Muslimah Fashion: Big Glasses

Oversized frames for an oversized statement - These geek-chic lenses are back in fashion and extremely popular. Don’t have a prescription? Many accessory stores now carry faux frames (with plastic lenses) so anyone can get the look.

UB Glasses Fashion Tips:

Putting them on and taking them off can snag your hair (either pulling it out completely or tangling around the glasses arm) and a messy hijab!  To avoid the snag, try to pick glasses with as little detail on the arm as possible - Your hair will have a harder time wrapping around a smooth surface.

If you wear an undercap try to slide the arms between the cap and your scarf - This avoids any potential hair mishaps by having the glasses never coming into contact with the hair. Pre-hijab, try slicking the hair around your temples down. When you put your hair into a bun/pony use a dab of hairspray on each side to flatten the small hairs to your head.

Avoid potentially messing up your hijab and pulling out your locks by wearing the glasses over your hijab (instead of sliding the arms inside). This works particularly well with hijab styles that are flatter at the sides, or styles that use a lot of volume layers.

Fun frames with impact designs or frames that are simple chic,the choice is up to you. Glasses are like any other accessory and can be matched with your outfit, mood & personality to create a plethora of unique fashion looks.