• Dean: I mean yeah Sam...you're pretty tough. But I think I'm the biggest badass here
  • Sam: I literally overpowered Lucifer
  • Cas: I was God for a while
  • Jack: I killed a Prince of Hell from the womb and opened a fissure in reality
  • Dean: ...Jack the grown ups are talking
  • Jack: This is soo stupid. You're not any more mature than me! I heard you and Cas jumping on the bed last night. Real mature!
  • Dean: ...Shit

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Thanks to all the amazing writers on tumblr. FYI I’m still trying to get all caught up on my reading, sorry I’m so far behind. Thank you for being so patient. 



Winchester Sister/Daughter




Happy Uncle’s Day

A mother’s day fic of sorts.

A/N- This is part of my Uncle Sam and MJ series. It should make sense if you haven’t read the other parts.

Uncle Sam and MJ Masterlist


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Sam and Dean were working a case close to home for once and had to interview a witness in town. Unable to bring MJ with them, they decided to leave her at children’s time at the library. She went most weeks already as it was, Sam encouraged Dean that it was important for her to spend time with kids her own age.

“Remember,” Dean said as he dropped his daughter off, “behave yourself and I’ll be back in an hour to pick you up.”

“Okay Daddy!” MJ gave her dad a big hug and waved bye as he left before going to join the other kids.

“Hey guys,” Mrs. Jacks, the librarian said. “As most of you probably know, this weekend is Mother’s Day, so today we’re going to make Mother’s Day cards.”

MJ watched as all the kids around her got excited to make their mom’s cards. MJ frowned, she didn’t have a mom to make a card. As their other kids started to work on their masterpieces MJ just sat there, sad that she couldn’t make one.

“What’s wrong MJ?” Mrs. Jacks asked, crouching down next to the upset toddler.

“I don’t have a mommy to make a card for.” The older woman gave her a small smile and laid a comforting hand on her back.

“Well, maybe you could make a card for someone else, to thank them for taking care of you like a mom does.”

MJ frowned again, “I don’t know what a mom does.”

“Well, moms take care of their kids. They love them, protect them, they feed them. They worry about and care for their children. They take care of you when you’re sick, they worry about you and they give great hugs. Do you know anybody that does that for you?”

MJ’s face lit up, “My Daddy and Uncle Sam do all those things for me. They’re the bestest.”

“Well then, why don’t you make one or both of them a card.”

MJ though hard, “Well, why don’t I make Uncle Sam one. Next month we’ll celebrate Daddy day, so this time we can celebrate Uncle’s Day!”

Mrs. Jacks smiled down at her, “Well it looks like you’ve got some work to do. I’ll leave you to it.”

MJ set to work immediately, making the best card for Uncle’s Day. She couldn’t wait to tell her dad her plans.

Dean knew as soon as he picked his daughter up that she was up to something. She was grinning ear to ear and bouncing excitedly in one place. He waited to see if she’d say anything and she didn’t until they were buckled up and on their way back to the bunker.


“Yes munchkin.”

“This weekend is Mother’s Day.” Dean sighed and looked back to his daughter, surprised to see that she didn’t appear all that sad, “We made cards at the library today, but since I don’t have a mom I made one for Uncle Sammy. Uncle Sammy takes care of me just like you and since next month is Father’s Day I thought maybe we could celebrate Uncle’s Day this weekend instead of Mother’s Day.”

Dean was a little shocked. He expected the five-year old to be a little more upset, but

Instead of being down and out she was coming up with something new to celebrate. Something that fit their little family perfectly. Here she was surprising him once again with how mature she was, which was probably more Sam’s influence than his own, “I think Uncle Day sounds great MJ. I’m sure Uncle Sam will be very honored.”

And Dean knew he would be. Sam adored his niece and Dean knew this would mean the world to him.

MJ went all out. Uncle’s Day was a very big deal in the five-year olds book and this being the first, it had to set the bar high.

Unlike Dean’s birthday, getting up early and surprising him wasn’t an option; Sam got up way too early. She painted a large banner which she had Dean hang in the library while Sam was distracted with breakfast in the kitchen. MJ skipped into the room, as her Uncle was putting out breakfast, she stood patiently waiting for him to finish. Sam turned around to find this niece behind him staring up at him expectantly, “Hey sweetheart.”

A whole grin broke across her face, “Hi Uncle Sammy!”

The tall man crouched down to her level, “What’s up?”

She pulled her arms out from behind her back and held out a card to him. Sam took it confused, and was even more lost when he saw Happy Uncle’s Day messily written across the top, “Whats this?”

“Happy Uncle’s Day. Today is actually Mother’s Day, but since I don’t have one I’m making it Uncle’s Day because you take care of me like a mommy or daddy. I love you Uncle Sammy.”

Sam felt tears stinging his eyes, this mean more to him they he knew how to say. He pulled his niece in for a hug, “I love you too kiddo.”

“Ya know, I think it’s very fitting, Sam’s got the mommy hair, nice and long.” Dean teased from the doorway, getting identical glares from his brother and daughter. Dean raised his hands in mock surrender.

Later that night after MJ went to bed, the brothers sat in the library enjoying a beer, a permanent smile still gracing Sam’s face. Dean held his beer up, “Well, Happy Uncle’s Day Sammy. I couldn’t have done any of this without.”

“Thanks man, but you do it all. She’s your daughter.”

“No,” Dean said firmly. “I meant it. I couldn’t have done any of this without you. You’ve helped me raise her since the start. You get just as much credit as I do and I think we’ve done a pretty damn good job.”

Sam raised his beer to his brothers, “She’s is pretty amazing.”

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Uncle Sam and MJ Masterlist

A series of one shots and drabbles about Dean’s five-year-old daughter MJ. The series does feature some Dean and his daughter, but it focuses more on MJ and her Uncle Sam.

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