You’ll never believe who I’ve found.

After 2-3 weeks, after disappearing mysteriously with no trace of a body…

It’s Greedy Banana!

Somehow he had gotten into the filter at the back of the tank. I have no idea how, my tank is lidded and the filter has a very fine wire mesh in front of it. Not only that, he’d gotten under the plastic cover and then past a layer of foam used to filter out chunky plant material. He was hanging with the ball-like filter stuff and having an algae feast. I even found one of his moults back there.

I’ve put him back into the main tank now where I’m sure he’s happy to be able to stretch his legs and swim.

Gosh I’m so happy.

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Hi! I was wondering if you could write some of the beautiful men (Ryouma and Marx preferably) walking in on FemKamui trying on their armour? Only if you have the time of course!! Oh thank you btw <3

Xander: It takes him a good while to find out where your voice is coming from. “______, come out from wherever you’re hiding! Really, where have you gone off to?” He looks under the covers, under the bed,

“I told you I’m here Xander! Don’t you see me?”

His heart jumps a mile when he sees his armor twitching around on its own. “Good heavens, is that you in there?”

The armor twitches again in what he assumes is a nod. A metallic voice comes out to confirm that is indeed you. “It’s rather hot in here…”

He shakes his head and raps on the metal, sending you stumbling until he pulls back you–wherever you are–back to safety. “Now just what are you trying to accomplish?”

“I wanted to see what I would look like in your armor…”

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Selena had been feeling particularly anxious all day and was very unaware of why, so after putting Eden to sleep she curled up in her most comfortable pajama’s and laid down in bed. She turns the tv on and tries to find something, but can’t manage to. Instead of just turning it off, she leaves it on a random station and sinks further under the covers.

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Hey! What are your favorite Everlark snowy, wintry headcanons?

A little drabble based on my favourite Everlark winter headcanons. For you, because you’re so sweet. <3

“It’s the apocalypse,” I grouse as the snow whirls outside the living room window. In the last 24 hours, the winter wonderland of the Victors’ Village has transformed into a barren landscape. Peeta and I went outside an hour ago to shovel our walkway and it’s beginning to fill in already. We checked to make sure Haymitch had a fire and something to eat while we were out there and the trail of boot prints between our house and his place has already disappeared.

“C'mere. If the end is near, I want to spend it with you,” Peeta tells me, rising on his elbow from our nest of blankets in front of the fire. He holds out his hand to me and I scuff across the floor in his wool socks to snuggle against his bare chest under the covers.

“You should probably put some clothes on,” I tell him. “It’s going to get colder in here now that the power’s out.“ 

Peeta laughs and plucks at the shirt I’m wearing. "Katniss, you’re wearing my shirt and my socks.“ 

“I couldn’t stand in the window naked,” I scoff.

He rolls so that I’m on top of him and makes a weak attempt to get his shirt back. “Well, if you’re so concerned that I’ll freeze to death, give it back.”

I playfully push his hands away and tell him I’m going to keep it.

“I’ll be cold.”

His hands are sliding up my bare thighs when his eyebrow quirks up and he gives me a sly grin. “Don’t worry. I warmed you up before. I can do it again.”

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So the way I feel about Candice is something serious like the girl is amazing and her acting alone deserves accolades... she kicks butt, gives advice and in my dreams has her own show as an awesome investigative reporter under deep cover... I would live for that and I love how they are making her into such a baddie outside of Barry!! S3 will be the reign of IRIS/CANDICE!!!

Candice Patton is a gift to The Flash fandom. Sometimes I wonder how we got so lucky. Like what did we do to deserve such a perfect leading lady who not only understands her character, but also delivers such moving performances on a regular basis, sells us this beautiful love story between Barry and Iris, and is still humble and grounded enough to recognize her fans?? 

I love that Iris is becoming more incorporated into the team at STAR Labs, but I would definitely like to see her more immersed in her role as an investigative journalist. I feel like the show has depicted her journalism career though a shallow lens that warrants more: Candice has the talent to pull it off, she just needs the writing to supply her! 

"Twister" and "Bubble gum"

The German man slept soundly with his lover in his muscular arms, the spring afternoon sun beating down on the curtains of the master bedroom.

Long story short the two were completely bare under the Crimson covers. I really wouldn’t wonder why.

The doors to the large home burst open followed by a loud,“VATI, MAMA, UNCLE, WE’RE HOME!!!!!”

Ludwig groaned softly as he awoke to the loud voice of his blonde daughter, Bella.

“I’m here too!"called the slightly quieter voice of M, the older little girl in the home. She wasn’t a daughter(a niece instead)but she loved the people of the home just the same.

‘Since when did school end at 1:00,'Luddy thought to himself as he yawned lightly and his liebe, Lizzy, slowly awoke.

"Ugh,"she groaned sleepily, her voice clogged with hints of lingering reaches to sleep.

"They’re home~"Germany said gruffly.

"Really? Already?"Lizzy asked softly, she was completely unwilling to leave the arms of Germany.

"Ja,"he replied through a yawn.

Ludwig nuzzled into the neck of his lover, letting out a small content sigh.

He too, was apparently not ready to face the solid floors of the home and leave the covers and mattress.

"MOMMA? VATI?” Bella called as she dropped her satchel next to the dark cherry wood door. She scanned the space in front of her, looking for any sign of her parents. But nothing but a “bubblegum” wrapper have her clues, but ultimately that lead her no where either.

“Do you think that they’re umm with the other countries,bambino ?"M asked softly as she looked at her cousin.

The blonde little girl shook her head, her green eyes meeting with M’s brown ones.

"Nope, I would’ve known, I kinda sorta check the call ended that Vati keeps.”

“Do we have to get up?"Ludwig asked as Lizzy half heartedly untangled herself from his arms.


“They can do fine on their own, ja? Just for a little bit, liebe,"he chided as he kissed her cheek softly.

Pairs of footsteps sounded down the halls, m and Bella.

Bella slid to a stop in front of her parent’s door, nearly falling over before M grabbed her hand.

Bella shot a thankful smile to M before reaching up for the doorknob and twisting it open.

"Momma, Vat-Wait what are you doing?"The loud little girl asked, spotting her parents in the mess of tangled sheets.

Lizzy quickly responded,"We’re playing twister, baby.”
Ten years later-

Bella’s head shot up as she did her homework.

“They weren’t playing twister!”

M looked to her cousin,“You just got that?”

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[Piltover|Zaun Builder] - Piltovian Racism/Prejudice nature


      Racism/prejudice attitudes towards Zaunite’s is no-doubt highly common in Piltover. I’ve always written that, in the times that Viktor’s ever visited Piltover, be it for work pre-Herald, or simply on visits during his time as Herald, albeit under cover, that he was always shown a degree of fakeness from Piltover’s people and has had racist remarks thrown his way, as well as lesser and unequal services given towards him all due to being Zaunite. And yes, they would assume he is Zaunite strictly on his voice and accent. 

      Poor service is likely shown towards Zaunite’s, such as waiters taking their time before going back to tables with Zaunite’s at them, stores even chasing them out because ‘we don’t really feel comfortable with you in here’, and various other things. 

      Be it fear or disgust that Piltovian’s operate on around Zaunite’s, they’re likely quite negative towards them in general. Trying to avoid them, trying to keep them separate from the main populace based on the rumours that surround Zaunite’s, which surely run-rampant and end up rather inflated compared to the reality of the situation in Piltover. It’s likely that Piltover has a very specific area where Zaunite’s are allowed to even move to, and they probably aren’t treated terribly well, even there.

      Services are denied or delayed, or all together avoided by Piltovian’s with vague excuses, and fake kindness is likely shown. It’d probably be terribly unlike a Piltovian to be out right prejudice and racist, such as calling Zaunite’s whatever slurs and quips that are present in Valoran, but they do show a lack of kindness towards Zaunite’s. Some of course, are not like the rest, and will show Zaunite’s the proper treatment any human being truly deserves, but much of Piltover more than likely treats Zaunite’s poorly. 

     As a result, it’s not uncommon for Zaunite’s who move to Piltover to move back to Zaun after awhile. Some are lucky, and are able to restart their lives over in Zaun after abandoning their accents and perhaps getting a name change, some even going so far as to get cosmetic changes to adapt to the Piltovian standard more just to stay in Piltover, but it’s rare that they’d go to such degree.

     As mentioned in a prior post, Piltover likely goes to the extent of denying and picking and choosing which Zaunite’s are even allowed into Piltover to move, through a likely very lengthy and overly-detailed and delayed process. Some Zaunite’s pull out of it because of how long it can take - upwards of years. And some Zaunite’s who sneak in to Piltover illegally are very, very likely sent back assuming they do not cover their trail as well as who they are as a Zaunite well enough. 

     While not being blunt and forward with it, there is a segregation and alienation of Zaunite’s in Piltover, and it is very likely never addressed. Rose-tinted glasses are used to look over the issue and it is seldom ever mentioned. After all, who would dare want to taint Piltover’s perfect view? 

     Once again, this isn’t to say that Piltover is just blatantly racist and cruel towards Zaunite, but an over all clear distaste is expressed from a majority of Piltover’s people towards Zaunite’s. They’re seen as gross, unclean, and scary. Scary being a major one. They come from an unchecked country that likely has the rumour of being uncivilized because of being unchecked. Think of the potential things that could just walk into their city-state? What a terrifying idea. What if the Zaunite next-door was a mass-murderer, or a scientist who kidnapped children off the Zaunite streets and did horrible experiments to them?! You never know. And things like this and situations where these rumours have been proven true by the rare and foolish Zaunite perpetuate these rumours and the prejudice/rascism that goes along with it. 

     Piltover is not a bad country, and it’s people are not bad people depending on how you view it, but from bad experiences and rumours, it is not unlikely that they’d have a jaded view about Zaunite’s, though how jaded is questionable. Piltover has been shown that Zaun can be quite dark, and so it’s not unreasonable entirely of Piltover to have an unsavoury view it’s fellow technological city-state. 

From Enemies to Parents ~ Chapter 2

Everything was painful. Waking up was painful, as I had a tendency to stretch as my eyes open. I groaned softly and collapsed back onto the bed, trying to soothe my sore muscles. No, I was not going to be able to walk today. I worked up the strength turn to where Loki’s form had occupied the night. I felt like saying something sharp to him. He wasn’t there and I allowed my eyelids to flutter closed again. I did my best to lay still and in the least painful position possible. It was odd that he hadn’t ordered me to leave the instant he awoke, but had let me sleep curled up under his covers. I decided to take the invitation, though, and slowly drifted back to sleep.


When I woke again, the pain had dulled slightly and I manager to crawl out from the bed. I clothed myself with several winces and groans, but soon exited the room and closed the door softly behind me. Loki didn’t have a clock in his room, but I didn’t doubt that Natasha was trying to learn my whereabouts. Being a older sister, she had this underlying instinct to be a little more protective than I would like. As I soon saw from the sun coming through the window, I had spent more than just the morning in Loki’s bed. It was already past noon and my stomach growled to remind me that I had missed two meals. I stumbled to the kitchen.

Luckily, it wasn’t occupied and I quickly set about making myself something to eat. I didn’t particularly want to talk to my sister, knowing she would soon (and might have already) find out about how I spent my night. She wasn’t really happy with the way I lead my life, but then again I didn’t exactly like hers. I brought my meal to the island in the middle of the kitchen and hoped that Stark Tower just happened to be uninhabited that day. Then Tony walked in.

“Morning, Sleeping Beauty.” He teased “Have a rough night?”

“You could say that.” I grumbled, rubbing my sore wrists.

“Nat has been looking for you.” He continued, pulling up a chair beside me “She’s been freaking out.”

“Nat doesn’t freak out.” I scoffed.

“Well, as much as she can freak out. Like, searching around for you and everything.”

“I just slept really late.” I said with a painful shrug.

“Really, really late.” He corrected “And she was all worried because you weren’t in your room.”

“I didn’t sleep in my room.”

“She’s not going to happy about that.” He chuckled “Who was your victim this time?” Of course, to my dismay, Loki chose this inopportune moment to enter the kitchen with my sister at his heels.

“Vera! There you are!” She cried, hurrying over to me “I thought you disappeared of the face of the planet!”

“I’m fine.” I said, not being able to take my eyes off of Loki’s glaring expression.

“What happened to you?” She continued, tilting my head to the side so she could better view the bruised side of my throat. Loki smirked slightly as I winced when she touched it.

“I’m fine.” I repeated, pushing her hands away. She frowned at me.

“I asked everyone where you were.” She said “No one knew anything except for him.” She pointed an accusing finger at Loki who simply rolled his eyes.

“Oh?” I quaried.

“And he just said that you were ‘indisposed’ then wouldn’t say anything else. What happened?”

“Well, he didn’t lie, for once.” I replied “It’s nothing you need to worry about, Nat.”

“You only say that when I won’t like the answer.”

“You never like my answers.”

“She was sleeping with him.” Tony suddenly interrupted. I shot a look at him and Loki crossed his arms.

“You were what ?!” Natasha cried.

“Like I said, nothing you need to worry about.” I grumbled, trying to evacuate the room before she started a long lecture. She grabbed my arm and held me at bay.

“What happened?” She demanded.

“I was right, wasn’t I?” Tony said with a beaming smile. I glared at him and it quickly melted off his face.

“Vera!” She scolded “What were you thinking?!”

“Calm down, Nat.” I said “It’s fine.”

“He hurt you!” She argued, gesturing to my neck.

“Don’t act as if that is my fault.” Loki growled, finally deciding to speak “You mortals are so weak, so easily injured.”

“It is your fault!” She accused.

“Nat, if anything it’s my fault.” I said “Now, will you please just drop it? Let the sniveling worm crawl back into his hole and I’ll sleep in my own room tonight. And I’m not hurt. I enjoyed every second of it.” Loki had intended to punish me, which meant I had to act like it was nothing to regain control. It worked well. Loki growled at me and Natasha quickly stepped protectively in front of me.

“I don’t like this, Vera.” She said.

“You don’t like anything I do.” I retorted.

“Vera, will you please just stay in your room?” She whined.

“I already said I would.”

“Just go!” She ordered.

“Yes, mother.” I taunted as I began to leave the room. She crossed her arms at me and shot a glare at Loki. He glared back, but it didn’t stop him from sharply tugging at my hair as I walked by. I yelped and Natasha hit him in the arm.

“Don’t touch her!” She said angrily.

“I will do as I please.” He retorted.

“Funny how what pleases you pleasures me.” I mocked from the doorway. He clinched jaw and glared at me.

“Vera!” Natasha cried “You’re making things worse!” I rolled my eyes and turned to leave again.

“See ya later, Mr. Microphallus.” I teasingly called back to Loki. I loved the way it made him squirm.

Seasons in Hell (Introduction)

The desert sky was dark, save for the moon and stars providing a dim light. After managing to make it several dozen miles away from Battery City, my car had broken down and my friend had been ghosted while wandering in search of supplies.

So it was under the cover of night that I travelled, learning from her mistake, hungry and haggard, 3 days on food with minimal supplies.
At this point, living in the mindless wasteland seemed better than this. Hell, death was welcome for all I cared. The dreams of being a colorful, powerful Killjoy were nearly busted, but I would’ve done anything to achieve them.

So when the wind picked up and I saw headlights coming, I nearly fainted, knowing it was death or liberation barreling down Route Guano. I had nowhere to hide, my heart hammering in my throat in the dry air as the car slowed to a stop, the passenger’s side window rolling down.

Shit… It was a real-live Killjoy… Wearing sunglasses at night- not exactly what I expected.

“You armed?” He asked gruffly, his features nearly indistinguishable under the light.

“N-No, sir. I just- just have a bit of water and food.” I knew my voice was meek, and nearly made me sound like a child.

“Hop in.” His voice was neither welcoming nor hostile, but gave me shivers down my spine nonetheless as I slid into the leather seat.

The car’s headlights flicked off and we rumbled down the road in silence.

“What are you doing out here?” His eyes were glued to the road, glove-clad fingers flexing on the steering wheel, and I found myself at a loss for words. “I said, what are you doing out here?” He cleared his throat, looking over to study me through the black frames of his sunglasses.

“I just- I left Battery City and I’ve just been wandering around and I’m honestly tired and thirsty and-”

Scoffing, he cut me off. “Honey, if you wanna be a Killjoy, you’ve got no shot, I can tell you right now.”

Gazing over at his slicked back blonde hair, I could feel my heart drop, his jacket glowing a dim red. I could clearly see the patch on his bust now.

“Are you… Kobra Kid?” I asked, nearly breathless, his name, among others- always without faces, mentioned in reports of the outside.

“What’s it to you?”

“I’ve just heard about you… You’re amazing, they say.”

He licked his thin lips and nodded his head up to look into the rearview mirror.

“I’m even more amazing in bed.” He dropped a hand off the wheel and turned to look towards me. My jaw went slack and I heated up inside, knowing he was checking me out beneath the dark lenses. “What’s your name, girl?”

“Y/n” I breathed, unable to comprehend what was happening, every moment spent in anticipation.

“Well… Y/n, seeing as you’re a very beautiful girl- young and lovely and all that- I think I have a better way for you to help the Killjoys.” He grinned, flashing an imperfect smile my way.

“What- um, what is it?”

“Well, I live with 3 other Killjoys- 3 of the most well known, you must of heard of us by now… Anyways, I’ll leave the name-dropping out and you can meet them later if you agree.”

At this point, the suspense killed me and I couldn’t help but to butt in, “Agree to what?”

“Being in the desert for a number of years takes its toll on some people, and there are very few of us. The reason I tell you that you’re unfit to join us as a Killjoy is because we’ve had women among our ranks, trust us, but… They’re all dead.” He punctuated, easing the car up to a higher speed before he continued; “Now, I’d like you to stay around for a long time, I really would, if you’ll provide some services for us.”

Tensing up, only the suspense held me from shifting in my seat, wishing to be home, not in that car, anywhere but that car.

“We’ll pay you, of course, in room & board, food, and maybe some training- Plus, you’ll be living among who you wanted to be. This all comes only at the price of providing certain things- help if one of us gets wounded, help fixing things, sexual relief for us, that sort of thing.” He smiled nonchalantly. “Of course, it’s mainly about the sexual stuff. We’re tense, stressed guys, and it’s… It’s been a while.” He sighed, giving a small frown.

“So, are you in?” He mused, lifting his shades to look over and stare me down, one brow cocked perfectly.

Feeling every bit of repulsion in my body lurch forward, I shocked myself when I stuttered out a yes. But when he smiled at me, one gloved hand reaching to slide on my thigh, I felt nothing but my heart fluttering and heat rising to my face.

I’d signed myself up for a few seasons out in Hell.

New airstrikes. Under beach umbrellas, Israeli life intact
no cover under siege and shells, no space for our names
in newsflashes, no “tension” when the only victims are
occupied, no news to share, as life continues to “break”

I knew I loved you the moment I laid eyes on you. Now I’m trying to figure out how I’m going to live without you. No more good morning texts, kisses good night, or hand holding under the covers. You were always my weakness and for me to move on, I can never see you again. We’ve tried so hard for so long, my love. I don’t think I’ll survive this.
—  AJ

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Scarlett was soaked to the bone as she ran under some cover. "That storm came out of nowhere..."

Mundy saw her.“Scarlett!” He yelled, he pulled her into his cave.“Damn…. It’s pouring out there….”

Religious Sisters Dress Up As Prostitutes To Rescue Trafficking Victims From Brothels
The low-key network of 1,100 sisters currently operates in 80 countries.


An army of religious sisters who rescue victims of human trafficking by posing as prostitutes to infiltrate brothels and buying children being sold into slavery, is expanding to 140 countries, its chairman said on Wednesday.

John Studzinski, an investment banker and philanthropist who chairs Talitha Kum, said the network of 1,100 sisters currently operates in about 80 countries but the demand for efforts to combat trafficking and slavery was rising globally.