"Thanks. For saving me, I mean.“ Her fingers were already starting to stiffen, peeling each length from the plane of his chest as though he were a board doused in syrup. Ulrich absentmindedly grasped the air behind him; flexing his own hands, as if it would somehow manage to summon hers once more. The mold of their fingers interlocking with one another had been so perfect, and yet…
   “Y-yeah. No problem,” Ulrich murmured. A faint veil of pink cast over Yumi’s cheeks still, and he fought to restrain the smile stretching over his lips.

Code Lyoko be like

It’s 10 years after the events of Code Lyoko and Ulrich and Yumi are about to get married the next morning.
Yumi turns to Ulrich in the bed they share, in the house they both live in, and have lived in for 3 years.
“Ulrich” she says tentatively “Are we… More than friends?”
“I don’t know Yumi.” he responds softly “Do you want to be?”
they both blush in shame. Neither has an answer; the struggle is eternal.