Sonoko has so much money it’s not even a joke. Isn’t Jirokichi considered the wealthiest man on earth or something? She could do so much more with the influence and power she has and it’s a shame she doesn’t other than getting tickets to concerts or VIP seating.

So, maybe when Ran comes back crying from Miracle Land and Shinichi has run off to god knows where, maybe she finally puts down her foot and decides no more is she going to let that Idiot Mystery Geek hurt her best friend.

And maybe she calls in a few favors and black mails a few others and bribes the rest, but she finally manages to track down that idiot - and he’s right under her nose. And she can’t believe, still can’t even though she’s looking right at it, but she accepts it in the end. And maybe she even understands, just a little bit, so she works out a deal with him of some sort.

After all, no matter how large this Black Organization may be, there’s no way they’re larger than the network of informants and spies that functions under the Suzuki Financial Group that has claims to over several billions in net worth, and almost a sixth of the world’s wealth undocumented.

Ran’s her first and bestest friend. There’s not much in the world she wouldn’t do for her. Taking down the BO is hilariously easy.

String are pulled, politicians are swayed, federals are informed. Edogawa Conan might have some friends in high places, but none of that even compares to the sheer amount of agents internationally that are indebted to the Financial Group.

Sonoko is smart, cunning, and every bit of of the Suzuki heiress she is.

(Of course, she still loves Kaito KID but it’s more of a i-know-it’s-ridiculous-but-he’s-romantic-and-fucking-hilarious-have-you seen-his-white-suit-and-cape-is-he-an-idiot-or-something-but-I-love-him kind of thing)