ladyofelianicolo  asked:

Hello, I recently purchased a few readings. :) 1. Will he return? 2. Is my current career path right for me? 3. Am I safe staying here? 4. Am I under psychic attack? 5. Is he unstable?

Hello. Thank you for purchasing a reading! Here are the answers the pendulum has for you. 

1. Will he return? 

Unknown. Events are still uncertain. Typically this means that certain factors which will influence the outcome have not yet been decided - he may return, he may not. 

2. Is your current career path right for you? 

No. It was a bit wobbly and confused for a few moments but it definitely swung over to “no.” I interpret this as: while you may be uncertain about what path you want your career to take, this one will not be the right one. 

3. Are you safe staying there? 

Maybe. This one concerns me a bit. I take it to mean that your safety there is conditional, based perhaps on your behavior or someone else’s behavior. Be careful, and keep your eyes out.

4. Are you under psychic attack? 

No, fortunately you are not.

5. Is he unstable?

This is a very strong yes. Be wary, and be careful. 

I hope that these answers are enlightening and helpful for you. Good luck!