seeing you in your underwear you can consider wearing boxers or some kind of shorts-like underwear instead of briefs. these cover more skin than briefs do which can, again, reduce anxiety. no matter what your gender identity is there should be some kind of underwear like this in a pattern/color/material that is comfy for you. alternatively, you could also wear thin leggings under your regular pants (though this may not be feasible for you during summer when it’s really hot out).

🍀 if you don’t want to shower after gym, no one can force you. just make sure to have a clean set of clothes to change into, make sure you wear deodorant, and carry a packet of nicely scented wipes in your gym bag to wipe down with after gym is over. maybe also spritz a bit of perfume or scented water in your hair.

🍀 keep a pair of fresh socks in your gym bag. everyone knows to bring their gym clothes but a lot of people forget to bring a pair of clean socks and you really need to. your feet will get sweaty and hot and even if they don’t start to stink it’s still going to be really uncomfortable to wear them until you get home.

🍀 actually wash your gym clothes. YMMV, i don’t know how much y'all sweat or stink, but be sure you wash your gym clothes at least once a week because no matter what your body odor level is they will start to stink after awhile. if your clothes get particularly funky then wash them in a mix of antibacterial soap and baking soda—the soap will kill the germs and the baking soda will make them smell good again.

🍀 and speaking of stink, if your gym shoes start to smell funky buy some baking soda spray and spray the hell out of them too.

🍀 be respectful of other people in the locker room. don’t make comments about other people’s bodies that could make them feel uncomfortable or upset. if you make any kind of mess, clean it up. if the locker room has bathroom stalls attached, don’t hog them - always be aware of how much time you’re spending in there or in front of the mirror and whether there’s anyone standing around who needs to get into a stall or use a sink. and if you use perfume or body spray or any other kind of aerosol, for the love of god and asthmatics everywhere, don’t use too much of it—not to call anyone out but you young dudes out there who are just beginning your manly love affair with AXE body spray need to be especially on notice over this. when i was in middle school boys used so much AXE that you could see the waves of it drifting out of their locker room and making its way across the gym. i know y'all want to smell good but that shit can choke people out, i promise you that you don’t need to use quite THAT much in order to smell nice.

🍀 stand up to bullying and body shaming when you see it happen. if you see something, say something. if another student is being bullied in the locker room, stand up for them. sometimes the only thing it takes for a bully to stop is for other people to tell them to shut the fuck up and make it clear that their behavior isn’t acceptable. reach out to classmates of yours who you see being bullied and body shamed even when you don’t know them. you don’t have to be friends with someone in order to understand that they deserve to be treated with kindness and respect. defend people who are being attacked and taken advantage of and make sure they know that they deserve better.

💖 💖 if i missed anything please feel free to add on to this list!!! 💖 💖

BTS reacting to their S/O giving back their favorite Sweatshirt.

Summary: How BTS would react to their someone giving back their favorite Sweatshirt of theirs because it doesn’t smell of them anymore.

Kim Namjoon:
You pressed his oversized sweatshirt into his hands the minute you walked into the apartment, leaving him puzzled for a minute. 
What is this?” he asked before realizing that it’s the sweatshirt that has gone missing a few months ago. 

It doesn’t smell like you anymore.” you answered without looking at him, already looking for another shirt to wear. He raised his eyebrow at your answer and shake his head in disbelief. 
But I never knew you had this in the first place…?”

Kim Seokjin:
You stayed over at your boyfriend’s house for the night and when you asked him to get something from your bag, he noticed a familiar looking sweatshirt peaking out from underneath your other clothes and pulled it out, his eyes widening in disbelief. “When did you even take this?” He asked as he came back into the bathroom and looked at you through the mirror in confusion. 

A while ago. It didn’t smell like you anymore so I decided to give it back.”
He silently chuckled at your answer before turning around and leaving you to yourself while mumbling, 
I wonder if she has that hair brush too that I’ve been missing.” 

Min Yoongi:
He sighed annoyed when you pulled out his favorite sweatshirt from your bag and gave it back to him, smiling innocently. He grabbed it from your hands and shook his head at your behavior, trying to hide the smile that’s tugging on his lips as he gently beat you with the sweatshirt. After he calmed himself, he chuckled and pointed at his wardrobe.

Go pick another one. I’ll wear this one so it smells like me again.”

Jung Hoseok:
He was sitting on the couch, scrolling through Netflix when the door to his apartment suddenly flung open and a familiar figure ran past, giggling under their breath. Hoseok got up from his seat and investigated it further, leaning against the doorframe of his bedroom and watched you eagerly go through his wardrobe. 

Did the sweatshirt I gave you stop smelling like me?” He asked, smirking at you knowingly. You slowly turned around to him and nod slightly, throwing the sweatshirt over to him. 

Park Jimin:
When he opened the door and saw you hugging his long lost sweater tightly, pouting as you try to not make eye contact with your boyfriend, he instantly giggled at the scene in front of him and sighed in frustration, already giving up before even trying to argue with you about the point. He took it from you and his gaze met yours.

Do you want to choose another one?” He asked and you nod in excitment, dissapearing into his wardrobe.

Kim Taehyung: 
He pretended to be surprised when you handed him the sweatshirt you told him went missing a couple months ago and just took it back from you, his eyebrows raised in shock. When he noticed you biting down on your lower lip to remain a straight face, he gently hit you with it and sighed.  

“It’s not like you basically already own my clothes anyways.”

Jeon Jungkook:
Jungkook was standing shirtless in front of his wardrobe, looking for his favorite black shirt.
Who’s wearing my clothes again?”, he yelled for the members to hear. They all promised him they had nothing to do with the dissapperance of his shirt.
Suddenly there was a knock on the door. He opened it half naked to let you in. Confused, you asked him why he was acting the way he did. In frustration he let out a groan and told you about the mysterious loss of his shirt. With a grin, you opened your backbag and pulled out a black shirt that looked exactly like his.

“It doesn’t smell like you anymore so I figured I’d give it back.”, You answered, flashing him a smile before walked towards his wardrobe to pick another one to take home.

~Love, Youngmi~

Underneath Your Clothes

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Featuring: Hoseok, Jhope (BTS)
Genre: smut
By: Admin S

Warning…this is long. I’ve broken into 2 parts I’m sorry, please suffer through all 7200 words. I also am completely done with the formatting and tumblr. Okay, it’s really long, but I couldn’t split this up evenly, I was too into this. You can ask L, I’ve been talking about writing this fic forever.

In favor of Hopi’s birthday, I give you Hoseok being the fine ass beast that he is. Enjoy~

EDIT: Read the other parts HERE!

There has to be something more to his sweet and smiley personality.

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  If there was one thing about Dean Winchester, it was that he was always right. Even when he was wrong, he was somehow right at the same time. Most of the time, he did it to piss her off. Getting a rise out of her was something he enjoyed, especially when she would chase him around the bunker kitchen, trying to attack him with a smile on her face. 

  He argued with her until she was blue in the face some nights. It was usually about the stupidest things too. Old movies. Who saved who on the hunt. Who can drink more. The list went on. Anything he could argue with her about, he did. He enjoyed it. He enjoyed being right and proving her wrong. 

  But the thing is; Dean Winchester was always right.

  Even when he didn’t want to be. 

  When she came home with tears in her eyes one night. He knew yet again he was right. She went on a date, another one with a guy he knew wouldn’t treat her nearly as good as someone like he, would. She smiled weakly, trying to show him that she was a big girl and that she would get over this. Deep inside, Dean knew she was hurting inside. He knew she wanted something more than a one night stand. He knew she was worth more than one night. A girl like her deserved someone to give her everything she ever wanted.

  He wanted to be that guy so bad. But he knew a girl like her would never settle for a bad guy like him. 

  Instead, he got up from his seat at the table. He wasn’t going to fight with her on this one. He knew by the look on her face that she was expecting him to make a comment, rub it in her face. But he didn’t. He wrapped his arms around her, comforting her in the way he knew she needed. She didn’t fight him on it. She just melted into him, pouring her tears into his red flannel shirt. She was so looking forward to this date and it had gone horribly wrong. 

  He placed a kiss to the crown of her head before resting his cheek on her head. He held her tightly until her sobs subsided. She pulled away from him, wiping her eyes. Her make up had been ruined by her tears. He hated every guy who had hurt her even more now. 

  “Why don’t you go change into your pyjamas and you and I will take you on a Dean Winchester date. I’ll make a quick picnic basket, and grab a few blankets and we’ll take off down the open road and I’ll show you what it’s like to go on a proper date with someone who actually cares about who you are instead of what you’ve got underneath your clothes,” he told her. She pulled her bottom lip between her teeth, her mind reeling over what he just asked her. He could tell she was unsure, but she nodded her head.

  “You don’t have to, Dean. I already had one pity date today, I don’t need another,” she sniffled, looking up at him with her beautiful Y/E/C eyes. 

  “I know I don’t have to. I’m doing it because I want to,” he assured her, taking her small hands in his. “I’m doing this because I should have asked you a long time ago. Instead, you went out with guys who don’t care enough about you to treat you like you deserved to be treated.”

  “And you want to do that?” she questioned.

  “I want to do that,” he stated. “Besides, I know you can’t resist me. I’m never wrong.” She let out a laugh, making Dean smile. He had never been so thankful for a date gone wrong. 

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Boss!AU - Part 5

Part 1, Part 2, Part 2.5, Part 3, Part 4

Time for the final part! This is actually my favourite part! It’s more fluffy than the other parts and I can’t leave the characters alone for too long so I’m sure we’ll dip in to the universe in the future again! I hope you like it - thank you for all the lovely comments I’ve had since starting it x

“Harry?” You speak down the phone after arriving in the office. It’s like a blizzard outside, raining and windy, and the last thing you need is your phone ringing when you’ve barely taken your coat off. You have his spilt hot coffee over your hand, and your clothes underneath are wet from the rain too; not quite the same weather as New York just last week. Harry had let you take Thursday and Friday off as a thank you for working the previous weekend so you’d spent the past four days with your phone switched off and holed up in your flat with takeaways and movies in between sleeping off the jet lag.

Your flat mate had flittered in and out in between seeing her boyfriend and she spent most of her time at the weekends with him now, which you were more than happy to see her do (and it gave you the flat to yourself), and you hoped you might have the same soon, if Harry would only make up his mind about whether he wanted something serious or not. You understand he has more to think about than most men his age, with his four year old son in the picture, and being the number one priority in his life, obviously, but you’ve decisions to make yourself. On the screen of your laptop is a draft contract from one of Harry’s rivals sitting in your emails, all you have to do is read through, get back to them with any adjustments, sign it, and you’d be free to sleep with Harry without fear of anybody finding out and frowning upon it.

Shit, it did sound sordid when you put it like that. Sleep with him? Be his assistant-with-benefits?

“Hey…” he sounds breathless, as if he’s running late. “Listen, I wouldn’t ask yeh if I didn’t need to bu’ I need a favour from yeh?”

You sigh, placing the coffee on the desk and pulling your hair away from your neck, the phone safely nooked between your shoulder and ear as you did so, and tried to do open up the place as he speaks. “What is it?”

“Sam’s sick.”

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[Y/N] jumped up from the table in the library when her phone alarm signaled that it was five o’clock. Cursing, she gathered her books and rushed out of the library. She had stayed after school to study for her exams, [Y/N] would have studied at home but between her parents and siblings, she would’ve gotten nothing accomplished. 

“Crap, crap, crap.” [Y/N] muttered. The only reason why her alarm went off was because it was set to remind her to pick up her father’s suit from the dry cleaners. Glancing down at her phone, she chose a more appropriate word that explained how much trouble she was going to be in. “Fuck.” The dry cleaners closed exactly on the dot at five thirty and it was on the other side of town. [Y/N] kicked herself mentally for not keeping a better track of time.

Rounding the corner with head down, she slammed into someone. The collision sent [Y/N] to the floor, her books scattering the hallway, and phone sliding underneath the door and into the Science room. “Shit.” Rubbing her chest, she looked up only to gape at the person towering over her. “Peter?” 

Peter went to apologize but before he could do so, he followed her horrified stare to his chest. “Shit!” Fumbling with his jacket, he started to panic, zipping it up, he bit his lip. “It’s not what you think….” 

Still in shock, “I think it’s exactly what I think….” 

“No, no. It’s just a costume, not real, it’s you know, fake.” 

“A fake costume.” [Y/N] repeated as she picked herself up. “That you wear underneath your clothes?” Arching a brow, she shook her head, “Doesn’t sound fake to me.” 

“You can’t tell anyone.” Peter stammered, still in panic mode that someone that he hardly knew, knew his secret. 

Rolling her eyes, she huffed and bent down to pick up her stuff. “Don’t worry, I won’t.” 

“You won’t?” 

“You sound surprised, Parker.” [Y/N] said unamused as she searched for her phone in the Science room.

Leaning against the door frame, he shrugged. “Well, I’m, you know, Spiderman.” 

[Y/N] chuckled, “Right.” when she found her phone, she glanced down and groaned, 5:17. Tapping her chin with her phone, she planned her funeral in her head. Her father was going to be livid that she didn’t pick up his suit. He had an important business meeting and she was going to be so screwed. In the midst of her planning, she flickered a look towards Peter. Smirking, she walked right up to him.

Shuffling her books to one hand, her other grabbed his zipper and gently pulled it down to reveal the spider emblem. “Let’s make a deal, Parker.” 

Shifting in his spot, he stuttered out. “Uh, okay?” 

Looking into his brown eyes, she murmured. “You help me break into a dry cleaners and I’ll keep your secret.” 

“You want me to what?” 

Groaning, she frowned. “I was supposed to pick up my dad’s suit and it’ll be closed before I get there. I’ll be in deep shit, Parker. Like so deep, I’m going to be stuck forever. Help me and I’ll never even say the word Spiderman.” 

Contemplating, he smiled. “Deal.” 

Patting his chest, she gave a sigh of relief. “Good. You really are a hero.”