Agreste Mansion's Garage

I’m not aware that anyone has noticed, or pointed this out yet, but the Agreste’s do in fact have a garage attached to their house.

It is at the ground level, bottom right, under the dining room windows.

Here we seen a small corner from behind the wall.

In a quick screenshot of Bubbler, the garage door is more visible from within the courtyard.

 Even though it is almost unnoticeable, and not in a place typically expected, it makes sense for them to have one. It is only large enough for a single vehicle, and must be the place where their private car is kept when the Gorilla isn’t driving it.

Noo there was a tiny baby warthog lying under my window ;__; It ran away when I came close. It was alone, so I hope it finds its pack again.
Good luck tiny baby warthog that ‘oinked’ at me cutely


not pictured: the delightful aftermath wherein I returned to my desk to find that the fucker had dISAPPEARED WHERE THE FUCK IS IT THIS HAPPENED LIKE 10 MINUTES AGO AND I AM VERY MUCH ON EDGE

Under the Window. Pictures & Rhymes for Children. Written and illustrated by Kate Greenaway. George Routledge & Sons., London [1878]. First edition. first issue.

Under the window is my garden,
Where sweet, sweet flowers grow;
And in the pear-tree dwells a robin,
The dearest bird I know.

Tho’ I peep out betimes in the morning,
Still the flowers are up the first;
Then I try and talk to the robin,
And perhaps he’d chat–if he durst.

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Maybe just one more weddding heacanons request? Some about marrying Alex Summers this time? :)

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  • He blasts a crop field spelling the proposal.
  • You say ‘yes’ and his smile is wider than every smile he had so far.
  • And it lasts for days.
  • “If you keep it up, it will be forever stuck to your face.”
  • “Shut up, Scotty.”
  • Raven wants to be the godmother of your first child and you decide to make her the maid of honor as well.
  • Hank is the best man.
  • Alex wants to persuade Warren to dress up as a cherub as he brings the rings.
  • He earns a pat on the head both from you and Warren.
  • Charles and Erik help Alex with his suit.
  • Jean and Raven help you with the wedding gown.
  • Kurt and Scott take up the food and catering preparations and they get exactly want you wanted.
  • The night before he sings under your window.
  • The wedding day is here and you wake up to find a beautiful locket in your drawer which has your and Alex’s picture.
  • You hold Charles’ hand as he walks you to the altar.
  • Alex’s eyes shine and his smile deepens,
  • The vows contain cheesy quotes from your favourite movies.
  • The kiss after is blasting.
  • Scott has the first toast on the party after.
  • The night that follows is a blast.
  • Twelve months later Raven gets her wish.

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One Shot: Lucas dresses up as Captain America for Riley.

#TeamCap ;)

Riley sits on the floor of her bedroom with her back against the bay window seat. Her arms are wrapped tightly around her knees, pulling them close to her chest.

She replays the events of the day over again in her mind. Their words echo down a long empty hallway. She can’t see the end of it. The hallway, their voices, their words, the laughs, the darkness… Everything echoes while at the same time everything is still and quiet and she’s alone in a hallway. No, she’s in her room, on her floor. She’s alone on the floor under her bay window.

There’s a knock at the door.

“I’ll be out soon, Mom!”

The doorknob turns and Riley scrambles to make herself look more presentable and inconspicuous.

“Hi,” Lucas smiles at her.

“What are you doing here?”

“Your parents let me in and said I could come back here, but I have to leave the door cracked.” He does then walks over to Riley.

“What…what are you wearing?”

“Well,” Lucas sighs as he sits down on the floor beside her. “I knew you needed saving so…I figured, who better than your favorite Avenger! Is it too much?”

Riley laughs lightly and shakes her head. “It’s perfect.”

Lucas smiles warmly and strikes his best Captain America pose, shield and all. Riley laughs again, but a second later it’s gone and her face is stone and all the color has drained from her skin and she pulls her knees back up to her chest.

“I don’t need to be saved,” she mumbles. “I can save myself.”

Lucas, trying not to be so taken aback by the sudden change, chuckles lightly and scoots closer to her. “I know that,” he says quietly. “I’m here in case you need backup.”

Riley squeezes her eyes shut tight and buries her face between her knees.

Lucas hesitates at first, but then wraps his arms around Riley and pulls her close to him. She turns her head into his chest and grips his shirt tightly.

“It’s okay,” Lucas’ voice is as soft as his touch as he rubs her back. “I’ve got you.”

There’s a different version of this in my drafts that I wrote first, but it’s less of “he dresses up for her” and more “they end up accidentally coordinating costumes.” Let me know if you want me to post that one, but I hope you liked this one!

ok guys i have a voltron headcanon 

Keith would totally collect succulents but like his room isnt the typical clean aesthetic 

it’s a complete mess and there’s dirty clothes everywhere (some of them lance’s) and there’s food wrappers and crumbs and just its a mess the place hasn’t been cleaned in years but he has this shelf right under his window and it’s just lined with succulents and the shelf is clean and the succulents are cute and well-taken care of

thank u for reading my headcanon 

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Not that anyone knows but you're very much like Finch (or she's very much like you?), and for characters people would actually know from what I've seen of Claire Temple, yes. Because from what I've seen of her she just finds a half dead guy in the dumpster, doesn't freak out, and just takes him inside and superglues him back together.

I love Finch so much, and I am so proud to have her stompy shit-kicking self be modeled in some small way after me.  ♥

Claire Temple is hands-down the most flattering comparison I could ever get here, and I am blessed.  It’s true, though, if I found a busted-up Matt Murdock in the garbage, I too would haul his ass in and roll my eyes at him while he bleeds on my discount couch. 

ALLS Build Item Favourites!

I wanted to make a masterpost of all my favourite build items, that I use in pretty much every lot I build or re-decorate to post for my followers. Since I plan on uploading more lots, it will be helpful for myself and anyone who downloads my houses to find the build items I use in my game. These are all custom content items, I do use a fair amount of EP/SP build items.

Check it all out under the cut!

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I remember once being over at his house in Bel Air — he’d just bought it for $250,000, or something like that.  Anyway, he’s showing me his pool — gigantic it was. He was real proud of it.

I’m over there again three weeks later, at a party — Frak’s birthday I think — and I notice that the pool is now indoors.

“Hey, what’s going on, man?  This wasn’t here before.”

He’s had it extended. So now it comes under the giant picture window, and ends just short of the bar.

“Great idea,” I say. “It needed something.”

The party’s in full swing, and suddenly Nesmith decides he’s got to have a hamburger, and he hasn’t got any in the house. He’s got a hundred thousand gallons-worth of Olympic Swimming Pool in his front room — but he forgot the hamburgers.

“Who wants a hamburger?” he asks.

Nobody, apparently. Everyone’s either swimming, or getting bitten by Frak. So Nes leaves.

There’s no shortage of wine at least, and though I don’t usually drink as you know, I think — what the hell?  It’s Tuesday.

Well, it’s getting dark and there’s no sign of Nesmith — but the party just keeps rolling.  Much later the phone rings.

“It’s for you, Davy.”

I pick up the receiver. Loud traffic noises.

“Hey, you should have come with me. Great hamburgers, man.”

“Sounds like it. Where are you?”


He’d taken a jet to go eat at his favourite hamburger stand back home in Texas. I like that. Style.


“They Made A Monkee Out of Me”


Fireworks and Panties

read it on the AO3 at http://ift.tt/29kSP2P

by thatwriterlady

Cas is a new homeowner, thrilled with the huge backyard he has so many plans for. As winter turns to spring and then to summer, he works diligently at creating thriving gardens filled with flowers, herbs, and vegetables. Slowly he’s getting to know his neighbors, though he has not yet met the man whose backyard backs right up to his. He had definitely noticed the man though. It’s hard not to, he’s gorgeous. While out watering his flowers one hot, summer morning Cas learns a few things about his new neighbor.

One, he has done a little gardening of his own as there are flower beds under the kitchen window

Two, his neighbor likes to walk around in nothing more than women’s panties

It can’t possibly get more awkward.



Words: 4921, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

read it on the AO3 at http://ift.tt/29kSP2P