Shark Yohane was trying to enjoy some alone time then a ship got in her way and she gained a fan, Yohane from my muse kitten au I love Yohane as a shark i had to

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for those why follow my blog, yes aqours is being added and i’m trash for this au save me 

“Only two certainties in this universe she could believe in.
One was death.
And two were the Soldiers’ capability to save her.”

Marking the end of jstonedd​‘s fanfic, Soldier Wars, I couldn’t resist drawing a little something to commemorate the end of one of my favorite fics.

Thank you for such a lovely story that many looked forward to reading every update. Can’t wait to see what will come next!

Artist: 歩鈴✑ Pixiv Id: 2080178
Neko Atsume!Love Live crossover

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Hello everyone! Here is daily catgirl #38.
I hope you like it and stay safe. :3

Anime: Love Live! School Idol Project

Characters: Nico Yazawa, Maki Nishikino, Umi Sonoda, Kotori Minami, Rin Hoshizora, Eri Ayase, Nozomi Toujou, Hanayo Koizumi & Honoka Kousaka




Credit to: Grandia