My Basshead Journey + (Audiophile)Life Story

Reblogging my Head-Fi account post because I’m lazy and can’t update a blog to save my life.

When do you decide when you have enough bass?

Long rant below on my life story… skip to last paragraph for those not interested.

For me, I started my appreciation of audio with IEM’s, going from V-Moda Vibes to Hippo VB’s, both rather bass heavy phones (VB’s especially). I really enjoyed dark, bassy sound and despite noticing how muffled everything sounded, I though ‘bass quantity = good’. My first pair of cans, the XB500 was pretty much an extension of this, just moving from IEM’s to actual headphones. 

A long while after this, I lurked Head-Fi, looking for headphones in the $150 range, and I was caught in the M50 hype train at full speed ahead (not that I regret getting caught). The M50’s were certainly different from anything I’ve heard before. The bass was tighter and there was a feeling of satisfaction from each beat even though there was less quantity. I loved it and I listened to these for about a year in blissful ignorance.

Then I signed up on Head-Fi, got addicted, wanted half a dozen different headphones before buying a Ultrasone Pro 900 off a fellow Head-Fi'er because of some basshead can recommendations. The Pro 900 was again something different. The first song I listened to (Raise Your Weapon - Deadmau5) was some female vocals and the amount of treble extension kind of blew me away. Listening for the first time, the voice just got higher and higher and it was almost piercing before I got used to it. It got me hooked. The bass and larger soundstage were great too but the treble and smaller details really intrigued me. Bass was no longer a priority.

Maybe it’s just a one off thing but I’m really wanting to get headphones that are more detailed and/or are treble focused. I feel that the Pro 900’s have enough bass for me and I’m more interested in the highs and detailed sound. Is this the end of my bass addiction? Maybe yes, but I still do enjoy listening to the XB500’s once in a while. Right now, I’m considering Grado/Alessandro’s or AKG K701’s as my next purchase, based on reviews I’ve read. Are these cans the sound I’m looking for? Also is this a natural change in sound preference?

Thanks for reading.


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Ultrasone Pro 900

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AKG Q701 White

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Sony XB500

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“Ultrasone Pro 900 +HiFiMan EF2A”

This reasonable combo should suffice for me until I can upgrade to a Grado PS1000 + Ray Samuels Raptor :) The Ultrasones are closed-back, quite tough and fold up for travel too which is unusual for headphones in this category.

edit: I am thinking more along the lines of the Little Dot Mk IV SE rather than the raptor these days…



U may like but check the price tag!

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