Festival of the Lost 2016

Once more, we light the candles, hang the lanterns and laugh in the face of Death. Guardians and citizens across the system will come together to share this hallowed time. Don your Mask and fill your bags with candy.

Trick-or-treating returns, and Tyra Karn has a favor to ask of you at the Iron Temple.
The Reef and Iron Temple join the Tower in this year’s celebrations, and all Crucible matches will take place under cover of night.
Plenty of treats, from new Consumables, Masks, and Emotes await you in this year’s Festival. Tricks? We aren’t telling.


Prince, Wolf, Iron Lord, Ghost: Who will you be, this Festival? Your Paper Glue has dried to Silver Dust, and Masks are now yours to keep. Collect both old and new Masks by completing Quests and opening Treasures of the Lost.


Try new Consumables to gain the visage of a Jackolyte or spawn as an Engram. Alter your Bad Juju’s aura with new Ornaments. Bring your Ghost into the celebration with unique Festival shells. All this and more, available through the Eververse store.


You can download free .pdf files of papercraft desk toys! You can download and print them here!

Additionally, you can buy the .pdf files for masks in the Bungie Store. (Personally, I am not a fan of this move at all since they were free last year.)

Mini Magazine Fall 2016, Naya Rivera
Mini Magazine is an award-winning, digital lifestyle publication for the modern parent.

MINI : We’re thrilled to have you on our fall cover! Let’s dive right into your life as a mom. What does your morning routine look like? What time do you get up?

Naya Rivera : My typical mom morning starts at either 6:30 or 6:45 AM - if I’m lucky! That extra 15 minutes of snooze time is always so sweet. Josey is up by now, so I change him and give him a bottle. We will spend that time in bed together cuddling and joking around. Hide and seek works wonders when trying to stay under the covers for as long as possible. We brush our teeth together (he’s obsessed with doing this) and then head downstairs to play some music, dance, and get a snack. Breakfast is usually at 8 and now that Josey is older and can eat so many things, we try to go out for breakfast a few times a week. We also hit up Coffee Bean or Starbucks in the morning where Josey requests that I buy him a banana off the counter every time. We’re back by 9 for his nap [and] I get an invaluable hour break. I use that time to answer emails and call my mom to tell her all the cute new stuff Josey did in the three hours prior. That’s a typical morning for us.

What do you think is the greatest challenge of motherhood?

Really making time for yourself is a challenge. Taking the time to not worry about your house, or to-do lists, or the baby is hard, but necessary.

What is your favorite part?

The love I get from him. Little things like the two kisses he stood up and gave me last night to say thank you for making him mac and cheese from scratch. It’s a love never found anywhere or with anyone else.

What surprised you most about mother hood?

Probably how truly selfless you become.

How has motherhood changed you?

It’s made me a much more observant person.

What do you hope to instill in your son, Josey? What is most important to you in raising him?

I hope to instill good morals and values in him. I want to teach him to be confident but kind, strong but not proud, and to always be in love with life.

What worries you most?

Puberty. I’m going to cry so hard when the day comes that he doesn’t want to hold my hand because it’s not “cool”.

We love getting a glimpse inside Mini spaces, so thanks for showing us around Josey’s room! What was your inspiration for the design?

I wanted a room that had bold patterns and felt cozy at the same time.

What are some of your favorite elements in his room?

I love the wallpaper and the Roman shades. I also love the bird chandelier.

How do you keep your home kid-friendly?

Hardcore baby-proofing and allowing every space to be a play space to a certain extend.

You’ve just released a new book, Sorry Not Sorry, which has gathered a lot of buzz! Tell us what we can find inside the book.

You can find a lot of funny and authentic stories about the ups and downs of growing up. It’s all very relatable and feels like a conversation between friends.

If Josey were to read the book one day, what do you hope he will take away from it?

I hope he would take away that growing up has its challenges but behind every cloud is a silver lining.

If you get any “me time”, how do you wind down or spend it?

I get my nails or hair done or sneak away and take myself to lunch or dinner completely alone.

Looking back to your first days as a parent, what would you tell yourself?

You’re going to get a lot less sleep in about a year.

Hamilton — Yorktown {Sentence Starters}

  • “We had a spy on the inside. That’s right.”
  • “How did we know that this plan would work?”
  • “We’re finally on the field. We’ve had quite a run.”
  • “We gotta go, gotta get the job done.”
  • “So what happens if we win?”
  • “We in the shit now, somebody gotta shovel it!”
  • “The world turned upside down.”
  • “See, that’s what happens when you up against the ruffians.”
  • “I hear the drinking song they’re singing.”
  • “When you knock me down, I get the fuck back up again!”
  • “We move under cover and we move as one.”
  • “I imagine death so much it feels more like a memory.”
  • “We get the job done.”
  • “We cannot let a stray gunshot give us away.”
  • “See you on the other side.”
  • “I am not throwin’ away my shot!”
  • “If this is the end of me, at least I have a friend with me.”

Pearl went to the vet today.
I’ve had so many people giving us well wishes and asking about her. So here’s an update.
I’m devastated that this happened. And of course it had to be while both me and my sister were away.
Friday afternoon, somehow one of the cats pried into her enclosure, knocking the ceramic heat emitter off and attacking her.
Pearl escaped not only from the enclosure but the cats.
My friend tore my house apart with the help of one of my co-workers. They found her that same evening under my bed covered in blood and fur.
They cleaned her up, treated with betadine and neosporin, and got her warm and safe.
I made an appointment with a local vet as soon as I could Saturday morning. But they couldn’t see me until Monday. While not ideal, I didn’t get back home until Sunday evening anyway, and I thought the most she would need is some antibiotics to fight off an infection.
Come Saturday night most of her tail had withered and was going necrotic. And when I got home Sunday it was apparent to me that she was holding her neck funny.
I cancelled my appointment with the local vet and instead booked an emergency appointment with the closest reptile vet 1hour away. I waited in the office for over an hour to get in but they were eventually able to see her.
Her notes can be seen above.
I was sent home with antibiotics and an antiinflammatory.
I broke my 3month paper towel quarantine in order to give her something a bit more comfortable.
I think the meds must be kicking in because she drank a bunch of water and seems a little more perky.
I’m so so sad and sick that this happened. But so grateful for the quick and thorough response of my friends. Without them and their hard work she wouldn’t be alive right now. I don’t think she would have survived the night on my cold bedroom floor.
She has a follow-up appointment for next week.
Please learn from me guys. I thought my enclosure was cat proof. I have now installed a lock of sorts so that the lid can never be opened like that again.
Pearl was fortunately one my larger and faster snakes. I am certain if this happened to anyone else they wouldn’t be alive.
Please keep us in your thoughts. Her road to recovery is still long and uncertain.

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23 jimin!

23. “Wait… is that my shirt?” 

Boyfriend!Jimin | F | Word Count: 453 | Enjoy!


It was that time of year again… the air was becoming crisper and cooler by the day. The leaves turning colors and painting the world with reds, yellows, and oranges. People were out enjoying life and being with family, except you.
This part of the year was hell for you because it was when your allergies started up and you were stuck with a perpetual cold.  Too put it simply, it sucked

Your boyfriend, Jimin, tried to make the best of it by bringing you warm food in bed and watching movies with you on his off days, which he didn’t get many of.
All you wanted was to be snuggled up in under the covers with your boyfriend, watching the halloween movies and drinking hot chocolate. But, that was out of the question seeing as he couldn’t afford to be sick.  

You knew he would cuddle you if he could, but you weren’t going to let him, knowing that it would only stress him out more. So to make up for it, you faced his side of the bed when laying down, because you could almost smell him. If you closed your eyes, you could imagine he was there, smiling at you.

It worked for a little while, but then you got used to it and it wasn’t as special anymore so you tried something else. Everyday when you wake up he’s gone, usually with a note on his pillow telling you how much he loves you and that he’ll see you later. One day you woke up, read his note and pulled yourself out of bed long enough to grab one of his shirts from the closet. You pulled it over your head and his cologne drifted up to your nose and you smiled, going back to the bed and nestled farther into the warm cloth.

You were so cozy that you fell asleep immediately and didn’t wake up until you felt the bed dip and heard a voice in your ear, 

“Y/N? Are you awake?“  

You smiled and moved closer to the familiar voice, suddenly not caring  about whether or not he got sick. 

"Hey baby.” Jimin whispered, you could hear the smile in his voice as he pulled you closer to him. 

“Are you feeling alright?” He asked, feeling your forehead for a fever. 

“Mhmmm” you mumbled against him, “especially since you’re here." 

You heard him chuckle and slide down to spoon you. 

"Wait,"He said, pulling back from you slightly. "Is that my shirt?" 

"Yup.” You sighed, pulling him back down and wrapping his arms around you. 

“Remind me to wash it tomorrow okay?” He asked, but didn’t get a response because you were already back asleep.

‘Okay Mr Bad boy’ Part 7: Calum Hood Fanfic

Originally posted by sexycliffconda


“I have to go back today.” I muttered into Calum’s chest. Calum and I were lying in bed in a hotel room, our legs intertwined. I traced patterns into his skin, he squirmed every now and then when my nail dragged over a ticklish part.

“I swear we’ll have more trips like this. And I swear they’ll just get better and better.” He promised, slipping his fingers in my hair.

“I don’t like Aidan.” I whispered, snuggling closer into Calum.

“That’s good,” He chuckled, “Because you’re mine.” I reached up to kiss him and then went over to my suitcase.

“We have to go now.” I sighed, dragging my suitcase over to the end of the bed.

“Ugh, why?” He groaned, burying himself deeper under the bed covers. 

“Because Mum’s been bugging me all week asking me what time I’ll be back and I said 10 am on Friday,” I looked outside at the still rising sun, “It’s already 8.” 

“Okay, fine,” He groaned, getting out of bed and making his way over to me, “Anything for my princess.” He wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me up to his level so he could kiss me. I sneakily grabbed a pillow off the bed and hit him with it.

“You Bitch!” He laughed, grabbing another pillow to defend himself with. He pushed me onto the bed and started slapping me with the pillow. We were both doubled over in laughter, as his kissed me and caught my giggles in his mouth.

“Who’s that?” Calum asked as we pulled up to my house. He was referring to the boy outside my house holding a bouquet of flowers.

“Oh God, It’s Aidan.” I moaned, burying my head in my hands.

“Remember to play along, Princess.” Calum whispered pulling up outside my house.

“Oh, hey babe.” Aidan exclaimed as the car pulled up next to him.

“Oh. Great… He gave me a pet name.” I smiled sarcastically through gritted teeth.

“I thought, we could maybe go out. Like, on a date.” Aidan suggested. I saw Calum tense beside me, but regardless, he looked at me and mentally told me to play along.

“Oh, I’d love to, of course!” I smiled sweetly.

“So. Would you like to introduce me?” Aidan asked, gesturing towards Calum.

“Oh, this is Calum. He’s my friend.” I mumbled.

“Hi, I’m Aidan. I’m her boyfriend.” Aidan extended his arm so that Calum could shake it but Calum kept his hands placed firmly on the steering wheel. I got out of the car and walked towards Aidan. Calum drove off without warning, before I could even wave him off.

“Looks like it’s just you and me, princess.” 

After I got changed into something more date like, Aidan and I walked into town to the cafe where we were going. On the way there was a homeless man lying in a doorway, begging for money.

“Ew, don’t acknowledge him.” Aidan sniffed, looking away from the man. I looked at him, my jaw dropping open at his ignorance. In this day and age, it surprised me when someone was so judgmental, but more so when they were so blatant about it. I walked over to the man and handed him $20. He thanked me, and then I walked back over to Aidan, who’s expression had softened and he trailed behind me with his head hung low.

I dug around my plate at the restaurant, not wanting to make eye contact with Aidan or even try to talk to him. 

“I’m sorry for what I said earlier,” He whispered, I directed my gaze upwards towards him, “What you did earlier showed how sweet you are. You really are one of the best people I’ve met so far in my life. You’re kind, sarcastic, witty as hell and so gorgeous. And I, Aidan Montgomery, am deeply in love with you.”  I stared up at him, pretending to be flattered. I appreciated what he just said, but I doubted he would ever show it. He could never love me the way Calum. The way Calum treated me spoke volumes about him. More than Aidan could ever express with words.

“I love you too.” I lied, trying to seem genuine. He leaned over the table, lips puckered to kiss me, but my reaction was to move away. “I’m sorry, I have to go. Bye.” I picked up my purse and ran out of the cafe.

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I committed zina, now I am feel worthless and helpless because I realise that I did major sins, I am afraid that my future husband doesn't accept my past :( please answer me, I already suffer for 6 months from self loathing and crying everytime I remember my sins. I always feel worthless if I compare myself with others muslim around me. Does my prayer and du'a still accepted by Allah SWT ?

as-Salaam Alaykum!

Sister please repent from your sin. Hide your sin under Allah’s cover! Do not expose it. Allah promises to forgive every sin if we repent with ikhlas!

Here are some hadiths that will give you an idea:

Zayd ibn Aslam narrated that Prophet (salallahu alayhi wa sallam) said: “O People! It is time for you to refrain from transgressing Allah’s limits. He who commits some of these filthy acts (such as fornication), let him hide under Allah’s cover, for whoever admits what he has committed, we will establish Allah’s Book as regards him (by applying the warranted punishment for this sin).” [Musnad Ahmad]

Abdullah Ibn Masoud (radiyallahu anhu) related, ‘A man came to the Prophet and said: 'O Messenger of Allah! I have mingled with a woman in the far side of al-Medina, and I fulfilled my desire short of actually having sexual intercourse with her. So, here am I, judge me according to what you decide.’ Umar Ibn al-Khattab (radiyallahu anhu) then said: 'Allah had kept your secret, why did not you keep your secret?’ [Muslim]

And this is a reference hadith for you if anybody tries to expose any of your sins that Allah hide

Abdullah Ibn Umar (radiyallahu anhu) related, “The Messenger of Allah (salallahu alaihe wa-sallam) once rose above the podium and then said with a loud voice, "O those who have embraced Islam only with their tongue, while Eemaan has not yet entered their hears, neither harm Muslims, nor mock them, nor try to expose their mistakes, for he who follows (searches for) the errors of his brother, Allah will follow his errors, and he whom Allah follows his errors, He will expose him even if he was in the middle of his home.” [Saheeh al-Jamee]

For now focus on recovering your mood insha'Allah. Dont think about what you are going to tell your future-husband. If you repent sincerely Allah will open a door for you. Dont feel worthless! We all sin! Can you show me a person around you who never sinned? Dont let shaytaan make you feel that way.

Does your prayer and dua accepted by Allah? Of course it is. Do it with ikhlas!

Look what Umar ibn al Khattab (radiyallahu) says:

“Sometimes the people with the worst past, create the best future.“

(btw I dont think you have the worst past, this is to show you that EVEN people with the worst past have a chance for the future)

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Love you mom. Goodbye

Dream with your eyes closed
Then hide under the covers
Your monsters can’t see you
Through the hoard of past lovers
Freddy Krueger told me
Your skin was too hard
A shell of mache poetry
Left you hardened and scarred
Feels cold doesn’t it?
His breath on your shoulder?
Too bad there aren’t two of him
It could have been colder.
Saving grace was never meant to save face, and I tore through dark earth at a desperate pace, only to find you glaring beneath. A needle in your hand, and on your head: a wreath.
“God bless you,” I said
This will all be over
“No one gets out alive,
No one could solve her.”
He wanted me gone, he wanted me out
But little does he know
Demons are hard to drive out.
“I’m not like you,” I said
“You couldn’t leave if you tried.”
There’s no where you can run,
There’s no where you can hide.

My little brother died over the weekend & I just want to crawl under the covers & never move again, BUT he was one of the most bright & inspiring forces I have ever come across in my 25 years on this earth. He believed in me & always supported & encouraged me to continue following my dreams. I will continue to create, for him, be happy & see the beauty in the world because it’s what he always did & succeed for him. 🌻🌻🌻💕💕💕❄️

At our LG worship night, each of us had to give a short devotion about why we chose a certain worship song. James chose an oldie, “Your Love is Extravagant.” When it was his turn to share his devotion, he said, “When I think about how my wife is always sick and how God healed her, it captures my heart. I fall more in love with God and with my wife.”

And I felt my cheeks burn up and I looked up and saw everyone’s dropped jaws, and then everyone was “aweing and oohing,” and I was touched by his words, but literally wanted to crawl under a blanket and cover my face because oh my gosh did I feel like a blushing bride. 😳

girl who doesn’t know if anything she says is real
or coming from the body built to love herself back.
girl deconstructed,
trying to find a way around her own tongue
which, too, is a lie.
girl who knows there were better words before her
and better words after.
girl who stopped knowing how to weave i love yous
without her hands shaking, body shaking, taking
cover under nightfall, all collapse and no supernova.
girl as poet and back again.
—  the archived collection [1/?], s.a.