there are atlases in your eyes
you map out the plains of her world
hold the globe in your palms
she drowns in depths darker than you know

greece, you say, remember greece
bare feet dew-wet you ran to me
pledged yourself in silver
for your first hunt i let you devour me

she does not recall her circlet
she braids her hair in a sloppy crown
you wonder if there is a time she will know you
the regal tilt of her chin cows your own

rome - whispered - remember rome
you are there to watch the princess fall
whine under her window and let her salt your pelt
for your troubles you are carved in bronze and defaced by her kings

she does not recall the horror of devine intervention
you smile sadly and watch her eat up men
there is silver in your veins now but you have never been anything but a wolf
she runs with lesser dogs and you howl at the moon

egypt, you cry, you must remember egypt
you swore yourself to the sun
i hid your throat with lapis lazuli
don’t worry - it was easy to rip out my hair for you

she does not recall your sacrifices
in a jewelry store her breath catches at the blue stones
you fancy her a sphinx, a lion-goddess
the wolves circle and you see jackals in their place

there are black holes in her eyes
she blinks and you rejoin the stars
holds herself together with tenacity and lash glue
you taught her to tread water, not to swim

—  flowers wither; time turns on // gc

Under the Moon - Trial Edition
(アンダー ザ ムーン - 体験版)

Release dates (Windows)
Japanese: November 8th, 2006
English: October 18th, 2014

"You are Ashe, the daughter of the Demon King, and you’ve started living in the twins’ home. 

As you advance the story, you can choose different options with the intention of improving your relationships with the characters. Besides your relationships, you can adjust the values of the impressions you make by how you respond to the characters’ conversations.

On the scale in the upper-right corner of your screen, increasing your evil will weigh down the red moon, while demonstrating your humbleness will weigh down the blue moon.  Later, this value will affect the fate and actions of those who love you.”

When the demon hunt really begins, who will you want to protect you? And, your fate as a couple…?”

This is the trial version of the PC edition of Under the Moon, translated by OGE (thanks to prevolt for the link)! It is not known whether or not there are plans to translate the full version at this point. The full version is an H/R18 game, but as far as I can tell, the trial is not! (Please correct me if I’m wrong)

You can download the patch here, and the Japanese trial version of the game that you’ll need to patch over here. On that page, the trial can be downloaded under the heading “[Under the Moon]体験版”; just click on the image or one of the mirrors below, and it will start downloading.

You’ll also need to change your system locale language to play this game. To do so, simply go to the Control Panel, then Clock, Language and Region (or Region and Language). Click the Administrative tab, then Change system locale to Japanese (Japan). 
This can easily be changed back to English once you’re done playing by following the same directions and selecting English instead of Japanese.

Watch the opening here!




…but then again, I thought the season finale last year, with Klaus and Caroline, was awesome.
—  Kevin Williamson [x]

Rush Discography

Full albums linked.


Some dreamy smiff for your dash because lord knows we all need this in our lives


OQ appreciation week - day 6 ~ Secret Admirer

At first, she receives apples then it’s flowers at her office and sweet gifts at her house with lovely notes, compliments on her beauty, on her personality..

Then it’s serenades under her window at night when she can’t see his face…and she loves his voice, whoever he is, she finds he has a great voice…

Except one day, karaoke at Granny’s makes her realize who is her secret admirer…Robin watches her as the shock comes and her eyes widens…He simply winks at her…

She finds a note at her door…She has to meet him at a specific place at a specific hour…

She goes and the place is dark, it’s night…

Then everything is lighten and Robin is in front of her, singing softly, with a guitar in his hands.


excited youth - a thorloki high school au fanmix

elephant gun - beirut
1957 - milo greene
ivory road - king charles
carousels - beirut
soft & warm - voxtrot
i hope this gets to you - the daylights
blow away - a fine frenzy
there goes the fear - doves
5 years time - noah and the whale
two birds - regina spektor
ho hey - the lumineers
the start of something - voxtrot

download // listen

Dashing through the snow,
On our shells we’re gonna sled.
Over the farm we go,


It’s freezing out here now,
Is this how fun’s defined?
I get it’s cool when on a sleigh-
but there’s snow where sun don’t shine.


Have some adorkable Donnie doodling on a frosty window.
Because you only try shell sledding once before you realize it’s not a fun idea.

Unless you’re Mikey.
Then it takes a few more times before he’s convinced hot cocoa’s more fun.