Three's A Crowd

Rating: PG-13
Category: Angst
Requested: Yes (I had two that went together, so I hope it works!)

When Harry wakes up, he isn’t alone in his hotel bed and there’s a stale taste of tequila on his tongue. He shifts so he’s sitting, planting both feet on the floor and scrubs a hand over his face. When looks over his shoulder at the woman under his covers, he feels as if he may be sick when he realises it isn’t you. Harry sighs in disgust at himself and shakes his head. What the fuck has he done?
Harry makes his way to the shower, needing to scrub away the night before. Turning the water to near scalding, Harry scrubs at his skin and hair, his hungover mind racing as fast as it could. He knew how you felt about cheating, you’d had the discussion before you were even really dating… It wasn’t something you could live with; it was a total and complete violation of trust. For a moment, Harry entertains the idea of just not telling you. What was the point of doing so, even? He didn’t remember the girl’s name or even most of their night together… It meant absolutely nothing, so why ruin what the two of you have over something he can’t even remember when all it would do is hurt you?
When he exits the shower, Harry wipes at the foggy mirror to inspect his reflection. His eyes are bloodshot and there is a very obvious purple love bite on his chest. He’d felt the scratches down his back when the water had hit them and he silently curses himself. How in the hell was he going to explain this?
He dresses quickly and quietly, and paces the hotel room trying to come up with a plan of what to do. His phone chimes from the dresser and he picks it up to look at the screen. A picture of you pops up, the one he took at his mum’s last summer, and he unlocks his phone to read your text.
You: Hi, baby. How was your night? Not too hungover, I hope
H: Nope, just hungover enough xx
He leaves his response at that, hoping you don’t ask for too many details from last night and walks around the bed to the sleeping woman. She was pretty, even with last night’s makeup smeared on her face and pillow. Harry reaches to shake her shoulder.
“Hey,” he says quietly. “Hey, wake up.” The blonde cracks open one eye as she registers what’s happening. She groans and pushes her face into the pillow before rolling onto her back.
“What time is it?” Her voice is rough with sleep.
“Eight,” Harry says tightly. “Look, I don’t mean to rush you, but…”
“But you have a girlfriend, I know. You said that enough last night.” She sighs. “Okay, just gimme a second.” Harry nods once and turns away, giving her a moment of privacy. He can hear the sheets moving and when she shimmies into her skin tight dress. She bites her lip before asking, “do up my zip?” She turns slowly, as if giving him a show and holds up her hair. Harry is careful not to touch her skin as he pulls her dress closed. She turns to face him again and bats her eyes at him. “Thanks, sugar.” Her voice takes on a pinched tone just shy of a baby voice.
“I would appreciate it if,” Harry clears his throat. “If we could just keep this between us.”
The woman shrugs. “Sure. But no promises to tell you to bugger off when chat me up later. You’ve not yet seen what I’m wearing to the brunch.” His phone chimes again and when he looks at the screen, the woman in front of him leans forward to press a kiss to his cheek. The woman saunters away, quite like the cat who got the cream, with her ridiculously high heels in her hand. As soon as the door closes behind her, Harry rings Niall.
“Yeah?” Niall grunts. It’s muffled and Harry is 99% sure he woke him up.
“Mate, I’ve fucked up.” Is the first thing Harry says.
“What happened?” Niall asks, more alert after hearing the distress on his best friend’s voice.
“I slept with someone,” Harry is chewing on his lip, and starts pacing again.
“That woman from the pub, innit?” Niall says knowingly.
“Fuck, I dunno what I’m gonna do,” Harry can feel the anxiety creep into his veins and coil around his bones. “I’m such an idiot.”
“Not gonna lie, brother, it wasn’t the smartest thing you’ve done.” Niall agrees.
“D’ya think I have to tell her? I mean, it meant nothin’ an’ I don’t even remember her name.” Harry runs his hand through his hair as he talks.
“Kimber,” Niall responds. “And yeah, I think you have to tell her… Your girl deserves to know.”
“Fuckin’ hell.” Harry sighs. “I’m gonna lose her,” he predicts.
“Maybe,” Niall says and Harry can picture his friend shrugging. “But she’s gotta know.” There’s a light knock on Harry’s door and he thanks Niall and ends the call. He looks through the peephole and sees you standing on the other side. Harry opens the door and if he thought he felt bad before, that was nothing compared to how he feels when he’s face to face with you.
“Good morning, sunshine” you chuckle when you note his red eyes and the dark circles under them. You hand him a coffee - an Americano, black with three sugars- and kiss the corner of his mouth.
“Bless you,” Harry says jokingly. Harry looks at you over the lid of his coffee. “You look beautiful.” Your dress is a swirl of pastel blues and purples and reminds you of a watercolor painting.
“Thank you. You don’t look bad yourself,” you respond. Harry is in his standard back trousers and boots, and his shirt is a light blue, with the sleeves rolled up to his elbows. He’s done up more buttons than normal, and you tease him about becoming more modest.
“I jus’ don’t want the bride to look at me and realize what a mistake she’s making by marrying Trevor,” Harry explains.
“That would be quite the revelation, considering you’re cousins,” you tease.
“Third cousins!” Harry exclaims. “Not closely related enough to be too gross.” You roll your eyes and he grins at you.

The champagne brunch was to be in celebration of Harry’s cousin Rachel and her fiancé, as part of their wedding weekend. Harry grabs your hand and kisses the back of it, leading you to the elevator.
“Hey,” you say in an teasingly accusatory tone and turn to him. “You’ve not kissed me properly today.” Your fingers play with his shirt and you think you see a flash of panic in his face before he bends to press his lips to yours. It’s short and sweet, but there’s something missing. “Is everything alright?” You ask.
“Yeah, fine, why?” He looks away from you then, staring straight ahead and clenches and releases his jaw. There’s a wall between you two for some unknown reason and it’s frustrating you. Everything seemed fine in his room… Maybe he seemed a little anxious, but you’d not thought it was anything too severe. What you don’t know, what he hadn’t said, is that he feels too guilty to properly kiss you. How can he kiss you when he can still feel someone else’s lips on his? He feels like you’ll be able to tell that something is off because you know him so well, and of course he’s right. The elevator doors slide open and you’re met with loads of people. A harpist sits in the centre of the room, plucking at the strings and weaving a piece of music that is beautiful and complicated. There are cloth covered tables behind her and a buffet set up to the side. Harry’s hand rests warm and reassuring on the small of your back as he leads you to your table. He kisses his mother hello and so do you, and she winks at the both of you. She murmurs something that sounds like “So glad they’re here”, but you can’t be sure.
It doesn’t take long for the tables to fill up, yours included. Harry sits on one side of you, and Niall on the other. He’s brought someone as well and you try to put a name to her face. Anne’s sat next to Harry, with Robin beside her. The rest of the boys and their dates are sat around the table and make small talk amongst themselves while waiting for the festivities to begin. A pretty blonde and her date sit across from you, taking the two empty seats at the table, and you smile politely at them. Harry’s posture stiffens and the hand he has on your knee is moved to the top of the table.
“Hi, all. I’m Kimber, and this is Dax.” The blonde says when she sits down. Her voice is sugar sweet and sets you on edge. After everyone at the table makes the proper introductions, she addresses Harry. “Super nice to meet you,” she gushes, ignoring everyone else at the table. Harry gives her a tight smile and leans over to his mother to whisper something you can’t hear. Kimber’s eyes stay on Harry, and you can tell she’s undressing him in her mind. You’re used to people looking at him like they’d love nothing more than to get him naked, but they’re usually more subtle than that. You clear your throat loudly and look pointedly at her. She meets your eyes, completely unapologetic. Harry pays no mind, but you reach for his hand anyway.
“Babe,” he gently chastises when your fingers touch his. He pulls his hand away and turns from you again. Kimber looks at you smugly and you narrow your eyes. The rejection stings and your heart wrenches. You can’t remember the last time you’d sat next to him without some part of him touching you.
“Can I talk to you?” You ask him quietly.
“Can it wait? We’re with everyone,” he responds.
“No,” you huff. “It can’t. If you prefer, we can have the discussion right here.” You’re not trying to be rude, really you’re not, but something is wrong and you need to figure it out.
Harry sighs. “Excuse us,” he says, standing. You follow suit and walk with him out to the cobblestone courtyard.
You sit on the lip of the stone fountain and pat the space next to you. Harry sits and looks at you expectantly.
“Well?” He asks. He knows he’s hurting you with his tone, but he can’t seem to change it. It makes no sense, and Harry knows it, but he’s just so angry with himself.
“Harry, what’s going on? What’s wrong, love?” You trace your fingers down his face and he closes his eyes for a moment, as if savouring your touch.
“You’re right, we need to talk. I was hoping we could do this later, I didn’t want to… Ruin anything.” There’s a crease in between his eyebrows and he’s biting his lower lip.
“Okay…” You say cautiously. “You can tell me anything, love. What happened?” You try to catch his eye but he’s studying the stone beneath his feet. When he finally looks up at you, his eyes are glassy, and your stomach twists.
“You know I love you, yeah? And that i’d never hurt you on purpose?” He grasps your hand then, and you gladly let his fingers play with yours.
“Of course, I love you too,” you say with a nod.
“Something…” He clears his throat. “Something… happened last night. With Kimber.”
“What do you mean? What happened?” The twist in your stomach gets worse, and a painful ping radiates through your body.
Please, please, please don’t say what I think you’re going to you plead silently.
“I slept with her,” he says it quietly, and doesn’t look at you while he speaks.
“What?” You whisper. You didn’t hear him right, you couldn’t have.
“I was drunk, and it meant less than nothing,” he promises. You take your hand from his and stand.
“You slept with her? In our hotel room?” You’re eerily calm when you speak and cross your arms over your chest.
He nods. “Please, baby, I’m so sorry. I-” you hold up your hand and he stops speaking.
“You’re telling me that when I was holding Rachel’s hair back while she threw up for half the night, you were screwing some random woman?” You say, dumbfounded. Harry nods and closes his eyes.
“You should tell your mum.” You nod and begin to pace. “She’s been sending bridal catalogues to me ‘on accident’ for the past few months. She was convinced you were going to ask me to marry you.”
“Sweetheart-” Harry tries, but you silence him with a look.
“I’ll go back to London today, get my stuff from your flat and leave my key with Frank.” You’re numb, because if you let yourself feel this, really feel this, you’re not sure you’d survive it. Harry-your sweet, romantic, funny, kind Harry- fucked someone else. “I hope she was worth it,” you say, turning on your heel and walking back to the party. The stoicism is starting to fade as you fully realise what just happened and you do everything you can to not crumple to the floor.
Anne reads your face the second she sees you, standing when you approach.
“Everything alright, love?” She asks, wrapping her arms around your shoulders. You sniffle, but nod.
“Just got a bit of a headache,” you lie. “I’m going to head back up to the room for a tick.”
Anne makes a tsk sound and pouts at you before kissing you forehead. “Get some rest, yeah? I’ll send Harry up when he comes in.” You nod and bite your lip, willing your eyes to stay dry. You wave goodbye to the boys and very studiously avoid looking at Kimber because if you did, you may lunge across the table and strangle her.
It doesn’t take you long to pack, even through your tears, and soon you’re in a taxi on your way back to London. You hadn’t thought it would hurt this much, using your key to enter Harry’s flat, but it does. Oh, it does. The entire place screams comfort and warmth and joy, all things you’d associated with him until today. It wasn’t as if you properly lived with Harry, but you might as well have. There was evidence of your presence around the entire living space and as you collected your things one by one, you cried a little harder.

How could he do this? How could he just throw away everything you had? And for what? A fuck? Some piece of ass that he doesn’t even know?
You spot the picture of the two of you on Harry’s dresser and lift it high above your head before smashing it to the ground. Christ, it felt good to break something. You don’t bother to clean it up.

Once you’ve removed all evidence of yourself from the apartment, you allow yourself one more glance around. You’ll miss this place. You’ll miss Harry. Biting your lip, you carry the duffle bag containing your belongings and lock the door behind you. In the lobby of Harry’s building, you drop the key off to Frank, who looks at you with a pitying expression and you try to smile through your tears.
“I’ll see you later, Frank,” you tell him.
“I hope so, Miss.” He replies, but you both know how unlikely it is that it’ll happen. He waves down a taxi for you and the driver loads your bags. Telling the cabbie your address, you watch as Harry’s building and the life you almost had shrink until you can no longer see either.

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Title: Wedding Bells (Pt. 2)

(part 1)

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader

Words: 789

A/N: Let me know if you guys want to see anything specific in this series, or if you want me to tag you when a new chapter comes out!

Tagging: @a-girl-who-loves-disney @drtiberiussith @oreobikki

You sat in bed for a little while longer and cradled Steve’s painting to your chest. Laying under the covers, you thought about your future. Your future with him. Marriage is scary, and you never pictured yourself as someone’s wife. Then again, you never thought you would find a man as wonderful and caring as Steven Grant Rogers.

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I love those songs Paul talks about some hidden truth, that is now revealed or not like:

From a Lover to a Friend
“And when the time comes around
We will be duty bound
To tell the truth of what we’ve seen”

On My Way to Work (more like a dream not coming true)
“But all the time I thought of you
How far away the future seemed
How could I so many dreams?
And one of them not come true”

Keep Under Cover
”Keep under cover ‘til the battle has ceased
Keep out of trouble 'til the prisoners are released”

Through Our Love
“We…wasted time and again
On things…things we already knew
Born to do…I give my love to you”

This One
”What opportunities did we allow to flow by
Feeling like the time it wasn’t quite right?
What kind of magic might have worked if we had stayed calm
Couldn’t I have given you a better life?
Did you ever take me in your arms
Look me in the eye tell me that you do?
Did I ever open up my heart
Let you look inside?”

The Lovers that Never Were
“I have always needed somebody girl,
But I closed the doors to keep out the world.
But for you, I would be here all alone,
Locked in a photograph.
All of the clocks have run down.
Lover beware.
We’ll be the lovers that never were.
I hang patiently on every word you send.
Will we ever be much more than just friends?”

Ever Present Past
“I’ve got too much on my mind
I think of everything to be discovered
I hope there’s something to find”

Tug of War
“In another world
In another world we could
Stand on top of the mountain
With our flag unfurled
In a time to come
In a time to come we will be
Dancing to the beat played
On a different drum”

Some People Never Know
“No one else will ever see
how much faith you have in me,
Only fools would disagree that it’s so,
Some people never know.”

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25, Jaebum~

25 -  In a blissful sigh as you fall asleep 

You yawned loudly as you dropped your pencil against the notebook you were writing in. Checking the clock, you sighed, content with the amount of work you had done. You only had a few pages left to read, and you were more than happy to leave them for the morning.

Glancing over at the bed, you noticed that your boyfriend had already fallen asleep, but that he wasn’t under the covers. Instead, he was in a sitting position at the edge of the bed, leaning up against the wall. You felt a pang in your heart as you realized that he must have been waiting for you to come to bed.

You slowly stood up and shuffled over to the bed, gently putting your hand on his shoulder and kissing his cheek. Jaebum stirred and lazily opened one eye, groaning a bit. You gave him a small smile before pulling the covers out from underneath him.

“Come on Jae, let’s sleep,” you said, pushing him down onto the bed. He rolled over to his side, hugging his pillow as you tossed the cover back over him. You walked over and turned off the lights before stumbling back to the bed and crawling beside him. You pulled the covers up to your chin as you turned to hug your boyfriend’s back. Feeling your presence, he turned so that you could snuggle into his side and he could wrap his arm around your waist. You sighed happily and he did the same.

“Night Y/N,” he mumbled softly. “I love you.”


@dstarsims for Archer Hawke’s Birthday Par-tay.

Stephen Antoine - Party Animal, Good Sense of Humor, Night Owl, Neurotic, Nuturer

Stephen has always been the life of the party and it’s why he gets invited everywhere. Don’t be fooled by his good looks though, he is a veritable prankster. Whoopie cushions filled with soap left under bed covers, soap painted with clear nail polishl left in the shower, liquid soap replaced with personal lubricating jelly. {he has a thing with soap} You can best believe that Stephen is behind it. Despite how pissed the intended victim may be, Stephen uses his charming personality to make them laugh and ease back into their good graces. But if you want to piss him off, just call him Step-Hen.

Even though he sometimes irritates his friends with his need for attention, his friendships especially with the guys mean the world to him as he’s an only child {his parents wanted only one child}and wishes he had a sibling to fuss over and love on. He considers his buds his brothers from other mothers. Despite his winning and fun personality Stephen also has a secret [ clears throat]. He has thing for blonds and has had a secret crush on his friend Archer for years although he knows full well it will never be reciprocated. He hopes to take that secret to his grave. Stephen’s charming personality has gotten him out of many a sticky situation but has also garnered him many trinkets from the older and unsurprisingly blond men he pursues.   Gifts in the form of cars, jewelry or all expense paid trips. {hmmmm..}

Stephen is attending college to become a chef. But good luck with that one because just last semester he was studying to become an architect. He’s very indecisive about his future career choice.

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#7 with Cameron please! 🙏

”No Bra?

You walked out of the closet ready for bed,You had showered and got in your pajamas which consisted of Cameron’s huge T-Shirt that you loved.Cameron was in bed his eyes were focused on his phone Probably reading fan comments on his new post.You rushed to the bed getting under the covers very quickly, ‘Are you alright?’He asked placing his phone on his end table.’Yeah I’m fine just ready for bed’You giggled . ‘oh alright ‘He smiled shutting off his light. He began rubbing your back in a consistent area, He than moved his hand to rub your stomach .He was getting very close to your breast.In a Instant motion He grabbed both of your breast in his hand ‘Cameron what are you doing?’You asked annoyed at his childish behavior.’No Bra?’He smirked .’yes cameron I’m not wearing a bra to be because they are uncomfortable’ You groaned removing his hands from your breast .’You Never do’He chuckled, “because my boyfriend has a weird obsession with my boobs ‘You laughed knowing that annoyed him . ‘No I do not their just cute’He smiled giving you a kiss on the back of your neck pulling you closer to cuddle .

I hope you enjoyed :) 

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Ok so I got your later post but I just wanted to say that when you sent this I got so excited because I LOVE Uraraka and I didn’t care that you didn’t ask for specifics because IVE BEEN WANTING TO WRITE STUFF FOR HER FOR SO LONG SO ILL GIVE YOU BOTH, LAZY DAYS AND EVERYTHING ELSE I GOT

Lazy days HCs:

  • Doesn’t matter if its cold or hot, she’ll have ice cream no matter what the weather, and there is nothing anyone can do to stop her
  • Cold lazy days involves snuggling under covers with hot cocoa and the tv playing in the background
  • If she has an s/o then it involves cuddling under blankets together, sharing a giant mug of hot cocoa
  • Hot lazy days involves lots of ice cream/Popsicles and laying in front of a fan trying to stay cool
  • Probably has those fans that spray water that kids tend to use cause they’re great for cooling down
  • If with friends or s/o she might just use a bubble gun to blow bubbles and watch them lazily drift down 
  • Likes to spend her lazy days with friends or s/o, even if its just laying around, she enjoys the company

Now for my own HCs (๑و•̀Δ•́)و

  • She is one of the sweetest people you’ll ever meet, like she could do the littlest thing for you and you’d probably remember her forever
  • She wants to believe the best of people, and she will no matter what until proven otherwise 
  • If you betray her trust good luck getting it back, its not so much that she holds grudges but the fact that she trusted you and you decided to betray that is enough for her to never trust you again
  • She tries to be nice to everyone but she has her limits
  • Super protective of her friends, she hates seeing them hurt 
  • She’s the ray of sunshine everyone looks forward to seeing, its hard to hate her and why would you??? 
  • Super loving and affectionate when it comes to her s/o, enjoys some PDA (hand holding, cheek/nose/forehead kisses, hugs) while some embarrasses her completely (kisses on the lips, no matter how short, makeout sessions and the like)
  • S/o might take advantage of that sometimes because her flustered face is just the cutest, and she doesn’t mind so much if her s/o enjoys it (as long as it is not at a bad time)

Basically, protect this little cinnamon roll 

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ok but calum coming home after the shittiest day of all and he doesn't really wanna talk about it so when he sees you sitting on the couch he just grabs you by your wrist and drags you to the bedroom and you both just lay in bed under the covers where everything is safe and life isn't so hard and he has his face nuzzled on your neck and you can feel the steady rhythm of his warm breaths against your skin and you're tracing his tattoos as he slowly falls asleep and oh shit what have i done

what r u doing tish 

BUt like i caN totally imagine him like leaving those butterfly soft lil kisses on ur neck that literally turn u into jelly !!!!!!! alSO LIKE FEELING HIS HEARTBEAT AND SHITOSADIGNAERG

blurb night!!

Lees and Independence

Among the Lees who fought for their country can be included Richard Henry Lee, whose actions were not as widely known as those of his famous cousin, Revolutionary hero Henry “Light Horse Harry” Lee. Richard Henry served as colonel in the Westmoreland County militia, requesting badly needed weapons, ammunition and trained officers for the homegrown volunteers of the county.

Although mainly known for making the resolution for independence, Richard Henry Lee was an active member of the militia as he reported to Samuel Adams in 1781: “I assure you that our hands are full upon this river with the frequent calls made upon our shores by the piratical vessels of the enemy. I am at present lamed by my horse falling with me in a late engagement we had with the enemy who landed under cover of a heavy cannonade from three vessels of war upon a small body of our militia well posted–After a small engagement we had the pleasure to see the enemy, tho superior in number, run to their boats and precipitately reembark having sustained a small loss of killed and wounded…”

Casual RP plots pair-up!

Tomorrow the big events start, crazy, sexy, lovely and a bit dark at times but today you all get random duo’s for casual plots. I have given you a general plotline and as always the person mentioned first, writes the starter! And Person A is the first mentioned, person B, the second! 

Meeting at the coffee shop in Vighulir. Person A forgot their wallet.

It starts to rain and there is only one tree to take cover under. Person A was there first.

In a mix up Person A and Person B switch their phones on accident. And they get more than they bargained for.

Person A and Person B are waiting for the train, but the last train won’t come until morning. They are on a deserted train station in the middle of nowhere. What will happen?

Why I smoke weed!

Also a little follow up to that anon, I don’t just smoke weed to get high. I use cannabis medicinally so I can function and live my life. Without it I have absolutely no appetite and will go days without eating, that is if my nausea cooperates that day. if it doesn’t I’ll throw up once or twice every day, I shut myself off from the whole world and spend all of my days in the dark under my covers, don’t shower or brush my teeth or hair for weeks, stay up all night because I can’t sleep and I spend about 90% of the time either thinking about death and suicide or nothing at all, because that’s what I feel is nothing.

Through the use of cannabis I’ve learned to live again! I can eat normally a few times a day without throwing up my food, I’m able to get out and hike, meet people, talk to people, sleep normally at night so I can wake up feeling better, get out of bed, take care of myself, etc. I know it’s not a miracle drug of any sort, nothing is, but it helps me to get out of bed every morning not fucking hating every inch of my self and my being.

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your opinion on the new nsp album?

sorry this took so long for me to answer, anon!!  but i’m here now 😎

but i love under the covers!!  except “jump”….. but that’s because of my own personal vendetta against the original.  i sincerely loathe that van halen song.  but besides that I LOVE IT.  i mostly listen to “subdivisions”, “the last unicorn” (duh), “take on me”, and “everybody wants to rule the world” but it’s just SO GOOD.  i can’t wait for the next cover album (as well as the next regular album!!)

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Based on that manga picture... "Vera bobbed gently under the covers. She could feel Alyn writhing beneath her, shifting in her mouth, groaning out into the darkness that he was close. So fucking close. But the ache inside him, the need for release, was far more than just physical. She held to his waist, knowing that he would reach his peak at any moment, wanting to feel every precious second of it. And she moaned around him, refusing to withdraw her lips until she finally burst his shackles."


a tricky situation

so a thing happened a few weeks ago with my father’s work where they just unexpectedly dropped on him that because he’s 65, he no longer receives health insurance. private stuff like specialists, prescription meds, dentist etc.  so the rest of us (me, mother, bro) were all covered under his insurance plan but not anymore. my mother kinda has one but its not much plus she will only be occasionally working this summer. 

My mother and I are in a bit of trouble. I don’t have many medications but I did have 3 specialists for my scoliosis (whom I can’t see anymore). My mother not only needs specialists but she has a parade of pills she needs to take everyday because her side of medical history is horrendous.

I don’t have a steady income (and I’m still searching) and neither does my brother. My mother has a deep-seated fear around money since she was an immigrant with a past in poverty. I would like to lessen that burden in any way that I can, so if you are able to donate even $1, I would greatly appreciate it. 

This is my paypal link –> https://www.paypal.me/Hridi

When Midnight Falls

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A/N: It starts out in Dalton’s P.O.V. and once the line breaks it’s in the reader’s P.O.V. Also read this (x) cause Lo is writing a part 2

Warning: Contains Sexual Content, View At Your Own Risk!!!

     Dalton’s feet landed softly on the mulch covered ground. There was a smile on his face as he looked up at the balcony window he hand climbed out of. His bedroom was above it, the light turned off and clothes tucked under his covers, so it looked like he was sleeping. Dalton pulled at the jacket, tightening it around his body as he slipped through the hedges. His back pressed hard against the brick wall as some guards walked by. A sigh escaped his lips when they passed, not taking mind to his dark shadow. This had to be about the fourth time he’s successfully escaped from the castle. Making it past the guards and slipping out from an opening in the garden. 

Already his body relaxed as he weaved through the trees. He could spot the light coming from the town and heard the music flowing through the air from the festival they were having. Excitement ran through his body and he couldn’t wait to join the festivities. All that was gone when a body collided with his. A loud groan fell from Dalton’s lips as he landed hard on the soil. Before he could even say anything a hand covered over his mouth and he was pulled behind one of the trees. “I think she went this way!” someone shouted, three large guards running in the direction mentioned. Dalton’s breathing was starting to become irregular as the person held him tight, fear running through his body. When the guards were at a safe distance away the person finally let him go. 

“Sorry about that…ya know the running into you,” she laughed awkwardly, lifting the rucksack over her shoulder.

“It’s alright,” Dalton replied, dusting his pants off. He turned around to look at the girl, grinning as he made eye contact with her.

“Alright then, see ya!” she called, heading in the opposite direction the guards had ran to. Dalton didn’t know why, but he found himself calling out to her. She turned around, raising an eyebrow as he jogged closer.

“Why were you running from the guards?” Dalton questioned, biting onto his bottom lip in nervousness. The girl looked him up and down, pursing her lips in thought.

“You seem like a reasonable person, so I’ll tell you,” She said, “I might have swiped a few pasties from this fancy market…and a chicken, and some other foods.” Dalton stared at her dumbfounded, not really knowing what to say. “Look don’t turn me in alright. My family hasn’t eaten in days. My mom is sick and I’m the one watching my brother.” She hoped in her spot, getting a good grip on the rucksack. Dalton really didn’t know what to say now. The girl gave him a look, then started walking once again.

“Where’s your dad?” Dalton asked, falling into step with her.  

“You ask a lot of questions,” she stated, eyes kept forward as they continued to walk. 

“Well I like to be thorough,” Dalton replied. Silence filled the air once again and she stopped in track.

“He died last winter,” she solemnly told him. Dalton looked down at the ground in sorrow, starting to feel for her. “I gotta get going,” she mumbled, continuing to walk off.

“Wait! I didn’t get your name!” Dalton shouted. She started to walk backwards, smiling at Dalton. 

“It’s Y/N. You?” she asked. For some reason Dalton felt like he could trust her, so he decided to reveal himself.

“Dalton Rapattoni. Prince Dalton Rapattoni,” he said. Y/N’s movements stopped and her face fell. Dalton could hear her curse under her breath. She knew she was in for it now.

     You were sat in the grass near the garden, waiting for Dalton to show up. Ever since your first meeting, Dalton had been sneaking out of the castle more often. It was all just to see you and experience life outside of the castle walls, balls, and guards surrounding him 24/7. This had been going on for three months now. Your head shot up when you heard shuffling coming from between the hedges. A smile made its way onto your face when Dalton came into sight. You scrambled up onto your feet, giggles falling from your lips as he grabbed you. “God I missed you,” Dalton mumbled, arms wrapping around your waist. He hadn’t seen you as much this week, busy with his princely duties. 

“I missed you too. How was your day?” you asked, smiling as he sat you back down on your feet. His hand trailed down your arm, fingers lacing with yours. The two of you began to walk and you heard him let out a sigh.

“Stressful, but now that I’m seeing you,” Dalton said, pulling you into his side and kissing you. You hummed in satisfaction, deepening the kiss. “How are you…How’s your mom doing?” the question came out quick. The last time you two saw each other, you mom was slightly better than before. Finally you both came to a stop, sitting under an old oak tree. 

“She’s healthy now thanks to you,” you said, nudging his shoulder with yours. Dalton had followed you home the first night you two had met. He got to meet your family and found out that the reason your mom wasn’t getting any better was because you couldn’t afford the medicine she needed. Somehow he managed to grab said medicine and give it to you. You had refused at first, but with his persisting, you finally took the medicine. “I’m good though, and I’ll have you know I haven’t been stealing food from the market carts,” you told him. Dalton laughed at your words, pulling you onto his lap.

“Good, I don’t want to see you down in the dungeon awaiting trail,” he mumbled, pecking the top of your head. You shook your head at him, relaxing into his touch. More conversation started and soon midnight had rolled around.

Silence fell over the two of you and you stared up between the tree, looking at the night sky. Dalton stared at you lovingly, watching you watch the stars. He had grown attached to you over the past three months and vice versa. There was so much about you that he loved. Especially the fact that he didn’t feel like a prince around you. Dalton felt normal and you treated him like you would treat anybody else. 

“What are you thinking about?” you asked, realizing he had been staring at you. Dalton could feel heat rising against his cheeks, and he looked down at his lap.

“Thinking about how much I love you,” he admitted, head lifting up to look you in the eyes. A grin spread out onto your face as his words processed in your brain. 

“You love me?” the question coming out more in shock than anything. Dalton nodded, holding his breath as he waited for you to reply. He had felt this way for a long time now and finally had the courage to tell you. “I love you too,” you whispered, turning in his lap, so that you were straddling him now. Dalton let out a sigh of relief, sitting up straight and resting his forehead against yours. You cupped his cheeks, giving him a sweet kiss. It was enough to make Dalton want more and he pulled you even closer, crashing his lips against yours in hunger. The kiss grew passionate and you began to grind your hips against his. His hands were rested on your hips, fingertips digging into your skin. 

“Say it again,” Dalton begged, breaking the kiss to say the words. You whispered that you loved him and he moaned in pleasure. “Music to my ears,” he whimpered, you smiled against his lip, nibbling at his bottom lip for access. “Fuck, I need you,” Dalton groaned. 

     “Am I even allowed in here?” you whispered in a giggle as Dalton pulled off your shirt. His lips attached to your neck, starting to suck love bites into your skin. “You’re with me so yes,” Dalton grunted, reaching down to your pants. Things had escalated quickly in the woods, a hot make out session and the two of you almost tearing each other’s clothes off. Dalton wanted to show you his love in the best way he could, and so he sneaked you into the castle. It was even harder sneaking back in with the two of you giggling and stopping to kiss on the way up to his suit. Once you made it to the room you stared in shock, making a joke about how it was bigger than the land you owned. 

You back rested against the soft sheets of his bed, hands gripping at them. You were naked, nipples perked, love bites scattering them and eyes closed an euphoria. Dalton was on his knees at the end of the bed, head between your legs. He took a long swipe up your slit, sending chills down your spine. Your hips rose as he continued to finger you, his fingers curling up to hit your g-spot. “Dalton please,” you whined, a moan falling from your lips. You could feel him smirk against your heat. Softly sucking at your clit even more. You bit onto your bottom lip to stop the moans, fearing someone would hear. 

“Don’t quiet your moans,” Dalton mumbled against your heat, thumb replacing where his tongue was. “I want to hear them,” he said, plunging his tongue inside of you. You were soaking wet, your juices practically leaking out of you and onto his cotton sheets. He looked up at you, eyes trained on the reactions you were giving him. His length twitched at the sounds of your moans and to your dismay Dalton pulled away. He slid off his boxers, his length stood erect. You crawled towards the headboard, watching as he searched the room for a condom. “Ah! Found it,” he grinned, ripping the packet open and sliding the condom onto his length. Dalton climbed onto the bed, eyes soaking you in with a smile. 

“What?” you asked, eyes half closed as you were coming down from the pleasure from earlier. Dalton just shook his head, leaning down to capture his lips with yours. Your arms wrapped around his neck, pulling him closer to you and moaning into the kiss. Dalton parted your legs with his knee, moving between them. A gasp left your lips as you felt him slide in. Your eyes closed in pleasure as you began to adjust to him being inside of you. You couldn’t even remember the last time you had sex. All you knew was that it had been painful and with some guy you met at school. This was different though. You felt love coursing through you. Through him. Dalton was panting hard, face scrunched up as he felt his senses tingle. “M-Move,” you whimpered, legs wrapping around his waist. Dalton nodded, slowly sliding out of you and pushing back in at the same speed. A deep moan left his lips and he laced his fingers with yours. He picked up speed, rolling his hips into yours. You whined in pleasure and pulled Dalton closer with your legs. A loud moan slipped past your lips as you felt him go in deeper. Your head lifted up, lips ghosting over his briefly.

“Shit Princess, you feel so good,” Dalton hummed, pecking your forehead and trailing the kisses down to your lips. You smiled into the kiss, laughing at the nickname he had given you. Your legs fell from his hips and Dalton pulled out, turning you onto your stomach. Your back pressed against his chest, your breathing became irregular, and loud moans echoing around the room as he continued to thrust into you. You pushed back into him so he wasn’t doing all the work. His fingers dug into your hips and you knew they would leave marks. A shriek of pleasure left your lips when the head of his length kept hitting against your g-spot. He gave a sharp thrust, holding in that spot as you screamed his name. Everything was going perfectly until the door burst open. Two guards rushing in. 

“What’s wrong!?!” one of them questioned, Dalton cursing under his breath and pulling the duvet over the two of you.

“INTRUDER!” another yelled. Dalton pulled out of you, standing up with the duvet shielding his length.

“Calm down, she not an intruder,” Dalton reassured, stepping in their way before they could get to you. One of the guards looked behind him, narrowing his eyes at you. 

“She looks like a commoner,” the guard commented. 

“She’s my girlfriend,” Dalton snapped, the guard quickly looking away from you. “Now would you two please give us some privacy,” he grumbled, they nodded and bolted out the room at Dalton’s glare. He fell back on the bed next to you, letting out a sigh. “They’re gonna tell my parents,” he mumbled, pulling you into his side. It was quiet and you kissed at his neck in comfort. Dalton grinned though, “So I guess you should spend the night…where were we?” 

“I think we were here,” you said, climbing on top of him and sinking down onto his length. Dalton moaned, hands rested of your hips. You leaned forward, sucking love bites into his neck. His secret was out, but Dalton couldn’t care less, glad that he no longer had to hide you. 

Religious Sisters Dress Up As Prostitutes To Rescue Trafficking Victims From Brothels
The low-key network of 1,100 sisters currently operates in 80 countries.


An army of religious sisters who rescue victims of human trafficking by posing as prostitutes to infiltrate brothels and buying children being sold into slavery, is expanding to 140 countries, its chairman said on Wednesday.

John Studzinski, an investment banker and philanthropist who chairs Talitha Kum, said the network of 1,100 sisters currently operates in about 80 countries but the demand for efforts to combat trafficking and slavery was rising globally.