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Spirits and Such Shenanigans pt. II
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David Suzuki thinks Stephen Harper should serve prison time for ‘wilful blindness’ to climate change
For nine years, Canada had a prime minister who ‘wouldn’t even let the term ‘climate change’ pass his lips!’ the environmentalist told Rolling Stone Australia

David Suzuki thinks Stephen Harper “should be thrown in jail for wilful blindness” to climate change during the Conservatives’ reign.

For nine years, Canada had a Prime minister who “wouldn’t even let the term ‘climate change’ pass his lips!” the prominent environmentalist told Rolling Stone Australia.

Suzuki, longtime host of CBC’s The Nature of Things, is going to Australia in March to speak at WOMADelaide, a dance and music festival. In a Q&A ahead of the trip, he compared Harper to a negligent executive.

“If you’re the CEO of a company and you deliberately avoid or ignore information relevant to the functioning of that company, you can be thrown in jail,” he said.

Under the Tories, Suzuki said he “had to worry about literally being called ‘enemies of Canada.’”

“…I was going to book a one-way ticket to Mars if Harper was re-elected,” Suzuki said.

In 2012, the Conservative government investigated the David Suzuki Foundation for its spending on political activities after a crackdown on registered charities. Suzuki stepped down from the organization so he could “speak freely without fear.”


World Time Attack is Back!  

Can’t wait to see what happens.  Hopefully Suzuki Under and Top Fuel can get it together this year.  Kyushu Danji in ProAm for their first time is going to be awesome to see.  

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